Short Story Compilations

Does what it says on the tin! These are books which contain a number of shorter erotic romance stories.

  • Black Lace & Promises – Volume 1
  • Black Lace & Promises – Volume  2
  • Black Lace & Promises – Volume  3
  • Time for a Quick One?

Full details on each book follow.


Black Lace Short Stories – Volume 1 (of which one story is Bad Girls go to Heaven)

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This compilation features three shorter stories by Fenella Ashworth. They are:

Bad Girls go to Heaven
In her final year at Cambridge University, Annabel Jenkins has a huge crush on her extremely sexy lecturer, Professor Luke Huntington. Fortunately for her, he feels the same way. Unfortunately for both of them, student-staff relationships are strictly forbidden… Will they be able to hold off for the last few weeks, until Annabel graduates and all hell can break loose?

Write Man, Right Time
Patrick Cooper lives on the beautiful Cornish coast, with his two children and one slightly dysfunctional dog. A recent split from his wife has led him to experience a severe case of writer’s block. Fighting to re-ignite his writing career, whilst also caring for his children, proves difficult. He decides to hire a nanny/housekeeper, to lessen the distractions in his life.

Janie Jenkins fulfils the role beautifully. Within no time at all, the children are much more settled, the house is shipshape and their lives are run like clockwork. However, there’s one major problem. Unfortunately for Patrick, with the beautiful Janie living under his roof, the distractions he experiences increase ten-fold. How on earth can they maintain a professional relationship, when their mounting sexual attraction threatens to spiral out of control on a daily basis?

Keeping our Distance
Living under the ever-growing threat of a potential world pandemic, Milla and Tim accept that life must go on. Excited about their obvious attraction following an intense week of chatting online, they finally agree to meet up in person for a date. Unfortunately, before they have chance, fate conspires against them; the UK is locked down, to try and curtail the unparalleled spread of Covid-19.

Despite their enforced social distancing, the desire between the couple continues to flourish online and so they conceive new ways of sharing their attraction, in this strange new world. After all, lockdown must eventually end. And going by the insane levels of desire they have for each other, the moment they can physically interact, can’t come fast enough.

“Fenella Ashworth is without peer in the erotic literature world. Her short story compilations are such a treat to read and share with friends. Don’t miss the chance to get these delightful short stories.” 5* Amazon Review


Black Lace Short Stories – Volume 2

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This compilation features three shorter erotic romance stories by Fenella Ashworth. They are:

Kiss of Life
It was just another ordinary day when Annabel entered the cool, crystal waters for her dawn swim on a deserted stretch of beach in beautiful Devon. Surprised to see a lone surfer attempting to ride the waves into the dangerous bay, Annabel watches in horror as he tumbles into the water, knocking himself unconscious. Having dragged him from the waters, she attempts to resuscitate Leo. Little did she know at the time, although she might have performed the kiss of life on him that day, it is the astonishingly sexy Leo who ultimately breathes life back into her.

Blast from the Past
Well before he was famous, Toby Jacobs had always been hot. Even when Jane shouldn’t have been secretly lusting after her brother’s best mate, it was an undeniable truth. Happily, Jane had done well to keep her feelings under wraps over the years, meaning that Toby remained oblivious to her lustful imaginings. That is, until their paths cross on a television dating show and the façade that Jane has been carefully fostering over the decades, comes crashing down around her ears. And that’s when she discovers that Toby is way sexier than even her imagination had dared to dream.

Three Date Rule
Whilst out walking her dog on a dark, spooky night in the neighbouring countryside, Rose trips over and knocks her head. Her rescuer appears in the form of James Stirling and, despite the fact they can’t make out each other’s features in the dim light, the attraction between the couple is instant and indisputable. Their attraction only grows with each subsequent meeting, but will they successfully manage to fight off their growing lustful desires once James invokes his three date rule, or will nature take control?

“Great short reads. Books that move the reader through instant attraction to liking to sex with just the right amount of fun and laughter.” 5* Amazon Review


Black Lace Short Stories – Volume 3

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This compilation features three shorter hot and steamy romance stories by Fenella Ashworth. Combined together, they total the length of a full-length novel. The stories are:

Burn Baby, Burn
The instant swoon-worthy fireman Jimmy strides onto the scene, in response to Zara’s emergency call, she’s confident that the intense heat building up between them has very little to do with the building that’s on fire. Some sultry exchanges and a lunch date later and before Zara knows what’s happening, she’s discovering, up close and personal, just how hot Jimmy really is. And the answer is scorching.

The Sweetest Thing
When Eloise accidentally trespasses onto multi-millionaire Leo’s ancestral estate, she’s half expecting him to call the police. Instead, to her great surprise, Leo proposes an alternative arrangement. Unbeknown to Eloise at the time, in getting to know this fascinating, ridiculously sexy guy, she’ll be introduced to extremes of pleasure that she’s only previously fantasised about.

Playing with Fire
You know that unrequited crush you had when you were a teenager? The one nothing really ever happened with? Well for Lottie, her brother’s super-hot best mate Xander McKenzie, was undoubtedly hers. So imagine her surprise when bad-boy Xander casually strolls back into town many years later, looking better than ever and hoping to pick up where they never quite left off.

SMOKING HOT and written to arouse, these stories contain explicit sex scenes. Suitable for adults only


Time for a Quick One?  A Compilation of Shorter Erotic Stories

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This compilation features three shorter stories by Fenella Ashworth:

The Art of Anonymity
In a moment of madness, Jo leaves a complimentary message on the windscreen of a fellow shopper. Tall, fit, muscled and with an ass to die for, she feels able to justify her rash decision. With every intention of retaining anonymity, to her utter embarrassment, her actions are witnessed and questioned by Simon…the man himself.
Fate subsequently conspires to create another chance meeting between them and it quickly becomes clear that there is a case of serious, mutual sexual attraction taking place. But given Jo’s poor track record with men, is it really wise to allow such overpowering feelings of lust to guide her decisions?

A Highland Fling
Zoe Summers has reached a particularly challenging and isolated section of the West Highland Way; a long distance hiking trail in Scotland. Taking a nasty tumble, she finds herself lying injured, afraid and very alone; that is until Charlie, her modern day knight in shining armour, wades in to help.
Zoe and Charlie both feel an immediate connection which only strengthens as their time together progresses. And when the opportunity arises to spend some time in a warm, comfortable hotel room, that connection is given the opportunity to burn white hot.

Strangers in the Snow
It’s Christmas Eve and an unsuspecting Alice becomes stranded in a snowstorm, whilst driving to her parents’ home. On the positive side, she quickly discovers her situation isn’t unique and she joins forces with Sam, accompanying him to a nearby village in search of shelter.
As the freezing snow piles up around the window ledges outside, safe within their warm, snug accommodation, two strangers quickly discover how things can hot up when desire is allowed to run its natural course.

“This type and quality of books for women is very rare, and Fenella’s books have ruined me for any others. They are the perfect combination of romance and lust. They usually involve finding your soul mate in midlife, who is kind, funny, sexy, and interested in commitment. He is trustworthy and strong both inside the bedroom and out. Simply put, my perfect “fantasy man”. These short stories were satisfying and left me imagining more.” 5* Amazon Review


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic romance.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
Fenella also releases stories on BooksieSilk, Booksie, Lush Stories and Literotica, and is often visible in the Literotica ‘Erotic Couplings’ Hall of Fame (Top Rated).
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