Commissions by Fenella Ashworth

I am now accepting commissions, whereby I write you a short erotic story.  Perhaps this would be for your own personal use or maybe as a unique gift for a loved one.

All I would need from you is a little background about the people you want included in the story and a brief description of how you would like the story to play out, particularly if you have a specific scene in mind.

My rate is $36 USD /  £28 GBP per 500 words.  This includes production of a first draft, draft revision and then delivery of the final story all in electronic format.

If you are interested, please do contact me at for a chat.

“We can’t thank Fenella enough for the work she did on our story.  We have gained a wonderful friend, along with an excellent erotic writer.  Looking forward to her work on our next one!”

“This is perfect, like everything you have done for us.”

George & Veronica B.  Dallas, TX.

An example excerpt about Veronica’s first sensual massage experience follows:

‘Welcome,’ smiled Claudia encouragingly, as Veronica entered the comfortable, low-lit room with tinkling music playing in the background.  Scented candles burned brightly around the periphery, whilst in the centre, stood a large massage table complete with a folded towel around the face cradle, to provide additional support.

‘Hi,’ said Veronica softly, suddenly feeling a little unsure. She stood back and observed her masseuse who was completing final preparations.  Claudia was wearing a pale blue bikini top and shorts which perfectly accentuated her bronzed skin and dark hair.  Her hands were soft with short polished nails and she had kind yet mischievous eyes; Veronica liked what she saw, almost immediately guessing that the two of them could become great friends.  Taking a deep breath, she felt herself physically relax as the soothing mix of aromatherapy fragrances made their way into the depth of her lungs.

‘If you’d like to remove any jewellery and make your way onto the table, face down,’ requested Claudia soothingly.  ‘Then we’ll get started.’  Nodding, Veronica did as she’d been asked and settled herself down.  It was a strange, yet freeing feeling to have no drapes covering her naked body and she was suddenly reminded that she was about to try something new.  Claudia must have picked up on her slight apprehension.

‘Your first time?’ she murmured, starting to massage her oily hands across Veronica’s delicate toes and along the sensitive base of her foot.

‘Yeah,’ replied Veronica, unable to suppress a sigh at the sureness of her touch and the subsequent feelings it elicited.

‘You have a beautiful body,’ Claudia observed, pushing her circling thumbs into the ball of one foot to force out the tension.  ‘And the way your husband talks about you…’ she added wistfully, the pitch of her voice making it clear she was smiling.

‘How’s that?’ groaned Veronica, struggling to maintain focus on the conversation, given the delicious sensations she was being made to feel.

‘He is rightly proud,’ she explained.  ‘I’ve seen enough of this world to know when a man is deeply in love with this wife…yours is.’

As Claudia’s magical hands started to progress along her ankles and calves, conversation naturally ceased as Veronica was engulfed by a heady combination of relaxation and bliss.  Her pleasure levels rocketed when the massage moved up her thighs to concentrated on the deep-set muscles of her ass; she couldn’t ever remember feeling so soothed. Suddenly aware of Claudia’s fingers slowly rotating further down her inner thigh, she remembered with a thrill, the sensual element that would be taking place.  Automatically, her body tensed slightly.

‘Just relax,’ soothed Claudia, immediately returning her hands to Veronica’s ass.  ‘Nothing happens here that you aren’t comfortable with.’

A short while later, Claudia’s fingers drifted once more up Veronica’s inner thigh, the subtle pressure exerted by the massage gently encouraging her to slightly open her legs.  As Claudia’s soft hands reached the very top of her legs, this time Veronica felt those oily fingers grazing her pussy lips.  Biting into the towel, she stifled a moan as her hands naturally clenched into fists, unsure of how to react.  

Suddenly an unexpected sensation forced her to emit a small sound as additional warmed oil was poured over her body, a good deal of it being directed between her legs so that it ran across her now throbbing pussy.  Biting down harder, the muscles in her cheeks suddenly became very pronounced and Veronica managed to swallow away the groan she was desperate to expel.

‘Sounds of pleasure are permitted in this room,’ teased Claudia, returning her hands to Veronica’s quivering body.  ‘In fact, I’d go as far to say they’re encouraged.’

Delighting in the additional lubrication, Claudia ran her fingers pleasurably across the edge of the delicate pussy lips now on display as Veronica felt an increasing ache between her legs.  She loved the feel of her husband’s fingers when he touched her, but this was different.  Not better, not worse; just different.  Claudia’s hands felt smaller, softer and nimbler than George’s and, probably because she was a woman herself, more knowing.

Just as Veronica was starting to become accustomed to the intense feeling of her masseuse’s fingers skirting the edge of her pussy, her hands changed direction.  Claudia’s focus seemed to shift up her body, putting Veronica’s tense back and shoulders through their paces, eliciting a further flurry of deep sighs interspersed with muted moans.  By the time her arms and tight neck muscles had also been entirely loosened, Veronica had floated into seventh heaven and felt entirely spaced out.

‘Thank you,’ she sighed, as she sensed Claudia removing her hands from her body.  ‘That was amazing.’

‘Oh Sweetheart,’ smiled Veronica, her soft laugh tinkling through the air.  ‘I haven’t even got started yet.  Can you lift your hips slightly for me?  To give me better access?’

With a thrill of excitement, Veronica did just that, as a rolled towel was gently pushed under her pelvis.  With her legs still spread wide, this had the effect of ensuring her body was entirely open and accessible to Claudia’s teasing hands and whatever she had in store.

‘Now, that’s much better, isn’t it?’ murmured Claudia, as she trailed the backs of her warm, soft hands down Veronica’s ass and across her pussy lips to the bed below.  Unable to voice a response, she simply swallowed before repositioning her limbs to obtain a better grip on the sides of the bed. 

Before, when experiencing normal massages, Veronica had always wondered what it would feel like if the hands of the masseuse happened to accidentally wander, but knowing they never would.  Now, she knew no such thing.  That safety barrier had been removed and although it was thrilling, she was left slightly apprehensive, not knowing how to act or what would follow.  In the end, Claudia made it easy for her.

‘If you don’t make any noise,’ she said soothingly, dipping her fingers into the pot of oil she’d positioned between Veronica’s legs, before returning them to her twitching, unsatisfied body.  ‘Then I’m not doing a very good job.’

Using her oil-laden hands, Claudia cupped her hand under Veronica’s swollen pussy, holding her for a moment, before gently applying pressure with the heel of her hand.  The next time she moved, it was to drag her fingers lightly through the deep, hot channel of arousal that had formed, mixing with the massage oil to make a slippery, exquisite mess.  By this time, there was no denying Veronica’s pleasure and her body buckled as a pained moan escaped her mouth, despite her attempts at silence.  Claudia slowly explored her client’s body and in response, Veronica started to groan throatily, her hips rocking slightly in response to the dipping, delving fingers which drove her onwards.

Clearly in no rush, Claudia held Veronica for some time in a confusing space between acute relaxation and potent arousal until, finally, the intensity was increased beyond bearable levels.  Claudia moved the thumb of one hand to circle teasingly around Veronica’s ass, occasionally reaching up to stroke her lower back.  Using her other hand, she matched the rhythm, but instead allowed her delicate fingers to slip through Veronica’s velvet folds and enter her tightly clenched pussy.

‘Oh!’ she gasped, partly with pleasure, partly in disbelief, as with eyes wide open, she recognised the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm starting to grow in strength.  It was the combination of lightheadedness and an elevated heartrate coupled with a hot, tingling sensation spreading across her increasingly agitated, tensing body that informed Veronica that she was about to lose control. 

As her upper body started to rise up from the bed, Claudia immediately stroked one hand up her back and gently pushed her back down by her shoulders.  All the while, her fingers continued to sink and slide within Veronica’s tightly clamped body, her spare digits occasionally nudging against the base of her clit or sensitive ass, sending her pleasure spiralling higher still.

‘Oh fuck!’ groaned Veronica loudly, grasping randomly at the bed, as the rhythm of Claudia’s hand finally overwhelmed her.  As her spine curved in ecstasy, she fell headlong into a powerful orgasm.  Claudia refused to cease until Veronica had entirely ridden the entirety of her pleasure and, panting heavily, with eyes wide open in disbelief, she eventually began to descend once more…….


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction. Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series. Please sign up to her newsletter for the latest news, and access to freebies.