Book Formatting Services for self-published authors

Are you a self-publishing author who requires assistance with formatting your book for print and ebook distribution? Good news! I’m here to help you and I don’t charge a fortune.

Using Vellum software, I format text-only books for writers, creating ePUB and MOBI file formats required for ebook distribution, and print-on-demand format for distribution via Amazon. In short, everything you ought to require for the main outlets (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google, Apple).

First things first, how much do I charge?

While I’m just starting up, I’m offering extremely affordable rates. These are likely to change as time progresses, so make the most of them while you can!

My rate is £8 (or $10) per 20,000 words (or part thereof).

So, a 50,000 word book would cost £8 x 3 = £24 (or $30). An 80,000 word book would cost £8 x 4 = £32 x 4 ($40), and so on.

– If your manuscript contains images/tables/graphics, or;
– If you have separate ebook and paperback file versions,
…then we should chat first because this may impact the price.

All deliveries will be made within a week of accepting your request, but likely a good deal faster. Payment via PayPal please.

What do I need from you to get started?

  1. A copy of your book manuscript in .docx format. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please just shout!
  2. An image file of your book cover.
  3. A decision from yourself, as to which of the various Vellum formatting option you would like. A full list of options can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.


Please email me at to engage my services. And please feel free to make contact with any questions – I’m here to help.

An example of Vellum formatting