The Daniel Lawson Series

This is a linked series, charting the life of British equestrian Daniel Lawson and his friends. It includes:

  • First Love, Second Chance (Book 1)
  • Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect (Book 2)
  • Feels Just Like Starting Over (Book 3)
  • No Rain, No Flowers (Book 4)
  • Easy Come, Easy Go (Book 5)
  • Darkest Night, Brightest Stars (Book 6)
  • The Early Years (Book 7)
  • Various compilations are also available

Full details on each book follow.


Book 1 – First Love, Second Chance

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Would you be tempted by the offer of a one-night stand with your first crush?

Daniel Lawson, the upcoming star of British showjumping has returned to the UK after sixteen years abroad. Moving back to the area he grew up, Daniel becomes reacquainted with his childhood friends. Determined, uber-sexy but extremely complex, Daniel is single minded in his goal; to be selected to represent Great Britain in the World Equestrian Games.

Reserved, competent and hard-working, Emma Martin, has held a secret flame for Daniel since they were kids. Throughout the years, no man could ever measure up to her adolescent fantasies of him. Over a drunken game of ‘Truth or Dare’ at a friend’s birthday party, Emma is forced to admit that she has never climaxed with a man. Daniel decides to issue a dare; allow him to try where others have failed. Little does Emma know, Daniel has a ruthlessly competitive streak and will employ every dirty, underhand tactic to ensure his success.

Soon afterwards, Daniel is involved in a serious accident, forcing him to rely heavily on his friends. Emma temporarily joins Daniel’s team to help look after his horses and, being in such close daily proximity to Daniel, decides to do the sensible thing and protect her fragile heart. But will Daniel allow the relationship he has with Emma to be platonic, or does he have other ideas?

“Prepare to be wowed!  Move over Jilly Cooper! Hot, sexy, amazingly well written and a compulsive read! If you do nothing else, read this book series, you’ll wish you’d found it sooner. The perfect combination of sex and horses set in glorious English countryside and the international world of show jumping, Daniel Lawson and his friends are a game changer. Download the series and lose a few days… You’ll be glad you did.” 5* Amazon Review


Book 2 – Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect

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Trudy certainly wasn’t looking for love or even sex when the delectable Eddie strolled casually into her life. With a cheating boyfriend in her recent past and a string of bad chat up lines echoing in her head, Trudy was prepared to steer clear of men indefinitely. But something about Eddie intrigued her…

Trudy is soon living on a diet of lust, desire, intoxicating sexual chemistry…and frustration, with Eddie seemingly intent on taking things slowly, or at least trying to. But as their relationship heats up, it becomes obvious that Eddie is hiding something. Can he trust Trudy enough to let her into his secret?

“Stunning. One of the best stories I have read in years. Beautifully written and masterful storytelling.” 5* Amazon Review


Book 3 – Feels Just Like Starting Over

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High on elation from his best-friend’s Olympic showjumping win, Tom returns home a day early to find his wife rather too enthusiastically enjoying carnal pleasures with another man. Experiencing grief and anguish so intense, he couldn’t imagine feeling lower, Tom moves in with his closest friends, Emma and Daniel Lawson and swears off women (and particularly love) forever more.

Thanks to their friendship, along with the support of his irrepressible sister Trudy and her boyfriend Eddie, Tom’s fragile heart ever so slowly starts to repair. So when the gorgeous Abby literally falls into his life, Tom begins to wonder if his previous decision to forego love was a little too hasty. But will his interfering wife allow him to move on?

“Thrilling erotic novel!  This was a fantastic read! The love scenes are hot and original. The characters are fantastic! Especially love Daniel and hoping we get more on him in the next sequel. You really get attached to her characters! Buy, you won’t be disappointed!” 5* Amazon Review


Book 4 – No Rain, No Flowers

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Living on a diet of love, lust and some pretty mind-blowing sex with his gorgeous girlfriend Abby, for a brief perfect moment, British Showjumper Tom Williams seems to have it all. At least until an anonymous source starts to leak hateful stories to the tabloids.

Coupled with Tom’s estranged wife Kimberley starting to stir up trouble of her own, Tom and his friends begin to feel the strain, uncovering some unexpected truths as they try to identify and stop the culprit.

“So Amazing! Once again Fenella has got me hooked! I love the different twists and turns and the abundance of love within the characters! It will make you laugh, cry, and get lost in their world!” 5* Amazon Review


Book 5 – Easy Come, Easy Go

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Working as a groom for International show jumping superstar Daniel Lawson was Jess’s perfect job. Peppered with excitement and prestige, not only was she caring for the horses she adored, but every day was spent in close contact with Jake; one of the hottest guys she’d ever had the privilege to lust over. Unfortunately, despite plenty of opportunities, Jake had never shown any interest, aside from friendship.

So, when Zach Pitt-Drummond appears on the scene, complete with ready-made chat up lines and come to bed eyes, a sexually frustrated Jess is left in quite a conundrum. Should she continue to wait for Mr Right, or take a chance with Mr ready-and-raring-to-go-right-now? What’s a girl to do? What would you do?

“Excellent development of a worthy series. I loved this latest episode in the Daniel Lawson series! Please keep them coming, your writing is fantastic. I have lost countless hours reading your books – and am enthralled by your characterisation. I’ve really got into this series, and feel like Daniel and all his friends are my friends too. I love the equestrian world you have created, it is totally convincing.” 5* Amazon Review


Book 6 – Darkest Night, Brightest Stars

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Poised to become World Champion in his chosen sport, British showjumping hero Daniel Lawson, along with his irrepressible group of friends, is riding high. From the excitement of Eddie and Trudy’s Scottish wedding, to the pranks and mischief that accompanies the event, the friends delight in each other’s company. Back home, new friendships are forged and old relationships rediscovered, as they continue with their extraordinary lives.

And then an event of such magnitude takes place, that the friends question whether they’ll ever be able to get past it.

“Another outstanding chapter in the Daniel Lawson series. Fenella has done it again! If you haven’t read the Daniel Lawson series of books than you are truly missing out. I cannot recommend this series any higher.” 5* Amazon Review


Book 7 – Daniel Lawson: The Early Years

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A prequel to the Daniel Lawson Series

Based in England, specifically rural Sussex, the Daniel Lawson series revolves around the extraordinary lives of four main characters; Daniel, Emma, Trudy and Tom. This book acts as a prequel to Book one in the series (First Love, Second Chance).

Joining them in their awkward teenage years, this novel follows the group of friends through the highs and lows of their late childhood and into early adulthood. It demonstrates what made Daniel such a formidable lover, why Trudy’s relationship with her brother is such a close one and why Emma continues to idolise Daniel years after he leaves the country without even saying goodbye.

“A truly beautiful book. This series should be filmed. Never mind Bridgerton! Give me Daniel Lawson any day!” 5* Amazon Review


Various Daniel Lawson compilations are available including Books 1-2, Books 1-3, Books 1-4 and Books 3-6. The link to books 1-4 in the series is as follows: and


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
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