My Books

As you might be aware, Amazon have recently cancelled my account. Given I was exclusively with them under this pen name, that leaves me in a bit of a situation, whereby none of my Fenella Ashworth books are currently available for sale. I will rectify that in time, but just a short-term fix, I am happy to sell my books to you directly. Please email me at with details of what you would like to purchase. Payment will need to be via Paypal and I’ll provide you with those details via email too (it isn’t the Fenella Ashworth address). I can email you the book in PDF or ePUB format – please let me know which you prefer.

The price of each book is £3 or $3.50. However, if you purchase 4 books, then the total cost will reduce to £10 or $12.

The exceptions to this pricing are:

  • The Entire Canis Hall Series (12 novellas in length) – £10 or $12 for the full series
  • Olivia Harding short story compilations (Seductive Cops, Age Gap Vol 1 and Age Gap Vol 2) – £5 or $6 each

The full list of £3/$3.50 books are:

  • Animal Attraction
  • Better Fate Than Never
  • Black Lace & Promises (Volumes 1 to 5) – Each volume sold separately
  • Daniel Lawson Series (Books 1 to 8) – Each book sold separately
  • Date 38
  • Educating Daisy
  • Experimental Pleasures
  • Fictional Fantasies
  • Highland Games
  • I put a spell on you
  • Just Another Winter’s Tale
  • Management Skills
  • One Hot Wynter’s Night
  • Patients is a Virtue
  • Right Hand Man
  • Three Times Moor Pleasure
  • Time for a Quick One
  • To Love, Honour and Oh Pay (Books 1 to 3) – Each book sold separately
  • Too Much Pleasure
  • Virtually Lovers

And from Sarah Fennel (Romance only):

  • Difficult to Reach
  • Difficult to Leave
  • Just Jump!
  • Walking Out
  • Trot On
  • Counter Canter

Book Blurbs for each book will follow very shortly!