Thanks Cookin’ & Bookin’

Thank you to Cookin’ & Bookin’ for a really wonderful review of my book ‘Experimental Pleasures’. I am truly being spoilt this December for reviews which just make me want to write forever 🙂

Experimental Pleasures can be found on and, or on Kindle Unlimited. For a free 30 day trial of Kindle Unlimited, please see the info on my Freebies page.

“A wonderful, romantic story. Couldn’t put this one down until the end!”
5* Amazon Review

Imprisonment. Desire. Enlightenment.

Tasha makes a stupid mistake which lands her in a dangerous, life-threatening situation. Luckily, assistance appears in the form of Doctor Sebastian Jackson. It’s instantly obvious the guy has more baggage than Heathrow Airport, but Tasha eventually trusts him enough to accept his help.

Indebted to Sebastian, Tasha offers to repay his kindness, only to discover that what the mysterious, highly secretive doctor desires most is a willing volunteer to assist with his medical research. His subject matter expertise is focussed on better understanding female pleasure and for an inexperienced, and indeed virginal Tasha, his requests quickly introduce her to previously unimaginable heights.

Can Tasha accept Doctor Sebastian’s dark side and help him to complete his wickedly sexy research?

Trigger Warning:
Dear Reader,
Unlike my previous stories, this is a little darker and more frightening, at least at first. At the start of this story, there are scenes of women being held against their will and, although there is no explicit sexual violence, it is certainly implied. Having said that, this quickly morphs into an extremely hot romance, with an ultimately satisfying ending. And, as you have come to expect from my novels, there is plenty of naughtiness included.
Plus, trust me when I say that all the baddies can be assured of their comeuppance.  
Join me if you dare!


The latest news from Fenella Ashworth can be found at
Fenella is a British author of contemporary erotic romance for 18+. All of her stories are available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. If you’d like a suggestion as to where to start reading, you won’t go too far wrong with ‘One Hot Wynter’s Night’, ‘Right Hand Man’, ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’, ‘Patients is a Virtue’ or ‘I put a Spell on You’, depending on your steam requirements!

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