HOT Reads

Hot reads are steamy romances, categorised by having plenty of naughty, explicit scenes, often from pretty early on in the plot. The books in this category are listed below with the most recently published listed at the top. Those titles shown in bold font are the best-sellers within this group:

  1. Experimental Pleasures
  2. Right Hand Man
  3. Three Times Moor Pleasure (and the sequel, Too Much Pleasure)
  4. One Hot Wynter’s Night
  5. Virtually Lovers
  6. Fictional Fantasies – The Exxxtended Version

This category also contains a set of fast-burn short stories (short on plot, high on smut) which I’ve written under the pen name Olivia Harding:

  1. Age Gap – Volumes 1 and 2
  2. Seductive Cops

Details about all of these titles can be found lower down this page.


Experimental Pleasures

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Imprisonment.  Desire.  Enlightenment.

Tasha makes a stupid mistake which lands her in a dangerous, life-threatening situation.  Luckily, assistance appears in the form of Doctor Sebastian Jackson.  It’s instantly obvious the guy has more baggage than Heathrow Airport, but Tasha eventually trusts him enough to accept his help.

Indebted to Sebastian, Tasha offers to repay his kindness, only to discover that what the mysterious, highly secretive doctor desires most is a willing volunteer to assist with his medical research.  His subject matter expertise is focussed on better understanding female pleasure and for an inexperienced, and indeed virginal Tasha, his requests quickly introduce her to previously undiscovered heights.

Can Tasha accept Doctor Sebastian’s dark side and help him to complete his wickedly sexy research?

Trigger Warning:

Unlike my previous stories, this is a little darker and more frightening, at least at first.  At the start of this story, there are scenes of women being held against their will and, although there is no explicit sexual violence, it is certainly implied.  Having said that, this quickly morphs into an extremely steamy romance, with an ultimately satisfying ending.  And, as you have come to expect from my novels, there is plenty of naughtiness included.
Plus, trust me when I say that all the baddies can be assured of their comeuppance.  
So, join me if you dare!


Right Hand Man

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Attraction. Passion. Love.


High-flying business woman in her mid-forties. Driven. Confident. Always puts her shining career before a non-existent sex life. She knows exactly what she wants, but has never found a man capable of playing out her most secret erotic desires.


Professional business man. Emotionally distant. Somewhat intimidating. Extremely skilled with his hands, mouth and body. Five years younger than Isobel, but light years ahead sexually. A formidable opponent, both across the boardroom and in bed. Finally starting to accept that his ideal woman probably doesn’t exist.

Isobel recognises the risk of their desire from the start. Determined and passionate, Flynn refuses to give up so easily. Two strong-minded and very different people, but they both agree on one thing; relationships with work colleagues must be avoided at all costs. 

But what if your passions are unleashed before becoming co-workers? That you realise, on the first day of your new job, that you’ve already inadvertently screwed your boss?

Buckle in. This journey is destined to be bumpy. Things are about to get messy.

“This might be Ms Ashworth’s finest work. Utterly brilliant in every way. Fantastic characters that are vulnerable, wonderfully human and incredibly hot. Once again this book captures a raw, carnal enviable sex life in a pleasurably eloquent feminine way. I loved the strength in the main characters, the acknowledgement of the difficulties female CEOs face. The indecision the desire…  This book is classy, sensual and passionate, I implore you to read it. You won’t be disappointed.”  5* Amazon Review


Three Times Moor Pleasure

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One single woman, three gorgeous men and five incredibly steamy nights.

The snow is falling thick and fast when Alice Wilson makes the highly dubious decision of taking a detour, in the hope it will shorten her drive home. But the stark, exposed wilderness of beautiful Dartmoor is in no mood to ease her travel woes. As the snow piles up and the biting Arctic chill makes the untreated road surfaces utterly treacherous, Alice quickly realises she’s made a terrible mistake. But it’s too late. Moments later, she’s unconscious behind the wheel.

When she wakes, it’s to find herself in a remote cabin, with two of the most breathtakingly handsome men she’s ever laid her hungry eyes on. Once Jay and Tim are content that Alice isn’t injured, they settle down to the business of being stranded and snowed-in together. Until there’s a knock at the door…

And that’s when the fun really begins…

“Can you stand the heat? Because it’s HAWT!  This is my first time reading this Author and I’m an instant fan. The smexy times were SMOKIN’. OMGOODNESS where is the fire extinguisher??” 5* Amazon Review


One Hot Wynter’s Night

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With an empty bank account and a teetering pile of unopened bills growing more unwieldy by the day, Maggie Matthews is not only out of money…she’s out of options. Against her better judgement, she accepts her best friend’s offer to make some fast cash. Her mission? To join a group of journalists who are attempting to crash a masked ball, being held at the residence of Sir Kristoff de Wynter.

A well-known ladies man, Kristoff takes no prisoners, either professionally or privately. Rich, handsome, ruthless and incredibly powerful, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Unable to resist the bewitching Maggie, Kristoff unleashes the full power of his well-honed seduction techniques, in a persuasive bid to entice her into bed. But how will he react upon learning the real reason for her presence at his party?

And what on earth will he demand as payback, for her deceptive actions?

“I just discovered Fenella’s books, and I can’t put them down! The plot is excellent, the characters are interesting and the romance is hot – this one in particular had me hooked. Highly recommend!!”  5* Amazon Review


Virtually Lovers

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Living in an online age where false personas can be created and deleted with the click of a mouse, Lucy has learnt to embrace the opportunities such anonymity provides. An outwardly unremarkable married mother of one to the outside world, online Lucy is a published author of erotic fiction, operating under a pseudonym. Her two identities are kept utterly separate, even from her own husband. That is, until Theo strikes up an online conversation and starts to break down the carefully-constructed wall which separates her two lives.

In their steamy, cross-continental online relationship, Lucy discovers something entirely unexpected; a writing partner, a sexual equal and most importantly, a friend. As virtual erotic sparks fly, Theo and Lucy smoulder in each other’s online company. But will there ever be an opportunity for them to meet in person…and what on earth would happen if they did?

“This book is wonderfully paced and extremely spicy. Without giving too much away, I can say that the ending is unexpected and slightly bittersweet. If you like Fenella Ashworth’s books, you’ll love this one, too.” 5* Amazon Review


Fictional Fantasies – The Exxxtended Version

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Depressingly-single, thirty-something Meg Oakley is secretly an aspiring writer of erotica. Recently, she has been sharing many a racy evening with her practically perfect man, Sam. Handsome, mischievous, unbearably sexy and happy to act out Meg’s every fantasy, Sam has just one flaw. He’s fictional.

Publishing her work under a pseudonym and never sharing her secret, Meg believes she has guaranteed anonymity. That is, until she wakes up one night to find herself blindfolded and restrained by a mystery stranger who has broken into her room. Referring to himself as Sam, he has but one intention; to act out one of the scenes that Meg has previously published online. The stranger gives her the night of her life, leaving without a besotted Meg having even seen his face.

To her great delight, it turns out that their one amazing night is not a unique experience as the stranger finds numerous opportunities to visit Meg and act out an array of her most secret sexual desires. Always in control of a blindfolded Meg, she is unable to identify him. Until one day, much to her amazement and surprise, she finds out who he actually is.

“This is a smart AND sexy book, and that is not easy to find in today’s glut of erotic literature (and I use the term “literature” lightly). While this is a highly sexually charged novel, it is also romantic, funny, and captivating. Fenella Ashworth has created intelligent, mature, and interesting characters in a well-crafted and well-edited book.” 5* Amazon Review


Olivia Harding – Erotic Shorts

Various erotic short stories have been published under the pen name Olivia Harding on Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Please go onto any of those sites and search for “Olivia Harding”. Stories can either be purchased individually or as a complete set.

Age Gap Volume 1 series
1) Wet & Wild
2) Like Father, Like Son (Father & son combo)
3) Love Thy Neighbour
4) Rough Horseplay
5) Never get to Heaven
6) A Family Friend
7) Rock Star Daddy (Father & son combo)
8) Take the Rough with the Smooth

Seductive Cops series
1) One Hot Bodyguard
2) Enforcement Officer
3) Tied, Teased and Pleasured
4) Hot Property
5) Criminal In Tent
6) Crime and Punishment
7) Bound by the Law
8) Partners in Crime


The latest news from Fenella Ashworth can be found at
Fenella is a British author of contemporary erotic romance for 18+. All of her stories are available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Her most popular books are ‘One Hot Wynter’s Night’, ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson Series.