Twice Her Age

I’m delighted to announce that the latest Olivia Harding short story has just been published and can be found on, and various other sellers.

Wicked uncle seduces innocent young virgin? Nah, not this time. Having been treated badly by her now ex-boyfriend, Kirsty decides she’d actually much rather lose her virginity to an experienced man, and sets about seducing her ex’s uncle. And as much as Will might initially attempt to do the right thing and resist, Kirsty’s not taking no for an answer.

Here’s a short excerpt:

‘Do you want to get some sleep, Sweetheart?’

 Without answering, she turned to look into his eyes, almost intoxicated by a sense of bliss-filled relaxation.

‘Whatever you want,’ Kirsty mumbled, before exhaling so deeply that it was surprising the breath ever ended.  ‘I’m happy to be guided by you.  Although my preference is still for us to make love.’

With a gentle smile, Will repositioned himself on his side, encouraging her to do the same.  And then their mouths met once more, but this time, there wasn’t the intense, dynamic passion which had existed in the shower, but rather a lazy, sleepy adoration.  Their kiss was deep, slow and one hundred percent satisfying.  And such was her state of relaxation that Kirsty barely acknowledged how his hands had become unafraid to caress every part of her.  After the longest time, Will broke their kiss, nuzzled his mouth against the shell of her ear and gently murmured.

‘I’m going down.  I might be some time.’

Despite a sudden spike of adrenaline shooting through Kirsty’s body, the couple’s amusement burnt through their expressions of lust.  She loved the way they were together.  With most guys, this would already have become awkward and embarrassing, but instead she couldn’t be happier.  Will made everything feel right.  As though this was the only place on earth she should be.  And that was the power of him, because she honestly believed it to be true.

The heat in Kirsty’s body immediately ramped up, hips twisting and body writhing, as Will did exactly as promised.  Drifting methodically down her body, he kissed and nibbled every inch he came into contact with, pausing at some locations longer than others to sample her cries of pleasure, surprise and delight.  The musky scent of Kirsty’s arousal, however, was too much to ignore and it drew him continuously down.  Until, at last, he encouraged her thighs to open wide and nestled himself into position between them.

‘Oh God, Will!’ she gasped.  Daring to glance down, Kirsty was surprised to see his head between her legs, his mouth literally centimetres from her swollen lips.  ‘Oh fuck!’             

With a smile he turned his head slightly, to drop a kiss on her inner thigh.  Instantly, her entire body clamped down, writhing beneath him, as she began to utter expletives at an impressive rate.  Hiding his smile, Will decided not to drag out the agony for too long, particularly given this was her first time.  

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