Having smutty thoughts

It’s a damp, wet, cold, sticky-under-foot kind of day today in the South of England – I hesitate to say Sussex, because I think we’ve all heard enough about people from Sussex in recent days!

A lot of rain has already fallen and plenty more is due, and thanks to the clay soils of the Sussex Weald, that means the going underfoot is bloody hard work!

Thankfully, I spent my walk dictating a lust-filled, smutty scene for my next Olivia Harding short story, which is always guaranteed to keep me warm! Once finished and prior to publication, the story will be shared with my patron readers. Many thanks to those loyal readers who have signed up so far. I really appreciate your support. I wrote 2,000 words of the story yesterday, likely to be another 2,000 today. Hopefully you’ll be in receipt of the story by the start of February, once it has gone through the editing process x

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