Wow! GoodReads really can be brutal!

I’ve heard many writers say that the site GoodReads can be brutal in terms of reviews and ratings given. I personally have pretty solid reviews on it, although I rarely log on and look. Today, I’m thinking perhaps that is a good thing! I’ve just found the following 1 star review for my novel “Three Times Moor Pleasure”. I feel like I’m part of a club now!

The review is below, but just to stand up for myself first:
1) I resent the claim that the other reviews for this book are good because I paid somebody to write them. I have never paid for a review in my life and given my family and friends don’t know my pen name, I have also never received a review from somebody I’ve met in person.
2) This book is 55k words long. The definition of a novella is <40k words. This book is not a novella.
3) Anybody who has read any of my books will know I never write about sex taking place without consent.
4) As for the book containing “an insane amount of errors” and being filled with “horrible writing”, “a lack of plot” and being “a waste of time”, I’m afraid as the mere author, I am not in a position to comment. Although looking at her review, I do think people in glasshouses ought not to throw stones. Suffice to say, I don’t think the reader enjoyed it 🙂

The title isn’t clever as much as it’s cliche and so is the cover. I could make many assumption about this book, but I’m going to give it an honest try. I like to give every book I read an honest opinion.

From the first chapter I tried very hard to not write this off as horrible writing with a lack of plot, so I continued on. Unfortunately it doesn’t get better. By the end of the first chapter she’s naked with the men without her consent. This is after she drove off like an idiot and had an accident. Then they have an instalove connection with lots of sex. 

There are a good amount of reviews on this book that are high, but they don’t seem to know any real details about the book. This makes me wonder if they were beta readers or paid for their review. There’s also not much of a plot to discuss. The female, Alice was driving home in bad weather, but we don’t know how bad because the writer continues to use repetition to tell us about traffic as if that was an important factor. There’s also some random platter about the crown and a prison near the moors before a cow is the cause of the accident. Luckily there are three men with binoculars that watch for trouble.

To help deal with the lack of plot you should also know this book is about the size of a novella. This is a bit unusual for a reverse harlem book. Most writers with novels worth reading in this genre prefer to give you the basics. You can’t get that in a novella unless they’ve had a previous
Book or two. You don’t get the basics in this book. There’s also an insane amount of errors in this book from grammar to spelling and more. 

So let’s talk triggers. In beginning she’s talking about sex, but when she meets the guys she becomes shy and acts the opposite. The guys don’t wait for consent either. They just take advantage of her while her body reacts to it positively. Although there is a game in which they then say she has control for twelve hours which for a good amount of the time she actually does. There’s also a few lines stolen from fifty shades as well, which is more of a plagiarism trigger. 

As for the characters and their interaction I don’t even think the Author knows them. Sometimes Jay is Jake and you only know she means Jay because she refers to him as the police officer. The sexual relations are very much straight out of a porno without any intimacy and that’s if you can figure out who is who. I would suggest skipping all of those moment, but I think the plot is simply a game of whom control the sexual control on a day by day basis. 

Endings can be a wonderful thing for a good book or a bad. This one lacks a real ending because it ends with her asking the guys to hang out. Mostly I would say this book is a waste of time.”

My resolution for next year is to avoid GoodReads indefinitely 😉


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4 thoughts on “Wow! GoodReads really can be brutal!

  1. Hahaha, this review really was the funniest review I’ve seen in a while. Perhaps the funniest part was the writer’s disparagement of your grammar and “insane amount of errors”! He could not have read his/her own review. Literally, nothing he said was accurate, or even in the book. At first blush the review seems nothing but malicious, but the grammar, sentence structure and thought processes shown in this review lead me to believe the write is just that illiterate. Not that your works take PhD level insight to grasp but your exquisite descriptions of emotions and thought so obviously went over this writer’s head….. It just amuses me that someone is so willing to proclaim their incomprehension.

    Hopefully your angst is tongue in cheek?

    Merry Christmas!

    Best wishes,


    Tom Gould, CEO

    Swallow Therapeutics






    1. Thanks Tom 🙂 I must say, I was surprisingly unconcerned about this review because the more I read, the more I wondered if we were talking about the same book! They must have had a lot of time on their hands though, to write that much about a book they hated. I think I’d have just typed “Rubbish!” and moved on 😉 happy christmas to you too x


    1. I know Jenna – it is a little worrying, isn’t it? If I don’t like a book, I typically don’t leave a review unless I can say something constructive 🙂 I guess it takes all sorts to help the world go around!


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