Fenella’s Patreon

During the debacle with Amazon when my account was terminated (and later reinstated), one of my amazing readers made me aware of something called a Patreon. This is where a supporter can sign up to a monthly subscription with an artist/author/etc, who in return provides some kind of service/output. In my case, the output will obviously be my stories. Trust me, you don’t want me selling my body ha ha.

The stories will either be novellas (approximately 20k words), which will ultimately be published within the Fenella Ashworth ‘Black Lace and Promises’ volumes, or short stories (approximately 8k words), which will be published under the ‘Olivia Harding’ pen name. The link for the patron site is:

There are a number of different membership levels to my Patreon. The starter membership level is $5/£4 per month, where you will receive each short story or novella that I’ve been writing within the patreon. I intend that there will be some kind of shared output every 4-6 weeks at a minimum, but knowing the speed I write at when I’m in the zone, it is likely to be more than this.

As the membership level increases, so do the benefits, to include sight of my writing process, sight of the chapters as they become available and the production of a personal story just for you.

Over the past couple of weeks, many of my loyal readers have asked me to suggest ways in which they might support me. Hopefully this provides a non-Amazon alternative. For those of you who decided to join me on this new adventure, thank you and I look forward to sharing my steamy stories with you very soon! x

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