The pressure of a pre-order!

On Facebook recently, I’ve seen a number of authors apologising to their readers for having to cancel a pre-order book that had previously been for sale. The reason given for this was because the book in question hadn’t yet been written, and the author either ran out of time or inspiration to write it!

Now I’m sure some authors can work like that and get a buzz from the pressure of a deadline, but I’m not one of them! Several years ago, I made the mistake of putting a book up for sale that I hadn’t finished writing (I think I was about seventy-five percent through), and I quickly realised that the pressure of a deadline really screwed with my creative ability and caused the worst case of writer’s block ever. Strangely, that wasn’t true when I used to do a “real job”. I used to thrive on deadlines then, although perhaps, for me, that’s a difference between delivering creative versus analytical work?

Fortunately, I managed to write the book within the deadline and learned a valuable lesson in the process. Now I only ever put a pre-order book up for sale if I have at least written the entire first draft. So, following an extremely productive couple of weeks, I have just put Books 7 (Thunder Moon) and 8 (Grain Moon) of the Canis Hall series onto Amazon as pre-orders. And I’ll be starting to write Book 9 on Monday. I have to admit, I’m really enjoying writing Benedict and Grace’s story and will be quite disappointed when I reach the end of Book 12!

Book 7: Thunder Moon links:

Book 8: Grain Moon links:


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