Attention all Kindle Unlimited readers

Just to make all my Kindle Unlimited readers aware…..

Following the horrible situation where Amazon closed my account for a few days at the start of this month, I have decided to remove a proportion of my books from Kindle Unlimited, instead of having all of my eggs in one basket! Removals will take place between now and March.

This month, the following books will be removed from Kindle Unlimited. They will remain on sale with Amazon, they just won’t be exclusive to Amazon (and therefore eligible for KU).

If you would like to read these books via Kindle Unlimited, grab the copy now to ensure the book is still available to you, even after the date shown.

19th January 2023:

  • Just Another Winter’s Tale

23rd January 2023:

  • Animal Attraction
  • Better Fate Than Never
  • I put a spell on you

24th January 2023:

  • To Love, Honour and Oh Pay

I hope you understand my decision, following the experience I had. Thanks x

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4 thoughts on “Attention all Kindle Unlimited readers

  1. So sorry to hear of your awful and stressful experience with Amazon. I hope the next few months are easier for you. Just a query – if you put books up for purchase on other sites, can we still use Kindle to read them or will we need a different e-reader? My Kindle is linked to Amazon so its easy to purchase e-books at the moment. I love your books so it won’t stop me reading them whatever you decide to do!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support – I really appreciate it. I’m not 100% sure, but having consulted google, it certainly seems as though ebooks purchased from Smashwords and B&N can be read on a kindle device. Not sure about Apple Books though. But just to reiterate, I’m only pulling out some books (some of my older publications to start with) from Kindle Unlimited. All books will, however, continue to be available to purchase from Amazon (just not to read via KU). And I anticipate that most of my new work is likely to be published through Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited) as a first step. So hopefully you won’t miss out if you are a KU subscriber x


  2. Your work is worth paying for. KU was a great way to get new readers, but I’ve paid for copies because I simply don’t want to return your books. I like owning a copy outright!


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