Feeling thankful to my early readers

I’m feel very thankful to my early readers of ‘Wolf Moon’, who have already submitted some really kind feedback. Here are some examples of the supportive reviews I’ve received so far.

Reviews, particularly at this early stage, make all the difference to authors, so to AS, S and Brandy B who have taken the time – Thank you! x

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Fenella is a British author of contemporary erotic romance for 18+. All of her stories are available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Her most popular books are ‘One Hot Wynter’s Night’, ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson Series.

2 thoughts on “Feeling thankful to my early readers

  1. Hi Fenella I loved Wolf Hall and looking forward to the next instalment. My only criticism would be that it was too short! I must be being stupid but I could not see how to leave a review! I am reading it on the Kindle App on my iPad. Any advice? Very best wishes Philip

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    1. Hi there Philip, thanks for your comment and your support. yes, this is a 12 novella series – one each month during 2022 – so I agree it was shorter than my normal novels, but if I had to write 12 full lengths books in 12 months, that would be quite an ask. And hopefully the lower price reflects the fact that the story is shorter than normal. I’m afraid I don’t use the kindle app, although I’ve just taken a look and can’t work out how to leave a review for love nor money! The only way I know to leave a review is to view the book on Amazon, in a normal browser. Then scroll down to the ratings section and click the ‘Write a customer review’ button. Sorry not to be more help than that x


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