Medium-High Heat Reads

Medium-High reads are steamy romances categorised by having plenty of steamy scenes throughout, but are a happy medium between hot reads and slow-burn. The books in this category are listed below with the most recently published listed at the top. Those titles shown in bold font are the best-sellers within this group:

  1. The ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ series (aka as ‘The Cranworth Chronicles)
  2. The ‘Daniel Lawson’ series
  3. ‘A Very Rural Affair’ series
  4. Bad Boys go to Heaven
  5. Highland Games
  6. Just Another Winter’s Tale
  7. Educating Daisy
  8. Management Skills

This category also contains a set of shorter story compilations. Each short story would typically take approximately one hour to read and there are three shorter stories in each book:

  1. Black Lace & Promises – Volume 1 to 5
  2. Time for a Quick One?


To Love, Honour and Oh Pay (aka ‘The Cranworth Chronicles’ series)

This is my most popular book; a linked series which tells of the developing relationship between solicitor Lizzie and rich and eligible bachelor, Sir William Mortimer. There are currently three books in the series. Click HERE for full details.


The Daniel Lawson series

Another popular series, currently standing at 8 books, Daniel Lawson is a fictional British showjumper (stadium jumper). But for those of you worrying this will mostly be about horses, it isn’t. Of course they feature, because that is Daniel’s entire livelihood, but there is far more steam than showjumping! Click HERE for full details.


‘A Very Rural Affair’ series

This three-book, completed series is set in the heart of rural England, within the charming hamlet of Hawksbury Hollow. There are a range of diverse characters which cause all manner of mayhem, but the two main leads are our heroine Fen and the solemn yet seriously attractive Patrick Anderson. Click HERE for full details.


Bad Boys go to Heaven

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Steamy. Relentless. Forbidden.

Tall, dark and unforgivably sexy, Professor Luke Huntington didn’t fit the profile of a university lecturer. At all. With a criminal past and a suggestive twinkle in his eye, he was much better suited to being a bad boy than a teacher.

As a mature student in her final semester, Annabel had spent the entire year attempting to control her lustful fantasies; and Luke filled every single one of them in glorious technicolour. Every day she drooled over him, while every night he invaded her increasingly sensual and erotic dreams.

The fact that relationships between students and staff were forbidden was the least of Annabel’s problems. Luke hadn’t provided any definitive evidence that he was interested in her at all. Until one day, a spark of attraction quickly morphed into a blazing inferno which neither of them could hope to control. Only then does Annabel discover what a talented and rigorous teacher Luke truly is.

If you love your romances uber-hot and steamy, you do not want to let this one pass you by!

“Fenella does it again! Every story she puts out here is amazing! This is an absolute must read!!” 
5* Amazon Review


Highland Games

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Zoe Summers has reached a particularly challenging and isolated section of the West Highland Way; a long distance hiking trail in Scotland. Taking a nasty tumble, she finds herself lying injured, afraid and very alone; that is until Charlie, her modern day knight in shining armour, wades in to help.

Zoe and Charlie both feel an immediate connection which only strengthens as their time together progresses. And when the opportunity arises to spend much more time together, that connection is given the opportunity to burn white hot.

“Gorgeous! Ashworth’s beautiful descriptions and depth bring the characters to life…you are rooting for them from the start all the way through.”  5* Amazon Review


Just Another Winter’s Tale

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The audiobook can be accessed at the following links: Audible (US),  Audible (UK),  Audible (DE)  These links should also provide a 30 day free trial.

It’s Christmas Eve and an unsuspecting Alice loses control of her car in a snowstorm. On the negative side, thanks to getting up close and personal with an Oak tree, Alice’s car looks to be a write off. On the positive side, she discovers her situation isn’t unique and quickly joins forces with Sam, accompanying him to a nearby village in search of food, comfort and shelter.

As the freezing snow piles up around the window ledges outside, safe within their warm, snug accommodation, two strangers quickly discover how things can hot up when desire is allowed to run its natural course. The next day, following a night of intense passion, they continue their journey onwards together. But will they manage to see their respective families on Christmas Day, or might more pressing physical needs hamper their progress?

This is a happy, feel-good erotic romance, designed to put a smile on your face over the festive season. The first few chapters were previously released as a short story as part of ‘Time for a Quick One?’, but because I enjoyed the characters so much, I wanted to expand it into a full length novel.

“Wowzers!  This book will leave you breathless!  Unashamedly romantic and feel good, Fenella Ashworth would have you believe that crashing your car is the gateway to romantic and sexual fulfilment! This book is excellent! Hot, romantic and relentlessly joyous. Read it and you will not be disappointed.” 5* Amazon Review


Educating Daisy

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Daisy has barely thought about sex in years, much less participated in it. Hardly surprising when her trust was destroyed by a cheating ex. Instead, she is happy to focus all her efforts on raising her child in the sure knowledge that sex is completely overrated anyway.

When their sons become firm friends, Daisy is suddenly thrown into the orbit of the delicious Nick Jackson. At first, he simply infiltrates Daisy’s increasingly erotic dreams. However, he is soon upsetting her equilibrium by interacting with her in a much more up close and intimate manner.

Nick begins to show Daisy the full range of carnal pleasures that she’s been missing out on all these years. But can she really risk putting her trust in another man and allow herself to fall in love?

“Oh, be still, this single mother’s heart… Phew! I’m a single mother of two (now grown) boys. I wish I could have had my own version of Nick and his adorable little boy join us. This is the sweet, simple yet steamy romance that every single mother dreams about. Enjoy!” 5* Amazon Review


Management Skills

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The audiobook can be accessed at the following links: Audible (US),  Audible (UK),  Audible (DE)  These links should also provide a 30 day free trial.

Molly Butler knows that office politics can be hard enough to navigate, without secretly wanting to screw your boss. Which is why she made it her rule, many years before, to never work for a man she was attracted to. Unfortunately, the HR team failed to take her overwhelming desires into account, as they set about restructuring the company.

Molly soon finds herself in the unenviable position of working for Jake Hunter. Tall, dark, highly intelligent and ruggedly handsome, the sparks fly between them the first time they lock eyes over the boardroom table. As the sexual tension quickly builds, Molly abandons her long-standing rule for the indescribable pleasure of being with the insatiable Jake. But can their fledgling relationship survive the fact that extra-curricular activities between co-workers are very much against company policy?

“Hot!  Love Jake! Would love to see another novel with more background on him! He’s fascinating! Can’t get enough of your novels truly.” 5* Amazon Review


Shorter Story Compliations

To date, I have written five shorter story compilations, each with three stories in each book. The ‘Black Lace & Promises’ titles have been written in the first person. ‘Time for a Quick One’ is written in the third person. Click HERE for more details.


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Fenella is a British author of contemporary erotic romance for 18+. All of her stories are available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Her most popular books are ‘One Hot Wynter’s Night’, ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson Series.