Your (lovely) feedback!

A selection of some of the incredible comments that I have received back from my wonderful readers…….

“Probably her best collection yet.”  Black Lace and Promises Volume 3

“Better and Better. This story only improves with a second reading. I read Fenella’s tale of erotic fun and romance a few years ago and loved it, but rereading it again only made it better. I felt as much euphoria as Zoe and Charlie did while tramping through the Scottish Highlands. This author knows how to include her readers in her fictions. Highland games demonstrates the essence of sexy fun and blossoming romance with smart and witty dialog and intelligent characters.”  Highland Games

“Exceptional Author. Three X Moor is probably not my favorite Fenella Ashworth book, but it still rates 5 stars. I’m always impressed with the caliber of her work. She is a very creative writer and knows how to balance erotic tension with interesting plots.” Three Times Moor Pleasure

“Exactly what I love about your stories…romantic with some filth thrown in!” Black Lace and Promises Volume 3

“In a mood for a light, sexy, romantic fantasy? Fenella Ashcroft’s books will reliably hit the spot. The characters are engaging and even the “bad boys” are ultimately nice.”

“OMG! I just discovered this author and read two of her books back to back!  If you’re looking for hot, steamy, panty melting sex, all wrapped up in a delicious plot, this book(s) for you!  I’m going to start the next book right now!” One Hot Wynter’s Night

“This was a fast-burn instant connection kinda book. It was really great if you’re looking for a fast read with great characters and TONS and TONS of steam!!”  Three Times Moor Pleasure

“A must read for all fans of Erotic Literature. The emotions evoked by the author for the readers are very powerful and also very seldom found in Erotic Literature with the exception of Fenella Ashworth’s books.”  Better Fate Than Never

“Oh, be still, this single mother’s heart… Phew! I’m a single mother of two (now grown) boys. I wish I could have had my own version of Nick and his adorable little boy join us. This is the sweet, simple yet steamy romance that every single mother dreams about. Enjoy!”  Educating Daisy

“I just discovered Fenella’s books, and I can’t put them down! The plot is excellent, the characters are interesting and the romance is hot – this one in particular had me hooked. Highly recommend!!” One Hot Wynter’s Night

“A page turner! I loved it, on my way to download all her other books! She definitely has a new fan in me.” Black Lace and Promises Volume 1

“Must read! I absolutely loved it! Once again Ashworth has written an amazingly erotic romance story that keeps readers wanting more. I can’t wait to read more of her new works.”  One Hot Wynter’s Night

“Well written and so flipping’ hot! I’m not much on this genre, but I read this book into the night. I could not put it down. It was funny, engaging and so very sexy.  Good job, Ms Ashworth!”  I put a spell on you

“Wow! Well written, (Some other writers should take lessons from Fenella), and as hot as her main characters. Fenella, you’ve got an addition to your fan-base.” Time for a Quick One?

“Patrick and Fen are great central characters in a gorgeously hot and steamy story set in a beautiful English village…you can keep your American billionaires, these stories are far far better. Read the series! It won’t disappoint, and then read Fenella’s other books and stories. You’ll be hooked I promise!”  A Very Rural Affair

“A wonderfully romantic book full of the beautiful descriptions and attention to detail we come to expect with this author.”  To Love, Honour and Oh Pay – Book 2

“Read this on Literotica and was delighted to see the full version here. Such a good read. Looking forward to reading more from this wonderful author.”  Three Times Moor Pleasure

“Gorgeous – Ashworth’s beautiful descriptions and depth bring the characters to life…you are rooting for them from the start all the way through.”  Highland Games

“Another great story from Fenella, likeable characters and seriously steamy sex scenes, which certainly leave me very hot under the collar!” Educating Daisy

“All the books are well written but the flow in this latest addition is beyond compare. Really quite exceptional.” Daniel Lawson: The Early Years

“Very steamy and well written – I’ve read quite a few of Fenella’s books and I must say that i’m addicted…wow! I had to go and have a cold shower after reading this one!! Keep them ‘coming’ Fenella!! (See what I did there!)” Three Times Moor Pleasure

“Move over Jilly Cooper! Hot, sexy, amazingly well written and a compulsive read! If you do nothing else before the end of lockdown, read this book series, you’ll wish you’d found it sooner. The perfect combination of sex and horses set in glorious English countryside and the international world of show jumping, Daniel Lawson and his friends are a game changer.”  First Love, Second Chance

“For those of us that devour books in this genre, we are too sadly used to the tried and tested formulas that seem to be churned out repeatedly by less talented authors. Fen, you have smashed it out of the park this time! No spoilers, I want people to find out for themselves, but a well thought out switch in dynamics, another viewpoint and some seriously hot scenes make this a definite game changer!” Right Hand Man

“This might be Ms Ashworths finest work. Utterly brilliant in every way. Fantastic characters that are vunerble,wonderfully human and incredibly hot. Once again this book captures a raw, carnal enviable sex life in a pleasurably eloquent feminine way.” Right Hand Man

“Three gorgeous well written short stories. Couldn’t put this down, so devoured in one sitting (just like all Fenella’s books!). Another triumph from a great author.”  Black Lace & Promises – Volume 2

“Maybe the best Fenella Ashworth story, and there are many great ones. Delightful!”  Just Another Winter’s Tale

“Damn.  Just…damn!  Sounds like Heaven.”  Three Times Moor Pleasure

“Wowzers..this book will leave you breathless.  Unashamedly romantic and feel good, this book is excellent! Hot, romantic and relentlessly joyous. Read it and you will not be disappointed!”  Just Another Winter’s Tale

“I wanted to say that you are an amazing writer, truly. Your attention to detail and the way you develop the plot is outstanding. Each story makes me all hot and bothered. They’re so good. Keep up the amazing work!”

“Awesome as always! Such in depth descriptions of each and every feeling and emotion. Almost like being there!” Three Times Moor Pleasure

“I found your work initially through Literotica and loved it so much that I signed up for Kindle Unlimited almost 1 year ago so I could read the rest of the stories. Animal Attraction was the one that convinced me. I couldn’t get enough, and started branching out to other romance authors. Basically, you reintroduced me to romance novels again after a 15 year hiatus, so thank you.”

“I love this reverse harem story. She is going to get all she needs from these studs. Much better than the usual snowbound cabin plot.  New favourite author.” Three Times Moor Pleasure

“Once again girl, you have hit the ball out of the park! A well written, feel-good story, that everyone can relate to, presented by a Master storyteller!!!”  Bad Girls go to Heaven

“I swear, your writing just gets better and better! Thank you so much! Your works are always truly a pleasure to read.” One Hot Wynter’s Night

“This is my first time reading this Author and I’m an instant fan.  The sexy times were SMOKIN’. OMGOODNESS where is the fire extinguisher??”  Three Times Moor Pleasure

“More please!!!  You’re a phenomenal writer! I love your stories but this one was my favorite. Would love to see more of Charlie and Zoe.  Keep up the good work.”  A Highland Fling

“Thank you for the joy you’ve brought into so many lives, especially in the midst of a pandemic.”

“I loved this latest episode in the Daniel Lawson series! Please keep them coming, your writing is fantastic. I have lost countless hours reading your books – and am enthralled by your characterisation. I’ve really got into this series, and feel like Daniel and all his friends are my friends too. I love the equestrian world you have created, it is totally convincing. I used to ride as a child and it brought back horsey memories. Excellent development of a worthy series.  Please don’t stop writing, I look forward to the next one.”  Easy Come, Easy Go – 5th book in the Daniel Lawson Series

“Well written with twists and turns that make the characters come to life. Happy to see great grammar and spelling (proofreader here…. a gift and a curse) along with descriptions that put us in the room. Thanks for sharing your considerable talent and sexy imagination.”

“I have just discovered you during the lockdown! Your writing is so good, it gave me the perfect distraction and I have loved reading everything you have written. Please don’t stop writing your stories – it is very tricky to write successful erotic fiction and you succeed admirably every time. Thank you!”

“This is a nicely written book. It bills itself as erotica, but really it’s such a well-written slow burn, that it feels more like a romance. If you have Kindle Unlimited, reading this is a no-brainer. I forked over the five bucks, and I’m glad I did.”  Patients is a Virtue

“Dangerously Hot!  What a story!” One Hot Wynter’s Night

“Hot heavy and surprising. This was a fun sexy read.”  To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

“Exceptional!  Your writing is superb. The reader can feel as if they are in the room… Better yet, they BECOME the characters (I wish!!)”  Fictional Fantasies Exxxtended

“As always your stories are top notch, which is why I purchase your publications. Thank you for your wonderful creatively talented brain.”  One Hot Wynter’s Night

“Just binged read your story, Virtually Lovers.  Absolutely loved it!  I even had to cover my eyes for a few minutes, till I could calm my racing heart, cause I definitely had to finish reading to know what happened lol.  Great story!”  Virtually Lovers

“I just read the entire book, almost unable to put it down, except when….!  I will continue to explore your exquisite erotica.”  Educating Daisy

“Your latest story was absolute perfection. Excellent writing and sensual as hell!”

“You and your perfect stories have me hot and bothered again.”  Fictional Fantasies Exxxtended

“Excellent. Absolutely beautifully caught what writers usually miss..Anticipation” Management Skills

“Classy, robust, juicy, & imaginative, are just some of the descriptors that come to mind… I’m hooked!”  Better Fate Than Never

“How can you so perfectly read my mind? I feel that you have basically written my personal story here! You have outstanding quality as a writer!”  Virtually Lovers

“The characters in the Daniel Lawson series are my favourite of all time. I love how well thought they all are and how the story flows perfectly throughout the whole series.”  Daniel Lawson Series

“My god you are good!” A Highland Fling

“I envy your ability to write a story that is sexy, realistic and mysterious at the same time. So many others are just about the sex with little back story or any sort of thought to anything but the sex.”

“Awesome – A very sensitive but hugely erotic story.”  Better Fate Than Never

“The gradual seduction, teasing and sexual pleasing was wonderful. You’re a very accomplished writer.”  Fictional Fantasies – The Exxxtended Version

“Seriously amazing. The characters are incredible. The imagery is perfect. You’ve got a serious gift!” Management Skills

“This story is molten lava hot!”  An Accidental Affair?

“Thank you. Your stories are fantastic. My only complaint is that there isn’t more!”

“OMG!  What a story!  This is an incredible work of art. You have a real talent for this kind of thing. Keep up the good work!”  The Art of Anonymity

“You’ve got me on the edge of my seat awaiting the next morsel of dialog and storyline development. You are a true artist. Thank you for sharing your talents.”  Better Fate Than Never

“A pleasure to read, and very alluring.”  One Hot Wynter’s Night

“A mere male – and a gay one at that – I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story.  Both characters are so very believable and I found the growing tension between them really engrossing and engaging.  I wish to warmly congratulate you and commend your skill and ability to titillate even little old me.”  Patients is a Virtue

“I could actually learn to be a cop for something like that! A scrupulously luscious story that begs being relived!” The Art of Anonymity

“Amaaaazing!  It’s so well written. Follows a concrete plot all the way through. It really is a great book. She is an amazing author, I keep buying her stuff.” To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

“You have put the spark back into our love life and we thank you very much!”

“This was the most erotic thing I have ever read.”  To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

“Thank you for being an absolutely amazing writer.❤ You have saved my week with your books. I had to go on Amazon and buy almost all of them because I’ve become obsessed with your books.”

“Your stories have touched me, inspired me, and echo my fantasies.”

“My husband is currently incarcerated and has been for the past 2.5 years. I sent him paperbacks of To Love, Honour and… Oh Pay and Fictional Fantasies extended version. He absolutely loved them. This was his first introduction to erotic romance. He said he would read a bit of your books, some Game of Thrones, some Shakespeare, and some Plato.  Most of his regular reading material doesn’t spark curiosity among the other inmates, but your steamy covers did. He started lending out his books, and boy oh boy were they super popular. At the time, he was in a dorm of about 40 inmates, and at least 10 guys borrowed it. They actually created a waiting list so that as one guy finished, they would pass it on to the next. This is tremendous for a population that is known for having a high illiteracy rate and low interest in reading. One of his friends said Fictional Fantasies is the best book he’s ever read, and he reread it multiple times.”

“Love your stories.  Keep up the great work!”

“Beautiful and well written.”  First Love, Second Chance

“I enjoyed this very much. The story is light, funny and gentle. All things that a good romance should be. I love your work.”  Animal Attraction

“I got my girlfriend to read this story.  Then we had a terrific week of solid sex!!!!  Thank you!!!” A Highland Fling

“You truly have a gift for writing.”

“Holy crap, now that was a story!!!!  Wow, you rock!  That was smokin’ hot, about melted my eyeglass frames (and me with them!).  You are an amazing writer and I sincerely hope you realise how grateful your fans are to you, for sharing your gift with us.  I read the whole story in one sitting, too mesmerised to put down the laptop.  Awesome!  More please…..”  Fictional Fantasies Exxxtended

“Delightfully Sensual!  What a magnificently beautiful and sensual story!”  Animal Attraction

“So Amazing! Once again Fenella has got me hooked! I love the different twists and turns and the abundance of love within the characters! Do NOT read this one though without reading the first three! It will make you laugh, cry, and get lost in their world!”  No Rain, No Flowers

“Your stories inspire me. They have, and I believe I’ve read all of them, clearly articulated my desires for dominance, sensual, energetic, and kinky sexual interactions.”

“Very eloquent, humorous and sensual. Can’t help but love your stories.”  Time for a Quick One?

Great story and from an erotic love story standpoint, it pushed all of the right buttons.  On a scale of 1-5, I give you a 10.  Well done! To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

“Stunning.  One of the best stories I have read in years. Desperate to have more.” Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect

“Your sense of teasing is astonishing. And when the denouement finally arrived, it did so with a shattering crash. Phew! Just f*cking phew! I’m going to read the rest of your scintillating stuff as soon as can. Well done, dear lady!”  A Highland Fling

“Another outstanding volume in the Daniel Lawson series!! It just keeps getting better.”  No Rain, No Flowers

“Very nice writing.  Your story is well built, the description provides a great insight of the characters.”  Animal Attraction

“I’ve just bought a copy of ‘To love, honour and oh pay’.  Your writing is that good that I am prepared to part with my cold hard cash for it.  Strange as it may sound, I can’t  give you higher praise that this.”  To Love, Honour and.. Oh Pay

“This type and quality of books for women is very rare, and Fenella’s books have ruined me for any others.” Time for a Quick One?

“Excellent story and so well-written.”  Animal Attraction

“The tension slowly building and the characters dialogue 😉 make it all work out just brilliantly. This style of writing is EXACTLY WHY I READ! I loved how you took the time to have the romance, drama, love and a little sex all mixed together.  Your books and stories should be everywhere! I would buy them all.”  Time for a Quick One?

“Wonderful.  Another wonderful piece from Fenella Ashworth! You really have a good grasp of what makes an erotic story great. Beautifully written and masterful storytelling.”  Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect

“Gripping and Ripping! A real barn-burner for sure! It’s so good to hear a female voice telling us what it’s like. Hundreds of guys are suddenly better lovers!”  First Love, Second Chance

“Nice and Steamy.  Probably one of the best hetero eroticas I’ve read!”  No Rain, No Flowers

“Amazing AND sexy!  Its one of the hottest pieces of literature ever so totally relatable and damn sexy. Keep writing Fenella Ashworth.”  Management Skills

“You are a story teller; a particular type of writer that makes the reader feel as though you were sitting in the room speaking aloud.”

“So beautiful in every way – enthralling, captivating and wonderfully written.” To Love, Honour and.. Oh Pay

“Wow! Just wow!!! You make me want to fulfill deeply held fantasies, & make a woman tremble with need!!! This is a story which heightens my desire to please, & mentally is thrilling to my psyche… Are you spying on my mind?”  Virtually Lovers

“So, so good!  I am loving all of your content.  Best stories I’ve read in such a long time.  Yes, the sex is hot and steamy, but the story line has me hooked. Someone should make this a movie series because it’s so freaking good!!”  Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect

“Stunning!  Rare and wonderful to find the perfect balance of intense sexuality and finely-crafted storytelling.”  Fictional Fantasies

“This is great stuff: fun, believable characters, and the kind of slow insistent building of sexual tension that leaves readers–myself very much included–begging for more.”  To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

“Amazing!  Just one read and I’m immensely in love with these characters! Can’t wait for your next story!”  The Art of Anonymity

“Classy.  This is really beautiful. Eddie is the best male lead you’ve ever written.”  Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect

“Loved the build up of tension between Jack and Meg and the slow, slow submission. Can’t wait to read your newest story.  Thank you.”  Fictional Fantasies

“I’m not big into writing fangirl love letters to authors but I really wanted to write you one because you’re amazing!  Really and truly awesome. I’ve read each of your stories countless times, and they never fail to bring me genuine joy. Whenever I feel like reading on a rainy day, or need something to do on my work break, or feel down, or want to look like an idiot laughing aloud at my phone screen on the subway, I turn to your stories. They’re so perfectly  complex, interesting, sweet, and GENUINELY funny. I don’t know ANYTHING about writing, but I’ve read a lot, and based on that I feel like funny is one of the hardest things to capture – but you manage it in spades. I laugh out loud reading your characters’ interactions.  Your stories have made so many of my days better. Thank you so much for writing them.”  [I have to admit that this brings a smile to my face every time I read it.  Thank you to the anonymous person who wrote it!]

“Quality!  This story is a celebration of great writing skills!”  Management Skills

“Really enjoyed the romance, the characters, and the sensuality of this wonderful story!” Time for a Quick One?

“Breathless!  I love your style of writing. Not going directly to the act, but leaving us imagining the outcome. Carry on!”  To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

“Sexy, hot and full of desire.  You wont be able to put it down and will love every minute of it.  Men should also be reading and taking notes.”  Fictional Fantasies

“Masterful story telling!  What a delightful erotic story you have crafted. This is an exceptionally well-written tale that demonstrates the elements of good writing–excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation, with fine character development and some unique plot twists. Best of all, however, is the exciting, descriptive erotica. The sex scenes are written with just the right amount of tension and pleasurable detail.”  Educating Daisy

“Spot on!  It’s so enjoyable to read a showjumping story that is accurate in all respects! Kudos to you! You must have some experience with the lifestyle. All of your characters are believable, too. I thoroughly enjoyed Eddie, as well as Daniel and Tom. Super hot read. I must have more!”  Feels just like starting over

“Please keep writing!  I’ve bought all your books on Amazon and the minute I got home one evening and saw that the latest edition of your series with Eddie, Daniel, Trudy et al was available, I got it…and sat down…unmovable…reading until I finished it….four hours later at midnight!! You are truly a great writer and there’s something terrific with the chemistry between these characters.  I’m addicted !!”  Feels just like starting over

“This was a fantastic read! I’ve been following the author’s other stories in this series and all are great! I can’t wait for the next edition of the series. I waited and waited for this one to come out, sat straight down and read from cover to end as soon as it downloaded on my kindle. The love scenes are hot and original. The characters are fantastic! Especially love Daniel and hoping we get more on him in the next sequel. You really get attached to her characters! Buy, you won’t be disappointed!”  Feels just like starting over

“Absolutely amazing series!  This series has been extremely captivating and arousing. You’ve done a wonderful job.  Keep up the tantalizing and magnificent work!”  Fictional Fantasies

“Outstanding – really enjoy your story telling – keeping the reader hooked as you unravel your wonderful tale.”  Management Skills

“Have read all of your stories and love them.  The teasing and anticipation of impending outcome is breath taking.”

“Superb!  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, as well as all your others! You are my favorite author!! Please keep adding to your list of stories.”  Fictional Fantasies

“This was AMAZING! It somehow had like almost all of the things I love, and when I was like, I wish this would happen next, it did! You are an amazing author, and you should feel so proud about that. I hope you write more stories soon!”  Fictional Fantasies

“WOW!  I’m breathless, stupendous series.  I want more!!!!”  Fictional Fantasies

“Perfect Sexual Tension – The sexual tension between the main characters is intense and immediate, and when they finally give into it, it is everything you want it to be and more. I enjoyed the stories for their storytelling and their erotica.”  Time for a Quick One?

“Lovely story!  Beautifully written story of desire with participants struggling against the rules and norms of the workplace, and the thrill experienced when those prohibitions are cast away. Loved it!”  Management Skills

“I love the way you weave a story, hot passionate and a really good mix of vanilla and mild kink without the strongly dominant abusive language (usually from the male) that for me can be quite a turn off.  Thank you for much pleasurable reading.”  The Art of Anonymity

“Hot, hot and HOT!  I simply love your writing and your characters.  Lovely!”  Management Skills

“Great story which held my attention.  You have developed your characters fully and slowly, building a love affair in a short time. Excellent reading will look forward to more from you.”  Time for a Quick One?

“I really love this story, it’s amaaaaaaazing!!!!! I absolutely love the way things are being taken slow but steady, it adds a certain air of sexiness to the whole plot.”  To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

“One word – OUTSTANDING!”  No Rain, No Flowers

“Love Jake! Would love to see another novel with more background on him! He’s fascinating! Can’t get enough of your novels truly!”  Management Skills

“Never disappoints.  Love it!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…great writing, great characters and chemistry.  I love the sexual tension, the yearning and the lusting.”  Management Skills

“I really like your descriptive, thought-provoking writing style. The story is a pleasure to read and your main character is adorable.”  Animal Attraction

“You write so beautifully and with great sensitivity for the females in your stories! The realistic, slow building to ultimate loving orgasm is a compliment to any couple who ascribe to true lovemaking. Keep up the excellent work as we look forward to every effort you put forth.”

“Holy crap! Your words so aptly portrayed her excitement, anxiety, trepidation, and finally her fully letting go of her capacity to resist. Romantic, erotic to a fault…you’re able to transport your reader to where Megan actually is….‘Author! Author’ you hear your audience chant. And one lone soul screams ‘Encore!’”  Fictional Fantasies – The Exxxtended Version


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
Fenella also releases stories on BooksieSilk, Booksie, Lush Stories and Literotica, and is often visible in the Literotica ‘Erotic Couplings’ Hall of Fame (Top Rated).
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