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I currently have eighteen erotic fiction books published (plus various compilations), as well as one romance novel under the pen name Sarah Fennel, all available in both ebook and paperback format.  Recently, an audiobook version of ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’ has also been produced.

All of my published work is available from Amazon and free to those of you with Kindle Unlimited. Here are the links to sign up to a free 30-day Kindle Unlimited trial on  or

I have put the first few chapters of many of my full-length books onto  If you would like to read a preview, I write under the user name FenellaAshworth.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories, as much as I have enjoyed writing them x


The Daniel Lawson Series

There are currently 5 books in the popular Daniel Lawson series (plus various compilation editions):

Book 1 – First Love, Second Chance
fenellaashworth-7 fenellaashworth-7 fenellaashworth-7 fenellaashworth-7

Would you be tempted by the offer of a one-night stand with your first crush?

Daniel Lawson, the upcoming star of British showjumping has returned to the UK after sixteen years abroad. Moving back to the area he grew up, Daniel becomes reacquainted with his childhood friends. Determined, uber-sexy but extremely complex, Daniel is single minded in his goal; to be selected to represent Great Britain in the World Equestrian Games.

Reserved, competent and hard-working, Emma Martin, has held a secret flame for Daniel since they were kids. Throughout the years, no man could ever measure up to her adolescent fantasies of him. Over a drunken game of ‘Truth or Dare’ at a friend’s birthday party, Emma is forced to admit that she has never climaxed with a man. Daniel decides to issue a dare; allow him to try where others have failed. Little does Emma know, Daniel has a ruthlessly competitive streak and will employ every dirty, underhand tactic to ensure his success.

Soon afterwards, Daniel is involved in a serious accident, forcing him to rely heavily on his friends. Emma temporarily joins Daniel’s team to help look after his horses and, being in such close daily proximity to Daniel, decides to do the sensible thing and protect her fragile heart. But will Daniel allow the relationship he has with Emma to be platonic, or does he have other ideas?


Book 2 – Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect
fenellaashworth-8 fenellaashworth-8 fenellaashworth-8 fenellaashworth-8

Trudy certainly wasn’t looking for love or even sex when the delectable Eddie strolled casually into her life. With a cheating boyfriend in her recent past and a string of bad chat up lines echoing in her head, Trudy was prepared to steer clear of men indefinitely. But something about Eddie intrigued her…

Trudy is soon living on a diet of lust, desire, intoxicating sexual chemistry…and frustration, with Eddie seemingly intent on taking things slowly, or at least trying to. But as their relationship heats up, it becomes obvious that Eddie is hiding something. Can he trust Trudy enough to let her into his secret?


Book 3 – Feels Just Like Starting Over

High on elation from his best-friend’s Olympic showjumping win, Tom returns home a day early to find his wife rather too enthusiastically enjoying carnal pleasures with another man. Experiencing grief and anguish so intense, he couldn’t imagine feeling lower, Tom moves in with his closest friends, Emma and Daniel Lawson and swears off women (and particularly love) forever more.

Thanks to their friendship, along with the support of his irrepressible sister Trudy and her boyfriend Eddie, Tom’s fragile heart ever so slowly starts to repair. So when the gorgeous Abby literally falls into his life, Tom begins to wonder if his previous decision to forego love was a little too hasty. But will his interfering wife allow him to move on?


Book 4 – No Rain, No Flowers
NoRain_Thisone NoRain_Thisone NoRain_Thisone NoRain_Thisone

Living on a diet of love, lust and some pretty mind-blowing sex with his gorgeous girlfriend Abby, for a brief perfect moment, British Showjumper Tom Williams seems to have it all. At least until an anonymous source starts to leak hateful stories to the tabloids.

Coupled with Tom’s estranged wife Kimberley starting to stir up trouble of her own, Tom and his friends begin to feel the strain, uncovering some unexpected truths as they try to identify and stop the culprit.


Book 5 – Easy Come, Easy Go
fenellaashworth_2-3 fenellaashworth_2-3 fenellaashworth_2-3 fenellaashworth_2-3

Working as a groom for International show jumping superstar Daniel Lawson was Jess’s perfect job. Peppered with excitement and prestige, not only was she caring for the horses she adored, but every day was spent in close contact with Jake; one of the hottest guys she’d ever had the privilege to lust over. Unfortunately, despite plenty of opportunities, Jake had never shown any interest, aside from friendship.

So, when Zach Pitt-Drummond appears on the scene, complete with ready-made chat up lines and come to bed eyes, a sexually frustrated Jess is left in quite a conundrum. Should she continue to wait for Mr Right, or take a chance with Mr ready-and-raring-to-go-right-now? What’s a girl to do? What would you do?


Various Daniel Lawson compilations are available.  The latest is the 4 book series:
Copy of Copy of Copy of Fenella Ashworth-2 Copy of Copy of Copy of Fenella Ashworth-2 Copy of Copy of Copy of Fenella Ashworth-2 Copy of Copy of Copy of Fenella Ashworth-2


One Hot Wynter’s Night
One Hot Wynters Night One Hot Wynters Night One Hot Wynters Night One Hot Wynters Night

With an empty bank account and a teetering pile of unopened bills growing more unwieldy by the day, Maggie Matthews is not only out of money…she’s out of options. Against her better judgement, she accepts her best friend’s offer to make some fast cash. Her mission? To join a group of journalists who are attempting to crash a masked ball, being held at the residence of Sir Kristoff de Wynter.

A well-known ladies man, Kristoff takes no prisoners, either professionally or privately. Rich, handsome, ruthless and incredibly powerful, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Unable to resist the bewitching Maggie, Kristoff unleashes the full power of his well-honed seduction techniques, in a persuasive bid to entice her into bed. But how will he react upon learning the real reason for her presence at his party?

And what on earth will he demand as payback, for her deceptive actions?


Patients is a Virtue
book cover book cover book cover book cover

Every day of her life, Olivia Jones conceals a secret that nobody else knows, not even her crazy best friend.

It wasn’t planned. It’s certainly not her choice. But thanks to a tedious mental block she simply hasn’t been able to get past, she’s still a virgin. Fortunately, as a successful sex therapist, issues of this kind are Doctor Ben Wilson’s forte.

Working closely with the painfully shy Olivia, the handsome Doctor gradually helps conquer the fears which have been holding her back for so long. In so doing, they uncover a playful, sensual, increasingly sexually self-confident woman, as well as their own developing, mutual attraction. An attraction they are forced to fight, for reasons of moral propriety and General Medical Council rules. But in the end, is all resistance futile?

Can the head be forced to overrule the heart, or will white-hot lust always ultimately triumph?


To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay
book cover2 book cover2 book cover2 book cover2

The audiobook can be accessed at the following links: Audible (US),   Audible (UK),  Audible (DE)  These links should also provide a 30 day free trial.

There has been an entail in place on the thirty-thousand acre Winterbourne estate for centuries. It specifies that the ownership of the estate and its assets should be passed to the next heir on the day of their fortieth birthday. However, the heir must be married, else the inheritance is forfeit.

Thirty-nine years old and single, the heir, Sir William Mortimer is understandably feeling the pressure. He consults local solicitor Elizabeth Silverton for legal advice but quickly realises that she might be able to assist him in a much more practical way….for the right price.


Better Fate Than Never
Better Fate Than Never copy Better Fate Than Never copy Better Fate Than Never copy Better Fate Than Never copy

When Finn Jacobs inherited the dilapidated Orchard Farm from a distant relative, his immediate strategy was to sell it and pocket the profit. Falling in love with the property at first sight and deciding to restore it, had never been part of his grand plan.

Discovering a long-forgotten time capsule during the renovation work set Finn on a fateful path, to identify its original owner. And that’s when Jenny Hargreaves appeared, snapping and snarling, into his life. From the first moment they laid eyes upon each other, sparks were destined to fly.  He had certainly never been part of her grand plan either….


I Put a Spell on You
fenellaashworth-4 fenellaashworth-4 fenellaashworth-4 fenellaashworth-4

Is it possible to lust after somebody, having only ever heard their voice?

For Becky Andrews, the answer to that question becomes a very definitive yes, when she finds herself receiving a misdialled call one day. The man on the other end of the line has the sexiest, most confident, delectable tones that she has ever had the privilege to encounter. Unfortunately, when their conversation ends, Becky replaces the receiver without even knowing his name, yet alone his relationship status.

Following a combination of good luck and happy circumstance, Becky and “phone guy” are soon back in contact with each other. Thanks to two bottles of wine and a little friendly encouragement from her best mate, a nervous Becky accepts a dinner invitation from the man himself. Sparks immediately fly between them, setting the scene for a night of playful fun and intensely hot passion.

If only Becky’s interfering ex boyfriend could stop being quite so overly concerned in her affairs, the course of true love might be allowed to run smoothly.  Unless this perfect stranger is not quite what he seems, after all?


Animal Attraction
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The one thing Katie Gardener didn’t expect to encounter during her early morning dog walk, was a stomach-clenching, mind-numbing, arousal-inducing crush on a delectable stranger. Cursing herself for her ineptitude, she left their meeting without even knowing the man’s name.

Fortunately, fate conspired to bring them together once more, only to discover that their mutual animal attraction was relentlessly potent. But, having been hurt in love before, would it really be sensible of Katie to trust again?


An Accidental Affair
An Accidental Affair-3 copy An Accidental Affair-3 copy An Accidental Affair-3 copy An Accidental Affair-3 copy

Anna’s life is nothing out of the ordinary; her own home, a boyfriend she loves and an eccentric mother who keeps her very much on her toes. That is, until her orbit unexpectedly collides with Mike. The spark of attraction between them is immediate and intense, but Anna has never been the kind of girl to cheat on her partner.

Months later and unexpectedly single, Anna finds herself once again in Mike’s frighteningly capable and highly arousing hands. Perhaps fate has conspired, to give them a second chance?

What reason could there possibly be, for Anna not to fall into bed with her perfect man?


Management Skills
Management Skillls New Cover Management Skillls New Cover Management Skillls New Cover Management Skillls New Cover

Molly Butler knows that office politics can be hard enough to navigate, without secretly wanting to screw your boss. Which is why she made it her rule, many years before, to never work for a man she was attracted to. Unfortunately, the HR team failed to take her overwhelming desires into account, as they set about restructuring the company.

Molly soon finds herself in the unenviable position of working for Jake Hunter. Tall, dark, highly intelligent and ruggedly handsome, the sparks fly between them the first time they lock eyes over the boardroom table. As the sexual tension quickly builds, Molly abandons her long-standing rule for the indescribable pleasure of being with the insatiable Jake. But can their fledgling relationship survive the fact that extra-curricular activities between co-workers are very much against company policy?


Educating Daisy
Educating Daisy new cover Educating Daisy new cover Educating Daisy new cover Educating Daisy new cover

Daisy has barely thought about sex in years, much less participated in it. Hardly surprising when her trust was destroyed by a cheating ex. Instead, she is happy to focus all her efforts on raising her child in the sure knowledge that sex is completely overrated anyway.

When their sons become firm friends, Daisy is suddenly thrown into the orbit of the delicious Nick Jackson. At first, he simply infiltrates Daisy’s increasingly erotic dreams. However, he is soon upsetting her equilibrium by interacting with her in a much more up close and intimate manner.

Nick begins to show Daisy the full range of carnal pleasures that she’s been missing out on all these years. But can she really risk putting her trust in another man and allow herself to fall in love?


Fictional Fantasies
Fictional Fantasies Fictional Fantasies Fictional Fantasies Fictional Fantasies

Depressingly-single, thirty-something Meg Oakley is secretly an aspiring writer of erotica. Recently, she has been sharing many a racy evening with her practically perfect man, Sam. Handsome, mischievous, unbearably sexy and happy to act out Meg’s every fantasy, Sam has just one flaw. He’s fictional.

Publishing her work under a pseudonym and never sharing her secret, Meg believes she has guaranteed anonymity. That is, until she wakes up one night to find herself blindfolded and restrained by a mystery stranger who has broken into her room. Referring to himself as Sam, he has but one intention; to act out one of the scenes that Meg has previously published online. The stranger gives her the night of her life, leaving without a besotted Meg having even seen his face.

To her great delight, it turns out that their one amazing night is not a unique experience as the stranger finds numerous opportunities to visit Meg and act out an array of her most secret sexual desires. Always in control of a blindfolded Meg, she is unable to identify him. Until one day, much to her amazement and surprise, she finds out who he actually is.


Black Lace Short Stories – Volume 1 (of which one story is Bad Girls go to Heaven)
fenellaashworth-6 fenellaashworth-6 fenellaashworth-6 fenellaashworth-6

This compilation features three shorter stories by Fenella Ashworth. They are:

Bad Girls go to Heaven
In her final year at Cambridge University, Annabel Jenkins has a huge crush on her extremely sexy lecturer, Professor Luke Huntington. Fortunately for her, he feels the same way. Unfortunately for both of them, student-staff relationships are strictly forbidden… Will they be able to hold off for the last few weeks, until Annabel graduates and all hell can break loose?

Write Man, Right Time
Patrick Cooper lives on the beautiful Cornish coast, with his two children and one slightly dysfunctional dog. A recent split from his wife has led him to experience a severe case of writer’s block. Fighting to re-ignite his writing career, whilst also caring for his children, proves difficult. He decides to hire a nanny/housekeeper, to lessen the distractions in his life.

Janie Jenkins fulfils the role beautifully. Within no time at all, the children are much more settled, the house is shipshape and their lives are run like clockwork. However, there’s one major problem. Unfortunately for Patrick, with the beautiful Janie living under his roof, the distractions he experiences increase ten-fold. How on earth can they maintain a professional relationship, when their mounting sexual attraction threatens to spiral out of control on a daily basis?

Keeping our Distance
Living under the ever-growing threat of a potential world pandemic, Milla and Tim accept that life must go on. Excited about their obvious attraction following an intense week of chatting online, they finally agree to meet up in person for a date. Unfortunately, before they have chance, fate conspires against them; the UK is locked down, to try and curtail the unparalleled spread of Covid-19.

Despite their enforced social distancing, the desire between the couple continues to flourish online and so they conceive new ways of sharing their attraction, in this strange new world. After all, lockdown must eventually end. And going by the insane levels of desire they have for each other, the moment they can physically interact, can’t come fast enough.


Time for a Quick One?  A Compilation of Shorter Erotic Stories
Time4 Time4 Time4 Time4

This compilation features three shorter stories by Fenella Ashworth:

The Art of Anonymity
In a moment of madness, Jo leaves a complimentary message on the windscreen of a fellow shopper. Tall, fit, muscled and with an ass to die for, she feels able to justify her rash decision. With every intention of retaining anonymity, to her utter embarrassment, her actions are witnessed and questioned by Simon…the man himself.
Fate subsequently conspires to create another chance meeting between them and it quickly becomes clear that there is a case of serious, mutual sexual attraction taking place. But given Jo’s poor track record with men, is it really wise to allow such overpowering feelings of lust to guide her decisions?

A Highland Fling
Zoe Summers has reached a particularly challenging and isolated section of the West Highland Way; a long distance hiking trail in Scotland. Taking a nasty tumble, she finds herself lying injured, afraid and very alone; that is until Charlie, her modern day knight in shining armour, wades in to help.
Zoe and Charlie both feel an immediate connection which only strengthens as their time together progresses. And when the opportunity arises to spend some time in a warm, comfortable hotel room, that connection is given the opportunity to burn white hot.

Strangers in the Snow
It’s Christmas Eve and an unsuspecting Alice becomes stranded in a snowstorm, whilst driving to her parents’ home. On the positive side, she quickly discovers her situation isn’t unique and she joins forces with Sam, accompanying him to a nearby village in search of shelter.
As the freezing snow piles up around the window ledges outside, safe within their warm, snug accommodation, two strangers quickly discover how things can hot up when desire is allowed to run its natural course.


Virtually Lovers
Copy of Virtually lovers-2 Copy of Virtually lovers-2 Copy of Virtually lovers-2 Copy of Virtually lovers-2

Living in an online age where false personas can be created and deleted with the click of a mouse, Lucy has learnt to embrace the opportunities such anonymity provides. An outwardly unremarkable married mother of one to the outside world, online Lucy is a published author of erotic fiction, operating under a pseudonym. Her two identities are kept utterly separate, even from her own husband. That is, until Theo strikes up an online conversation and starts to break down the carefully-constructed wall which separates her two lives.

In their steamy, cross-continental online relationship, Lucy discovers something entirely unexpected; a writing partner, a sexual equal and most importantly, a friend. As virtual erotic sparks fly, Theo and Lucy smoulder in each other’s online company. But will there ever be an opportunity for them to meet in person…and what on earth would happen if they did?


“Difficult to Reach” written by Sarah Fennel

Finally….. if you enjoy the way I write, you might also be interested in this Romance.
Copy of Difficult to Reach-2 Copy of Difficult to Reach-2 Copy of Difficult to Reach-2 Copy of Difficult to Reach-2

“Delightful – very endearing!”

The village of Hawksbury Hollow is nestled in the shadow of the English South Downs. It’s late December and unbeknown to the residents, the coldest and most dangerous spell of weather since records began, is about to hit. Just before the snowfall starts in earnest, Fen Martin moves into Rose Cottage. Without any family to look out for her, Fen is grateful for the support offered by her new neighbours but the last thing she’s looking for is love.

Against her will, Fen is drawn to the solemn but seriously attractive Daniel Anderson who owns neighbouring Riverside Farm. As the ice and snow build up outside and emergency situations start to become the norm, the residents are forced to seek refuge with each other. Amidst a backdrop of extreme conditions, both Daniel and Fen are forced to confront their pasts in order that they might enjoy a brighter future.


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
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