Slower Burn Reads

Slower burns are steamy romances, categorised by having a slower start as the relationship between the two main characters develops. However, there are still plenty of naughty scenes to enjoy, just typically a little later on in the story once the sexual tension has ramped up. The books in this category are listed below with the most recently published listed at the top. Those titles shown in bold font are the best-sellers within this group:

  1. I put a spell on you
  2. Patients is a Virtue
  3. An Accidental Affair
  4. Better Fate than Never
  5. Animal Attraction

Details about all of these titles can be found lower down this page.


I Put a Spell on You

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Is it possible to lust after somebody, having only ever heard their voice?

For Becky Andrews, the answer to that question becomes a very definitive yes, when she finds herself receiving a misdialled call one day. The man on the other end of the line has the sexiest, most confident, delectable tones that she has ever had the privilege to encounter. Unfortunately, when their conversation ends, Becky replaces the receiver without even knowing his name, yet alone his relationship status.

Following a combination of good luck and happy circumstance, Becky and “phone guy” are soon back in contact with each other. Thanks to two bottles of wine and a little friendly encouragement from her best mate, a nervous Becky accepts a dinner invitation from the man himself. Sparks immediately fly between them, setting the scene for a night of playful fun and intensely hot passion.

If only Becky’s interfering ex boyfriend could stop being quite so overly concerned in her affairs, the course of true love might be allowed to run smoothly.  Unless this perfect stranger is not quite what he seems, after all?

“Terrific. Ashworth’s storytelling is skilful and engaging, with interesting characters and impeccable pacing. Here, more than her other books, her sense of humour rises in wonderful ways as she once again, makes an admittedly improbable event completely relatable and very funny. I’ll look forward to rereading this one day. Highly recommended!” 5* Amazon Review


Patients is a Virtue

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Every day of her life, Olivia Jones conceals a secret that nobody else knows, not even her crazy best friend. It wasn’t planned. It’s certainly not her choice. But thanks to a tedious mental block she simply hasn’t been able to get past, she’s still a virgin. Fortunately, as a successful sex therapist, issues of this kind are Doctor Ben Wilson’s forte.

Working closely with the painfully shy Olivia, the handsome Doctor gradually helps conquer the fears which have been holding her back for so long. In so doing, they uncover a playful, sensual, increasingly sexually self-confident woman, as well as their own developing, mutual attraction. An attraction they are forced to fight, for reasons of moral propriety and General Medical Council rules. But in the end, is all resistance futile?

Can the head be forced to overrule the heart, or will white-hot lust always ultimately triumph?

“Amazing!!!  Oh my goodness, what a great story! Definitely one of my favourites from Fenella!” 5* Amazon Review


An Accidental Affair

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Anna’s life is nothing out of the ordinary; her own home, a boyfriend she loves and an eccentric mother who keeps her very much on her toes. That is, until her orbit unexpectedly collides with Mike. The spark of attraction between them is immediate and intense, but Anna has never been the kind of girl to cheat on her partner.

Months later and unexpectedly single, Anna finds herself once again in Mike’s frighteningly capable and highly arousing hands. Perhaps fate has conspired, to give them a second chance?

What reason could there possibly be, for Anna not to fall into bed with her perfect man?

“Yet another beautiful story by the amazing Fenella Ashworth! I seriously am obsessed with all of her stories, and this one is absolutely one of my favourites!” 5* Amazon Review


Better Fate Than Never

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When Finn Jacobs inherited the dilapidated Orchard Farm from a distant relative, his immediate strategy was to sell it and pocket the profit. Falling in love with the property at first sight and deciding to restore it, had never been part of his grand plan.

Discovering a long-forgotten time capsule during the renovation work set Finn on a fateful path, to identify its original owner. And that’s when Jenny Hargreaves appeared, snapping and snarling, into his life. From the first moment they laid eyes upon each other, sparks were destined to fly.  He had certainly never been part of her grand plan either….

“A must read for all fans of Erotic Literature. You will find yourself unable to put down this story of the development and romantic culmination of two stranger’s relationship. The emotions evoked by the author for the readers are very powerful and also very seldom found in Erotic Literature with the exception of Fenella Ashworth’s books.” 5* Amazon Review


Animal Attraction

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The one thing Katie Gardener didn’t expect to encounter during her early morning dog walk, was a stomach-clenching, mind-numbing, arousal-inducing crush on a delectable stranger. Cursing herself for her ineptitude, she left their meeting without even knowing the man’s name.

Fortunately, fate conspired to bring them together once more, only to discover that their mutual animal attraction was relentlessly potent. But, having been hurt in love before, would it really be sensible of Katie to trust again?

“I enjoyed this very much. The story is light, funny and gentle. All things that a good romance should be. I love your work.” 5* Amazon Review


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Fenella is a British author of contemporary erotic romance for 18+. All of her stories are available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Her most popular books are ‘One Hot Wynter’s Night’, ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson Series.