Honey Moon is now available!

The sixth book in the Canis Hall series, Honey Moon, has just been published on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk – hooray!

As with every book in this series, each is dedicated to a reader who has previously left a review. So this book is dedicated to Rachel who kindly said of an earlier book in the Canis Hall series:

“I have always loved reading each of Fenella’s books! The details, plot, and writing brings every touch, gasp, love, tear, and so much more to the reader. It is almost as if you are Grace and feel everything she feels.”

I hope you are enjoying this series. I’ve just finished writing book 11 today! x


The latest news from Fenella Ashworth can be found at http://www.fenellaashworth.com.
Fenella is a British author of contemporary steamy romance for 18+. Most of her stories are available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Her most popular books are ‘One Hot Wynter’s Night’, ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson Series.

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