One Hot Bodyguard – A short story

Some of you might know that I also write under the pen name Olivia Harding. These are typically short (often smutty!) stories. I thought I would share one of the cleaner ones with you today! It is called ‘One Hot Bodyguard’.


When Detective Kit Wheeler was assigned to protect Daphne from a sinister stalker, he wasn’t anticipating having to make a death-defying midnight dash to an isolated safe house. Nor was he expecting the white-hot passion which quickly erupted between them, almost upon arrival. No, it’s safe to say that Kit hadn’t been anticipating anything about Daphne Jacobson, but he certainly wasn’t complaining.


‘Keep your head down,’ Kit muttered urgently, as he placed a large hand on Daphne Jacobson’s shoulders and encouraged her towards the ground.  Glancing quickly around them to ascertain the current threat level, he crawled towards the exit, anticipating that she’d follow his lead.

‘Shit!’ she squeaked.  ‘There’s somebody at the window.’

Instantly, Kit drew his weapon, placing himself between Daphne and the assailant.

‘Where’s your car?’ he asked urgently.

‘In the garage.’

Damn.  That was no good.  From his sweep of the area earlier, Kit knew the garage was detached from the property.  Making it across the grounds to the building would be risky enough, but then they’d be sitting ducks as they attempted to unlock the doors and make their escape.

‘That’s too open,’ he replied.  ‘We’ll have to head for my truck.  It’s parked in the street behind your house.’

‘O…okay,’ stuttered Daphne.  After all, what choice did she have?  A trusted police officer sworn to protect her, versus some kind of stalking, possibly armed madman who was currently creeping around her garden and scaring the shit out of them.

‘Stay low and we’ll head for the back door.  Try and grab some shoes en route,’ requested Kit.  ‘Something you can run in.’

With his gun primed and ready, the couple took a swift, silent route through Daphne’s home.  Thanks to her senses being on hyper-alert, she even managed to grab her handbag and a coat as they travelled.  The back door was on the opposite side of the house to the assailant.  With any luck, they’d manage to get to Kit’s truck before this madman noticed.

‘Take these,’ ordered Kit, handing over his car keys as they reached their point of exit.

‘Why?’ she asked, shaking her head with confusion.

‘Because I need you to be able to escape,’ Kit explained.  ‘If I need to stand and fight against this guy, I will.  But I need you to promise me that you’ll get away.’


‘Promise me,’ he demanded, sounding deadly serious.  After being on the business end of a long, intense stare, Daphne finally submitted.

‘I promise.’

‘Good.  It’s a beaten up, black Landrover in the middle of the street,’ added Kit, as he carefully opened the back door.  ‘Now, get ready.’

Taking Daphne by the hand, he led her out into the cool night air.  Instantly, their breath began condensing around them, the frigid temperature a shock to them both.  Locking the door again, in an attempt to confuse their would-be attacker for as long as possible, they sprinted across the lawn to take cover in the shrubbery.

‘Well done, you’re doing great,’ murmured Kit, recognising this must be a terrifying situation for a woman who’d received a viable death threat.  ‘Next, we need to make it to the boundary of your property.  Got any tips?’

‘If we head straight through the trees, there’s a section of weaker fencing we’ll be able to clamber over,’ Daphne explained in a surprisingly calm and rational manner.  Given the circumstances, he was beyond impressed.

‘Excellent,’ praised Kit.  ‘Let’s go then.’

Swiftly, and with surprisingly little noise for two fully grown adults, they made their escape, dropping into the adjacent street.  Daphne tried not to let her imagination race away with her.  In the darkness, it was amazing how a stray leaf or the random shape of a gnarled tree branch could suddenly morph into the face of a would-be attacker.  With their pulses hammering hard and heavy, the couple kept low, darting through the shadows of the moonlit lane until they reached Kit’s vehicle.

‘This is the one,’ he muttered, wrenching open the door to allow Daphne to jump safely inside.  Securing the passenger door, Kit held his gun a little more firmly as he stalked cautiously around to the opposite side, breathing fast and shallow.  He may well be trained for these kinds of scenarios, but they were still a serious adrenaline rush when they actually occurred.  Having climbed into the vehicle, he closed the door as quietly as he could.

‘Seat belt on,’ he whispered, appreciating their escape wasn’t over yet.  A fact which became horribly true, just after Kit had started up the engine and was driving them quickly away.  As they were about to exit the street and move onto the open road, he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye.

‘Get down!’ he shouted, causing Daphne to throw herself down onto the empty seat between them.  She too had noticed movement ahead; it looked suspiciously like a lone man holding a gun in their direction.  With her head pressed up against Kit’s extremely well-muscled thigh, Daphne closed her eyes and prayed to whoever might be listening.

Meanwhile, their direction of travel had been sharply altered.  Kit was apparently aiming his car straight towards the shooter.  Thanks to his quick and selfless thinking, their would-be attacker only managed to let off one round before being forced to dive for cover.

‘It’s okay.  You can sit up again now.’  Cautiously Daphne did just that, realising that thanks to the insane speed Kit was now driving, they were already several streets away from her home.  Fortunately, being the middle of the night, it was extremely quiet with no pedestrians around.

‘Holy fuck,’ she breathed, causing Kit to chuckle in surprise at her choice of language.  Up until this point, she’d been incredibly well spoken.  But her reaction could be forgiven; there was now a bullet hole visible in the door frame.  But for the grace of God, and of course Kit Wheeler, she could well be dead right now.

‘You did great,’ Kit praised, grabbing his mobile phone from a Velcro pocket beneath his stab vest, and placing it into the cradle on the dashboard.  ‘Better than great, in fact,’ he corrected.  ‘You were amazing!’

‘T…thanks,’ she stuttered.  Right now, Daphne certainly didn’t feel amazing.  She was verging on terrified.

‘What’s it like being so popular?’ smirked Kit, trying to make light of the situation they unwillingly found themselves in.

‘It’s not me that’s popular, it’s my father,’ she admitted, a fact that Kit already knew given he’d thoroughly read Daphne’s file before taking the job.  Her father was a crook, responsible for swindling a lot of families out of a lot of money they could ill afford.  That kind of behaviour has a tendency to piss people off…big time.

‘It’s not me they want, not really.  They want revenge on my father.  And I can’t say I blame them…I’d feel the same way.  Unfortunately, the fact I haven’t spoken to him for years hasn’t yet factored into their thinking, so I remain a target,’ sighed Daphne.

‘Well, as target’s go, you’re certainly the nicest one I’ve ever been asked to protect.’

Daphne hadn’t managed to construct a response in her racing mind before Kit spoke again.

‘Call Stan.’  His voice was a little less steady than normal, suggesting he might have been regretting such an honest, verging on flirty admission.

Daphne glanced towards him questioningly, before realising he was speaking to a voice-activated phone.  Seconds later, a magnified ringing tone filled the space between them.

‘Hey man!  How’s it going?’ a voice responded.  Stan sounded very pleased to receive the call, making Daphne instantly assume they must be good friends.

‘Open line,’ replied Kit, before continuing.  ‘Stan, we’re compromised.  And on the run.  The assailant fired one shot but we weren’t wounded.’

‘Shit!’ breathed Stan, momentarily forgetting his professional guise, thanks to receiving news of his mate escaping such danger.  ‘You alright?’

‘We’re both doing surprisingly well,’ admitted Kit, flashing Daphne a smile which was duly returned.  

Way down deep in her abdomen, Daphne felt a fluttering of desire.  Fuck, the guy was so hot.  And she was self-aware enough to acknowledge her response wasn’t down to the adrenaline-filled situation they’d just encountered.  She’d felt exactly the same when he’d stepped foot inside her home earlier that day.  And damn near taken her breath away.  

Tall, powerful and rugged with a body to die for, he was physically sublime, but Kit was more than that.  He had a cheeky air of self-confidence which made him look suspiciously like Daphne’s perfect guy.  Very much on purpose, she clasped her hands together in her lap, simply to prevent herself from reaching out and touching him.  Tuning back into the conversation which was taking place around her, she forced herself to concentrate on other more critical issues instead.

‘Expect a file upload within the next few minutes, after which we’ll move to blackout protocol until this bastard is caught,’ stated Kit, accelerating further as they hit a dual carriageway and he could really open the engine up.

‘Understood,’ replied Stan.  ‘Good luck, buddy.’

‘Thanks, mate.  Speak soon.’  And with that, Kit hung up.  Suddenly, Daphne had more questions in her mind than she could possibly keep track of.

‘Blackout protocol?’ she repeated.  Glancing across at the speedometer, she noted they were cruising at about a hundred miles an hour.  She didn’t think she’d ever travelled so fast in a car before, not least because it was highly illegal.  Although, Daphne supposed, when a policeman was doing that speed as part of his job, they could probably get away with it.

‘It means we go off the grid,’ Kit explained.  Having heard a confirmatory beep that the file he’d sent through had been received, he removed his mobile phone from the cradle and passed it across to Daphne.  ‘Speaking of which, can you power down both of our phones and remove the SIM cards, please?  We need to be out of contact and untraceable for a little while.’

‘Er, okay,’ agreed Daphne, highly aware of their fingers accidentally brushing, as he passed his phone across to her.  ‘You’re not a normal policeman,’ she observed.

‘No…I’m in diplomatic protection,’ confirmed Kit.

‘I’m not a diplomat though…’

‘Maybe not.  But your father is linked to some VIP’s, so the powers that be have demanded you’re afforded similar protection, in the form of a bodyguard.’

‘Oh…right.  So, what happens next?’

‘We drive.  Somewhere nobody can find us.  And then we go to ground while my team round this fucker up.  Which they will,’ he added, with absolute certainty.

‘How can you be so sure?  You make it sound so easy…’

‘It may well be,’ chuckled Kit, pulling into a slip road at blistering speed, before stopping on the forecourt of a petrol station.  ‘I’ve just uploaded a file of the guy’s face to HQ.  The muppet wasn’t wearing a mask when he shot at us, so his ugly mug, as well as his attempt to commit murder, has been recorded by my dash cam.’

‘Oh!  That’s brilliant!’

‘I hope so.  Now, I need to fill up with fuel.  We’ve got a long drive ahead of us.’

Confident that they hadn’t been followed, Kit encouraged Daphne to join him in the upmarket shop attached to the filling station.  There they selected all manner of edible delicacies.  Back in the car, Kit drove a short distance before pulling over in a secluded location.

‘What’s going on?’ Daphne demanded.  Leaving the engine running, Kit hopped out.  Having scurried to both the back and front of the vehicle, he returned to the driver’s seat, depositing the front and back number plates onto the floor behind him.

‘You don’t do a job like mine and park your own private vehicle nearby, without first ensuring you’ve fixed false plates to the car,’ he shrugged, sending her a brief smile.  Then, with his foot back down hard on the accelerator, they once again set off at speed.

‘You’re very impressive,’ confessed Daphne, the admiration in her voice evident.

‘So are you,’ he admitted.  ‘And anyway, I’m…’

‘Please don’t say a man,’ she groaned.  It would be bloody typical for this perfect guy to be a misogynist.  Between her father and her ex-boyfriend, she’d had her fill of that kind of small-minded attitude.

‘Not that I was given a chance,’ laughed Kit, pointedly referring to her previous interruption.  ‘But I was going to say I was trained for situations like that.  I wouldn’t do you the disservice of suggesting you were somehow less capable because of your sex.’

The word sex echoed in the silence between them, further increasing the tension.  Until either one of them spoke again, Daphne knew that all she’d be able to think about was sex…specifically, sex with this wonderous man.  Eventually, the spell was broken.  Thank goodness.

‘We’ve got a long journey ahead of us,’ explained Kit in his deep, soothing tones.  With his eyes still fully focussed on the road ahead, he reached behind with one hand and pulled forward a blanket from the back, before handing it across to Daphne.  ‘Why don’t you recline the seat and try to get some rest if you can.  I promise to keep you safe.’

‘What about you?’ she asked, already adjusting herself into a more horizontal position.  It was probably a crazy reaction given what she’d just lived through, but she did feel totally safe in Kit’s company.  Plus it was the middle of the night and she was exhausted.  A snooze would be most welcome.

‘I’m doing my job and protecting you,’ he explained gently.  ‘I can’t relax until I’m one hundred percent sure we’re somewhere secure.’

‘Thank you.’  Daphne breathed out fully, for what felt like the first time since that bullet had whistled past her.

‘No, thank you.  Get some rest, and with any luck, by the time you wake up, we’ll be surrounded by the beautiful Welsh mountains.


‘Daphne?’  A voice was breaking through the black pit of terror she was currently inhabiting, full of faceless men she couldn’t outrun and the anguish of fatal gunshot wounds.  It was a man’s voice.  A strong, trustworthy voice.  ‘Hey, Daphne?’

Waking with a start, the first thing Daphne realised was that her hand was being held.  She clutched the hand tightly in return, grateful for the way it had helped to drag her away from such terrifying visions.  Opening her eyes, she remembered her situation, and the powerhouse of the man beside her.  It was actually quite a surprise she’d fallen asleep at all, although emotional exhaustion could have that kind of impact.  She must have been asleep for quite some time too, for outside the landscape had changed.  Gone were the low-lying, occasionally hilly surroundings of her home, filled with street lights and activity.  Here, the night sky was darker and the bright stars twinkled like never before.  It was the kind of sky you simply never got to witness in a town or city.  As Kit had promised, they were now surrounded by the huge imposing mountains and sharp swooping drops of the Welsh valleys.

‘Relax, you’re safe,’ he said, gently squeezing her hand.  ‘You were dreaming.’

‘I was nightmare-ing,’ she corrected.  ‘A far more distressing experience.’

‘I’m not surprised,’ admitted Kit, continuing to hold her hand.  It felt so damn natural and right that Daphne found herself increasing the pressure in return.  Almost immediately, Kit’s platonic hand squeeze turned into a gentle stroke.  Up and down, up and down.  It was far less innocent now; much more demanding of her attention.  Daphne failed to swallow a low groan which echoed through the air between them.  She felt so damn aroused.  It was probably due to the life or death situation she’d recently lived through, but that didn’t make it any less real.  And still the stroking continued as Kit negotiated his way through the surrounding countryside with just a single hand on the wheel.

Did she dare act on what she was considering?

It only took Daphne a matter of seconds to decide that she absolutely did dare.  Taking Kit’s large, powerful hand into both of hers, she placed his palm firmly down on her thigh.  Momentarily, the man himself dragged his eyes away from the road to glance questioningly across at her.  Their exchange was a silent one, but nevertheless, an understanding passed between them.  A promise of more; a confirmation of their mutual desire.  Returning his eyes to the road, his hand began to stroke up and down her thigh, causing Daphne to grunt wantonly.

‘You’ve been through quite a trauma tonight,’ he observed.

‘Yes, I have,’ she replied breathily.

‘And an experience like that can temporarily distort reality.  It can make you act outside of your normal boundaries.’

‘And maybe that’s what I need,’ suggested Daphne, no longer attempting to pretend this was anything other than pure lust driving her on.

‘I find myself wishing to discover exactly what it is that you do need,’ admitted Kit, a small smile crossing his features as he noticeably reduced their speed.

Daphne chewed on her bottom lip, rolling it between her teeth, as an explosion of heat ricocheted around her abdomen.  A tension had built up in the quiet atmosphere of the vehicle.  A tension so brittle that it felt to Daphne as though she was standing on the surface of a frozen lake, able to hear the pinging sound of cracking ice beneath her feet.  Alas, their conversation was cut short, just as things were about to get interesting.

‘We’re here,’ announced Kit, pulling up outside a small isolated cottage, surrounded by woodland.


It didn’t take long for the two of them to get settled in.  The cottage was small, comfortable and intimate and within no time, Kit had a roaring fire blazing away.  Add in some tinkling background music, soft lighting and a cup of steaming tea on the table, and the place was beginning to feel pretty cosy.

‘This is not what I imagined a safe house to be like, at all,’ admitted Daphne, relaxing back onto the comfortable sofa beside Kit and exhaling deeply.

‘Well, I guess this isn’t a standard safe house,’ chuckled Kit.  ‘It’s my family’s holiday home.  I wasn’t confident I could assure your safety anywhere else; this felt like the best place to come.’

‘Oh, right.  Thank you,’ replied Daphne, the excitement rising back up through her veins.  ‘So it really is just you and me then?’

‘Just you and me,’ confirmed Kit with a smile, before stretching back against the cushions and closing his eyes.  Daphne didn’t doubt his actions were done very much on purpose.  Kit was trying to demonstrate that he wasn’t any kind of threat, and she was grateful for his empathy.  After all, he was little more than a stranger to her, albeit a stranger who had already saved her life at least once today.  But as Daphne continued to watch Kit, a smile slid across his face.

‘What?’ she demanded, laughing.  They were apparently equally as bad at hiding their lustful thoughts from each other.

‘Sorry…’ he replied, not opening his eyes to address her.  ‘My brain is still wishing to know exactly what it is you need.  Do feel free to furnish me with further details at your leisure.’

‘I’m sure I don’t know what you mean!’ she giggled, managing to sidestep his highly suggestive request.  Opening his eyes, Kit twisted his hips slightly to face her and lay an arm along the back of the sofa, stopping just inches from her hair.

‘Fair enough.  How about I suggest some words and then you can let me know if they’re relevant or not?’

‘Go on then,’ she grinned, instinctively knowing this was going to lead somewhere very naughty, very fast.

‘Afraid?  Yes or No?’

‘No,’ Daphne immediately replied.  In Kit’s company, she wasn’t sure she’d ever felt safer.

‘Good.  How about excited?’

Daphne rolled her lower lip between her teeth, trying to suppress a smile.  She was definitely excited about being here alone with Kit, but wasn’t willing to admit to that yet.

‘That’s a definite yes,’ he laughed, not waiting for Daphne to verbally respond.  There wasn’t any need to; her body language said it all.  ‘Let’s try a more interesting one, shall we?  Horny?’

Immediately, Daphne sat very still, aware of a red flush starting to make its way across her face and neck.

‘Mmmm, very interesting,’ groaned Kit, lines bunching up in the corners of his eyes as the pleasure started to show across his face.  His expression was dancing with something that looked akin to desire, and Daphne found she couldn’t tear her gaze away from him.

‘I didn’t say anything,’ she gasped.

‘Did you need to?’

A short silence followed, during which Daphne was only aware of a loud beating in her ears, and an even more insistent pulse between her legs.  She wanted this man.  She wanted to make love with him.  There was no denying it.  And that must be as clear to Kit as the nose on her face.  Then, quite unexpectedly, he reached out for her hand, gently guiding her towards him.

‘Why don’t you come over here and sit on my lap,’ he suggested, encouraging Daphne to straddle his thickly-muscled thighs.  ‘And then you can tell me all about it?’

Astonished that she was daring enough to follow his instructions, Daphne suddenly found herself very intimately pressed up against the sexiest man she’d ever seen in real life.  Balanced on his lap, she was trembling violently now, though no longer from fear.  This was all about lust, adrenaline and pure hunger.  And thanks to them being so closely pushed together, there was no way Kit couldn’t notice the reaction of her body.  Unfortunately, Daphne also felt entirely overwhelmed in that moment, and was very grateful for Kit being able to read her emotions perfectly.

‘Hey, just relax,’ he crooned, taking one of her hands in his, to be stroked tenderly by his thumb.  The additional contact made Daphne gasp, but not as much as when he dropped a moist kiss against the centre of her palm, his wickedly dark eyes gazing up at her.  Instantly, her skin prickled as a wave of heat surged through her abdomen, setting her clit tingling in anticipation.

‘So, tell me,’ Kit continued.  ‘What do you require in a lover?  Hard?  Soft?’ he grinned playfully, enchanted to see her flushing again, as a result of his words.  ‘Safe?  Dangerous?’

‘Oh God,’ moaned Daphne quietly, as he dared to kiss along to her sensitive wrist.  But he wasn’t done with her yet.

‘Rough?  Smooth?  Controlled?  Unstoppable?  I can be anything you need me to be, just so long as this goes further.  Because I’m burning for you right now.’

‘You are?’ she breathed, genuinely surprised by his admission.

‘Of course,’ he smiled gently.  ‘I think you’re completely amazing.  So?  What do you need, in order to quench your horniness?’

‘You,’ she managed to stutter.  ‘I just need you, in whatever form that takes.’

‘Is that all?’ he murmured, a hand migrating behind Daphne’s neck, before gently encouraging the distance between them to evaporate.  ‘Well, that I can definitely manage.’

But Kit didn’t kiss her on the mouth immediately, as she’d thought he might.  Instead, he brushed his lips gently against her cheek, teasing Daphne with his proximity, purposefully remaining just out of reach, as the lust began to build.  When he kissed a path across her cheek and down her neck, Daphne groaned with intense longing, goosebumps erupting along her arm as she wantonly tilted her head away to provide him with better access.

‘Please,’ she whispered, aware of the arousal seeping through the thin material of her panties, while her heart raced.  She was so hot for him.  So.  Damn.  Ready.

Apparently willing to show mercy at last, Kit relented.  When their lips finally joined, both parties exhaled a sigh of relief, mingled with extreme pleasure.  At first their kiss started out slow, exploratory and teasing, allowing Daphne to gradually appreciate the situation she unexpectedly found herself in.  Her senses were all running on overdrive, as the incredible scent of Kit filled her up.  She had no idea what brand his aftershave was, other than being both expensive and very addictive.  But when combined with the masculine aroma of his body, it was just about responsible for blowing her mind.  Daphne could barely breathe, let alone think straight.

Both groaning with longing, their true animal desires were soon rising to the surface, to take control of the situation.  Clawing at each other’s bodies, their tongues dared to probe and delve ever-deeper, leaving Daphne in no doubt of what a hugely talented lover this man would be.  Suddenly, displaying a degree of strength she had never witnessed in a partner before, Kit easily stood, lifting her body as though it weighed less than nothing.  Gently, he took a step towards the roaring fire and tenderly laid Daphne down onto the thick rug.

‘I’m quite capable of giving you all the options I listed,’ grinned Kit.  ‘Especially hard and unstoppable,’ he added, pulling the T-shirt over his head to reveal the most chiselled body Daphne had ever seen.

‘Fuck…’ breathed Daphne, on the verge of hyper-ventilating.

‘But right now, there’s only one way I want to make love to you, and that is with infinite tenderness.’  With a soft smile, Kit lay down beside her.  Then, propping himself up on one elbow, he allowed his lips to gently engage with hers. Surprisingly affectionate yet passionate, his kiss portrayed confidence, strength and, above all, lust.  

Tentatively, at first, Daphne’s hands explored his powerful back and neck, revelling in the warmth and softness of his skin.  They seemed to kiss forever, their tongues moving with slow, deep strokes, making the experience feel more akin to conversation.  But all good things must come to an end, and at long last, they eventually pulled apart.  Fortunately for Daphne, the ‘good’ thing now ending was just about to turn into a great one.

‘I do believe it’s time for me to explore a little further,’ murmured Kit, sending her a brief wink before his mouth traversed slowly downwards.  

Expertly unfastening every clothing barrier that stood in his way, Kit soon had Daphne down to just her bra and increasingly sodden panties.  Breathing in deeply, his exhale was accompanied by a long, low growl, leaving her in no doubt that Kit was able to smell her arousal which was now wafting through the warm air between them.  Gently sliding his hand behind her, he unclipped her bra, stroking the straps down from her arms and away without pause.  Instantly, Daphne felt extremely exposed, able to feel the skin around her hardened nipples tightening in anticipation of Kit’s touch.

‘Fuck,’ he groaned, his eyes darting towards hers before returning to his prize.  ‘You are beyond gorgeous.’  Swallowing hard, he reverently bowed his head.  Daphne knew full well what was about to happen, but that didn’t prevent her from gasping with intense anticipation.  She felt increasingly dizzy the instant Kit’s warm, wet lips made contact with her sensitive skin and gently sucked her nub inside his talented mouth.  In a reflex reaction, Daphne’s spine arched upwards, subconsciously encouraging him to take more as her shameless body turned to liquid.  She was becoming entirely subsumed by the skill of this man; he demanded her full attention.  Consumed her.  Possessed her.  Now she just needed him to fill her.  

Almost as though he were psychic, Kit’s hand started to slide down her tummy, his fingers easily delving below the waistband of her panties but failing to touch her.  Daphne’s hips automatically squirmed in response, her natural reactions causing her to pant hard.

‘What…are…’ she tried to ask, but her trembling voice was too weak.

‘You know…’ Kit replied softly.  As he gazed at her, Daphne became aware of his eyes softening considerably.  ‘You know exactly what I’m going to do next.’

Kissing a path back up to her mouth, there he playfully teased with his tongue, begging for permission to enter.  The instant Daphne willingly opened her mouth to him, Kit’s fingers softly parted her pussy lips and slipped into her heat.  A low, deep groan of desire ricocheted its way up her throat, to explode across Kit’s tongue, which was now entwined intimately with her own.  The sound mingled pleasingly with a similar release of satisfaction emanating from Kit.  Briefly, he withdrew his mouth from Daphne’s, giving her the brief opportunity to release a frantic yelp.

‘Fuck!  You’re perfect!  So tight, so wet and so fucking welcoming…’ growled Kit.  ‘You’ve made me awfully hard, Sweetheart.’

‘Oh God!’ whimpered Daphne, for although Kit might be saying words, she could barely process them when his wicked fingers were responsible for taking all of her focus.  They hadn’t paused once, ensuring that she continued to grip hard with all of her strength.  The sensations being caused as a result were mind-boggling.

Just then, Kit’s thumb found the base of her clit and applied a pressure so exquisite that it literally whisked her breath away.  In that moment, Daphne found herself struggling to remember her own name, let alone what may or may not have taken place earlier that same night.

‘Don’t stop!’ she yelped, the words out of her mouth before she’d even had a chance to register them.

‘No chance of that happening,’ he admitted, as he thrust firmly inside.  Daphne writhed and groaned against his intimate caress, quickly appreciating how Kit’s magical fingers had a way of rendering everything else in the world utterly obsolete.  Suddenly, her body began to spasm entirely outside of her control.

‘Go on,’ encouraged Kit, reading the signs.  ‘Are you gonna cum for me, baby?’

‘Yes!’ shrieked Daphne, her jaw clamped so hard that she could feel the tendons in her neck tightening.

‘But should I let you?’ he asked, teasingly, momentarily reducing the sensation which instantly caused Daphne to groan in despair.  ‘Give me your neck and I’ll carry on.’

With a cry, almost against her will, Daphne did just that.  Tipping her head aside, she allowed Kit’s teeth to graze the length of her neck which was practically an erogenous zone all of its own.  How the hell did he know that?  Concurrently, his thumb nudged against her clit and his fingers sank deeper than ever.

‘Oh fuck!  Oh fuck!’ she chanted, encouraged beautifully towards the very cusp of her release.  Only when Kit allowed a lazy finger to drift backwards towards her tightly clenched rosebud did she finally explode beneath him, grinding her pelvis hard against his insistent hand as her screams of ecstasy filled the air.  

On and on he drove her, extending her pleasure until Daphne was a gasping, pleading  shadow of her former self, sprawled messily on the rug in front of the fire, begging for mercy.  Eventually, with a cheeky smile, Kit withdrew his hand, pulling her panties down as he did so.

‘Tell me,’ he asked teasingly.  ‘Do you only swear when you’re horny or being shot at?’  Daphne immediately giggled.  It was true; she didn’t tend to curse, except in extremis.  And the majority of the past twelve hours certainly slotted into that category.

‘My poor language is entirely your fault!  You’re very naughty for a bodyguard, Detective Kit Wheeler,’ she panted.  ‘I’d go as far as to say you’re filthy.’

‘Ha!  You ain’t seen nothing yet, Ms Jacobson!’ laughed Kit, amused at her use of his full title.

‘And seriously hot…’ Daphne added as an afterthought.  ‘My filthy, hot bodyguard.’

‘You think I’m hot?’ he enquired, one eyebrow rising in a very sexy way.  ‘Well, that’s incredibly good news.’

‘And I need you inside me!’ Daphne demanded, growing in confidence as lust began to take over.

‘Mmmm, there might be a problem with that,’ he admitted, before shuffling even further down her body, using his tremendously broad shoulders to wedge Daphne’s thighs wide open.

‘What’s the problem?’ she tried to ask, but the words simply wouldn’t be formed.  She could feel Kit’s breath against her most intimate area, the delicate graze of his stubble against her soft inner thighs.  And then his tongue ran through her deep, wet channel before settling confidently around her fluttering clit, at which point literally nothing else in the world mattered.  

Daphne had slept with a handful of men in her time, but she’d never quite understood what the fuss was about oral sex.  But with Kit, she got it.  An absolute master of her pleasure, his tongue was a thing to behold; a weapon continuously challenging her self-control.  He was somehow capable of exerting the most perfect pressure against her clit, as the delicate nub was suckled into his mouth to be exquisitely administered by his flicking tongue.  And then when his plunging fingers were added into the equation, well…she simply didn’t stand a chance.  Screaming out her pleasure, her entire body shaking and twisting in response, Daphne’s orgasms were off the scale.  Kit made her cum a crazy number of times that evening and only allowed her to be released from his spell when her body was on the verge of being unresponsive.

‘Need…you…inside…me,’ she managed to utter, through a fog of the most intense sexual satisfaction she had ever known.  She was shocked to find herself almost incapable of speaking, her words now raw and raspy, thanks to the formidable workout her voice had been subjected to.

Kit crawled back up her body, holding himself above Daphne on his elbows and knees, still very much dominating proceedings.

‘I’m really sorry, but I can’t,’ he grunted, sounding as disappointed as Daphne clearly was.  ‘I got carried away earlier, promising you stuff in the heat of the moment.  But then I realised that I don’t have any condoms.  I wasn’t exactly expecting this to happen so I came unprepared…so to speak,’ he said, grinning slightly to acknowledge the double entendre.  Daphne gazed back at him in astonishment.  So Kit had just spent goodness knows how long ensuring her pleasure, knowing that he wasn’t going to get sex at the end of it?  Was this guy for real?

‘I’m clean,’ murmured Daphne with growing confidence, realising she had to take control of this situation.  ‘I’m on the pill, and I need you inside me.  I’m gonna struggle to put into words just how badly.’

‘You want me to make love to you badly?’ chuckled Kit, immediately causing Daphne to laugh too and breaking the mounting tension.  ‘Well, that’s never going to be a problem.’  He could try to deny it all he liked, but in so far as Daphne was concerned, she didn’t doubt the experience of making love to Kit would be phenomenal. ‘I’m clean too,’ he added as an afterthought, in order to provide reassurance.

And then words became irrelevant.  Rising to his feet, Kit unfastened his thick belt and pulled it swiftly from the loops of his trousers.  Aware he was providing quite the floor show, he slowly released his button fly, and eased his remaining clothing away from his faultless body.

‘Wow,’ mouthed Daphne, gazing up at him in awe.  His erect cock was in perfect proportion to the rest of him.  Hard, long and incredibly thick, the sight instantly made her internal muscles clamp down hard, as she wondered what the hell something that size was going to feel like.  No previous lover got anywhere close to comparing.

‘We’ll go slow,’ murmured Kit, noting her anxiety as he returned to the floor and settled himself above her.  ‘Super slow. I promise.’

And, as good as his word, he returned to gently kissing her mouth, allowing Daphne’s worries to simply evaporate.  She was able to faintly taste herself on his tongue, as she became overwhelmed by the sensation of her body sliding against his warm skin, making her feel like the sexiest woman alive.  Over time, Kit took hold of his mammoth cock, dragging it wetly against Daphne’s swollen pussy lips, making her cry out with frustration and desire.

‘Please,’ she begged.  ‘Please.’

With a low grunt, Kit placed himself into position and ever so carefully eased his hips forward.  Within seconds, they were lost.  Kit gasped loudly, quite overwhelmed with how tight Daphne was gripping just his bulbous head.  In turn, she groaned with untold delight as his warm, solid girth gradually stretched her body, silently informing Daphne that she would be made to work hard for her pleasure.  But, by God, wouldn’t it just be worth it?

With incredible care, Kit continued his slow entry, knowing that he was a lot to handle.  For such a big, powerful guy, Daphne found that his empathetic, thoughtful attitude almost made her weep.  He could so easily just take what he wanted from her and stab his way inside, but instead, this whole experience felt as though it was all about her pleasure.  Daphne felt her chest fill with a longing to see this man again.  Many, many times more.

At last, Kit bottomed out and their groins meshed.  They both took a moment just to breathe, the sensations physically overwhelming.  And then gradually, they began to move intimately against each other, ramping up the sensations and very quickly escalating Daphne towards yet another orgasm, despite her fully stretched state.  As Kit returned his mouth to hers, Daphne knew this was everything she could possibly want from a romantic coupling.  Affectionate, sensual and highly erotic.  Locked away in their little cottage in Wales, far removed from ordinary life, it felt as though they were the only two people in existence.

Their mouths were making love to each other by this point, Daphne vaguely aware of Kit’s light stubble grinding against the delicate skin of her face.  But the slight discomfort was nothing compared to the euphoric sensations being enjoyed elsewhere on her body.  On and on Kit moved inside her, riding out each and every one of Daphne’s orgasms but never submitting to his own, in order to draw out both of their pleasure.  But he wasn’t immune.  Over time, Kit’s gentle hip movements had morphed into something far more demanding. Not that Daphne was complaining; on the contrary, it simply made her cum harder.

‘What happened to soft and tender?’ she panted, when at last their mouths drew apart, largely so that Kit was able to alter the angle of his body and thrust deeper than ever.

‘What can I say?  You bring out the animal in me,’ he growled, his eyes blazing with passion.  ‘Up on your elbows and knees.  Now.’

His tone might well be commanding, but Daphne’s body was largely outside of her own control.  Recognising that the insane levels of pleasure she’d endured had adversely affected her ability to move, Kit placed a kiss on her forehead, before assisting Daphne onto her knees.  Ensuring she wasn’t positioned too near the fire, which had since died down to little more than embers thanks to their attentions being diverted elsewhere, Kit lined up behind her.  Placing a large hand on the back of her neck, he pushed Daphne down to her elbows, to ensure her hips were tilted into the best position.

‘Aaaaaaaaagh,’ she groaned, as Kit fed his thick shaft deep inside.  From this angle, it somehow felt bigger than ever, which surely must have been practically impossible.

‘Good girl,’ he praised, commencing a smooth set of hip thrusts which had Daphne muttering curse words with every sharply exhaled breath.  ‘You’re taking me beautifully.’

Kit quickly built up the pressure, his hips thrusting powerfully, ensuring that Daphne felt all of him.  Every.  Single.  Inch.  In a rare moment where Daphne managed to open her eyes, her head rolled around in disbelief, scarcely able to believe this was happening.  The guy had extraordinary staying power.  Stunned by his raw sexuality, she was totally overwhelmed, as Kit methodically hit a spot so very deep inside and encouraged her to climax again, despite her exhaustion.  He used every trick in the book to extend her capacity for pleasure, eventually winding her long hair around his hand and pulling her back down onto his cock, where he continued to drive into her relentlessly.  

Digging her fingernails into the thick pile of the rug, from somewhere deep within, Daphne found the strength to fight back.  Beginning to rock herself firmly backwards, she managed to match Kit thrust for thrust, her movements clashing against his forward ones and causing an intensity that was simply off the scale.  Kit obviously thought so too because now, every motion he made was accompanied with a low growl of despair.  A bubble of excitement exploded within Daphne’s chest.  At last, she was going to see him shatter.

‘Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,’ he grunted, his actions becoming sharp and staccato, lacking the fluidity he’d demonstrated thus far.  Following a flurry of movement and sound, Daphne was aware of Kit filling her completely, as heat flooded inside her throbbing pussy and he bellowed out his glorious release.

They’d partaken in such a marathon that it was hardly surprising they instantly collapsed on the rug beneath them, as soon as Kit withdrew.  As she straightened out, Daphne was immediately aware of her hips feeling stiff, thanks to the intense pounding her body had just received.  Naturally, Kit pulled Daphne into his arms, spooning her from behind.

‘Fuck, you’re absolutely amazing,’ he sighed, tenderly kissing across her shoulder.

‘Ditto,’ she murmured, her voice completely shot at this stage, thanks to her very vocal accompaniments over the past hour.  ‘How long are you planning for us to remain here?  Please say we can stay forever,’ she only half joked.  Kit chuckled gently, pulling Daphne even closer against him, as though she were the most cherished person in the world.

‘Well, that’s the beauty about being off grid, I guess,’ he said softly, sounding utterly content.  ‘We can stay here for as long as you like.’


Olivia Harding books can be found at most outlets, including Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords and Apple. Just search for ‘Olivia Harding’. One full series of 8 short stories (Don’t Stop Daddy) is already available. There are currently 4 short stories of the next series (Criminally Sexy Cops) out, with more coming soon!

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