I’m pleased to report good news!

Hi everyone. I’m pleased to be able to report some good news. After having my account terminated with Amazon, accompanied by 5 days of indescribable stress, I have just received the below email, which I think is in response to the appeal option which I stumbled upon the other day. My account has been reinstated. Still no word as to what caused it to be terminated in the first place, and to be quite honest with you, I’m not going to ask them. I don’t want to appear on their radar for even the smallest moment!

This experience has taught me two things though:

  1. I should not write exclusively for Amazon (i.e I should not have ALL my books in Kindle Unlimited). Over the past 5 years, I have uploaded everything I’ve written to Amazon and KU without really thinking. So the next few months will see me gradually remove my catalogue out of Kindle Unlimited, in order that I can publish it with other companies such as B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Eden Books, Radish etc, and reduce the risk, should Amazon ever get a bee in their bonnet again.
  2. You guys are AWESOME. Truly awesome. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that your combined kind words and supportive comments have quite literally held me together over the past 5 days. I can’t thank you enough. Sending much love to each and every one of you x


5 thoughts on “I’m pleased to report good news!

  1. What good news.
    Be sure to let us know how your new publishing ventures work out. We’re rooting for you!



  2. YES!!! Great to know and so sorry for the unneeded stress in this new year. Sorry to hear you’ll be leaving Unlimited, but very understandable.


  3. Oh, Fenella, what WONDERFUL news!! You have turned my week around with your news.

    I heard a lot about the BookTok community on TikTok. If you can get your titles promoted there by the TikTok community, there’s a good chance your sales will rise. Some titles popular in the 90s were promoted in the BookTok community, and suddenly sales of those titles started selling again. I think I saw the story on CNN.com. (I’d offer to do one for you, but I don’t have TikTok.)


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