Planning on purchasing Paperbacks?

Hello dear reader,

I recently received a message from Amazon to confirm that the costs authors would have to pay when paperbacks are purchased on Amazon are shortly going to be increasing. In reality, this probably means that many authors will be increasing the price of their paperbacks accordingly.

So this is just a note to make you aware of that. If you are planning on purchasing any paperbacks from Amazon in the near future, my advise is that you do so within the next few weeks, before prices rise in June. And of course, if you are planning on purchasing any of my paperbacks (or Olivia Harding, or Sarah Fennel titles), then thank you very much!

With love, Fenella x

P.S. Thanks to what is undoubtedly a mistake on Amazon’s part (given they still pay me the full amount of royalties due), the large print version of ‘First Love, Second Chance’ continues to be priced at only $2.71 on Yay! So maybe add that to your cart while you’re at it!

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