Where can you buy my books?

While I’m sorting out a more permanent home for my book sales, please view the “My Books” link in the menu bar of this website, to find out how you can purchase my books directly. Thank you x

One thought on “Where can you buy my books?

  1. I was shocked, dismayed and incredibly mad when I learned of Amazon’s decision to remove your life’s work from their site!!! And to learn of the way they treated you when you were just trying to get more information, it was inexcusable.
    I contacted them and lodged a complaint on behalf of myself and the thousands of your loyal readers. (Which took forever to get to someone other than a bot!) I was told my complaint would be heard by the “powers that be” and they would contact me personally with an answer. I will let you know if that ever happens. Until then, Fenella, know that no matter what happens, you still have thousands of very loyal fans who look forward to reading your wonderful stories wherever we have to find them!!!


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