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I’m very pleased to announce that Jolie from Germany, and Kelly from New Zealand, have just won the January and February prize draws, for my free ebook giveaway.

Anybody who subscribes to my quarterly newsletter is automatically entered into the monthly free prize draw.  If you’d like a chance to win in the future, you can sign up to my newsletter here.

The book I am giving to Jolie and Kelly is one of my favourites; ‘Animal Attraction’.

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“I enjoyed this very much. The story is light, funny and gentle. All things that a good romance should be. I love your work.”

The one thing Katie Gardener didn’t expect to encounter during her early morning dog walk, was a stomach-clenching, mind-numbing, arousal-inducing crush on a delectable stranger. Cursing herself for her ineptitude, she left their meeting without even knowing the man’s name.

Fortunately, fate conspired to bring them together once more, only to discover that their mutual animal attraction was relentlessly potent. But, having been hurt in love before, would it really be sensible of Katie to trust again?

‘Yes, it’s funny, isn’t it?’ he murmured to himself.
‘What is?’
‘Well, how one person’s touch can make you light up inside, whilst the same attempt from another can send you running for the hills.’ Katie sat for a moment and considered his statement, her heartrate ramping up with memories of the goosebumps his touch had inspired when he’d held her hand at the coffee shop, or the way her body had reacted as they’d danced. Suddenly, he shifted slightly and, although she dared not look, Katie sensed him moving incredibly close.
‘Which is mine?’ he whispered, stroking the back of one finger down her cheek. Her low groan immediately provided the answer, but she said nothing.
‘Katie,’ he urged. Her eyes fluttered closed as he cupped her jaw gently in one hand, encouraging her to face him. ‘Katie, what effect does my touch have on you?’
‘You know,’ she panted as a prickle of sensation, finely balanced between fear and pleasure, darted straight up her spine into the base of her skull. ‘You fucking well know.’
Suddenly everything seemed to slow right down; every breath, every movement, every noise, even time itself. All that existed in that moment, all that filled her mind, all that mattered, was him. She’d never felt this way before in her life.
‘Don’t play with me,’ she groaned.
‘I would dearly love to play with you,’ Jamie replied immediately, the smile evident in his tone.

Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
Fenella also releases stories on BooksieSilk, Booksie, Lush Stories and Literotica, and is often visible in the Literotica ‘Erotic Couplings’ Hall of Fame (Top Rated).
Please sign up to her newsletter for the latest news, and access to freebies, including a copy of the recently published ‘Bad girls go to Heaven’.

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