The Freedom List

Given I failed to write a single word during April due to fears about my health, I am truly thrilled to report that I’ve recently completed my latest Olivia Harding reverse age gap short story, called ‘The Freedom List’. It was shared with my patrons a few days ago, and now I’ve published it on B&N, Kobo and Amazon. I hope you enjoy it!

The Freedom List:

When her cheating excuse for a husband requests a divorce, Sophie realises she can either fall apart or rise stronger than ever.  Fortunately, she chooses the latter. Filled with determination, she makes a list of all the things she’d always wanted to do, the first of which is to learn to swim properly.  

In no time, an incredibly handsome swimming instructor rocks up for the first of several lessons and their connection is instant.  But should the fact he’s probably fifteen years her junior prevent Sophie from indulging in a little flirting?  Obviously not!

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