What a tease!

In celebration of my next novel ‘Bad Boys go to Heaven’ being released very soon (24th September), I thought I’d share a little teaser with you.

You might recognise the title is similar to one of my earlier short stories. Well spotted! Part of this book was originally published as a shorter story called Bad Girls go to Heaven. I have since undertaken a complete re-write, shifting the point of view from the first to the third person and trebling the length of the story into a full length novel.  This is the result. 

Anyway, here is chapter 1. Enjoy! x

Available as a pre-order from Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.com.au and Amazon.ca. Publication date is Friday 24th September.

Chapter 1

Annabel stretched her hands high above her head, luxuriously rolling her stiff shoulders before slowly lowering her arms back down again.  Inhaling deeply, she took a long, leisurely look at the tranquil scene around her.  Despite being a student there for almost three years, she still couldn’t help but admire the sun-dappled, perfectly maintained grounds at Cambridge University.  Although something told her she might be the only one regarding their beauty.  Perhaps, at the ripe old age of twenty-nine, her status as a mature student meant she appreciated being at the hallowed university in a slightly different way to her younger counterparts.  It certainly seemed that way.  Most of her fellow students were more busily engaged in either reading, texting or snogging than admiring the perfectly mown lawns upon which they were sprawled.

At that moment, Annabel’s focus was caught by a distant figure.  He was marching purposefully in her general direction, towards the faculty building located just behind her.  Quite unable to drag her attention away from him and aware of her pulse quickening frantically, Annabel would recognise that man anywhere.  Luke Huntington; a lecturer for one of the modules of her final year studying the subject of Criminal Justice.

It had been quite a shock in the previous September, when Luke had sauntered into the lecture theatre to take their third year cybercrime class.  In his mid-thirties, he radiated an imposing presence with his tall frame, short dark hair and designer stubble.  The man was quite literally the exact opposite of what Annabel had always expected a university lecturer to be.  Even now, she remembered the way his casual cotton shirt sleeves had been rolled up to the elbow, displaying formidable, hairy forearms and the hint of a tattoo, just at the base of his bicep; physical evidence, if any were required, of a definitive bad boy.  And she swiftly discovered that’s exactly what he was, or at least, what he once had been.

Luke hadn’t been afraid to share his past, when he’d introduced himself at that very first lecture.  A troubled child, by the age of sixteen he was on Interpol’s most wanted list for having hacked a global technology giant and stolen some of their software.  On the run for several months, he was eventually arrested and placed into a young offenders institute which not only rehabilitated him, but helped to turn his life around completely.  Today, he divided his time between the occasional lecturing position and helping businesses identify security lapses in their corporate I.T. systems.  Although it quickly became obvious that lecturing was only undertaken for altruistic reasons because, going by the success of the company over which he presided, he certainly didn’t need the money.

As she continued to watch Luke approach, a sad realisation flitted through her mind.  In less than a month, Annabel’s final exams were scheduled to take place and her university degree would be complete.  That meant only four more times that she would sit in Luke’s hour-long lecture and listen to him running through details of his specialist subject, while she secretly fantasized about him.  Annabel had sailed through the rest of her degree course so far, keenly soaking up knowledge of the one subject area which had always held her fascination.  The module Luke was responsible for teaching was the only one she’d struggled with, and she knew exactly why.  Too much goddam distraction.  Indeed, Annabel’s unspoken obsession for Luke had only grown over time, to the point that it was getting harder and harder for her not to reach out and touch him, whenever he passed by.

Glancing down at her watch, Annabel suddenly realised her next lecture was minutes away from starting.  Quickly she shuffled together the surrounding papers and books, completely unaware that Luke had stealthily approached her.  When she next looked back up, it was in reaction to the shadow his body was casting over hers.

‘Oh!’ she gasped, surprised that he had singled her out to speak to.

‘Ms. Jenkins,’ Luke replied, coupled with a small smirk of recognition.  Did he have any idea what he did to her?  God, she certainly hoped not.  ‘I trust you aren’t planning on skipping my fascinating lecture which is just about to start?’

‘N…no, of course not, Professor!’ she stuttered.  Annabel had made a point not to miss a single one of his lectures all year so she certainly wasn’t going to break the trend now.  Of course, that might have had more to do with enjoying the view, rather than the subject content, but he didn’t need to know that.  He definitely didn’t need to know that.

‘I’m very pleased to hear it.  Oh, and one more thing,’ he added confidentially, leaning down close.

‘Yes.’  By this point, Annabel could scarcely breathe, let alone talk in complete sentences.

‘You don’t need to address me as Professor,’ Luke explained; something he’d been at pains to tell his entire class almost upon his arrival.  ‘It makes me feel much more important than I actually am.  Just Luke is fine.’

‘Okay,’ agreed Annabel.  Assuming their conversation was over, she was surprised to discover him remaining beside her, a playful smile spreading slowly across his face.

‘Or alternatively, I guess you could just call me Sir,’ he added, before continuing on his way.


Later that same morning, Annabel sat in Luke Huntington’s lecture theatre.  Failing to focus on the task she’d been set, instead she chose to stare dreamily at the man himself.  As he walked casually between computer terminals, occasionally stopping to assist students en route, Annabel’s mind was a blur as she recognised that even the way he walked was sexy…how fair was that?  He looked positively edible today and although his clothing was making a valiant effort to conceal the truth, it was plain for all to see; the guy had an incredible physique.  As he bent over slightly, two rows in front, to peer closely at a screen, his jeans tightened over his ass.  Immediately, a small groan escaped Annabel’s lips.  It was impossible to deny; he was total and utter perfection.  And then reality reasserted itself, causing a cold chill to prickle down the back of her neck.  In a matter of weeks, she would no longer be a student at the university.  And then what?  Would she never see Luke again?  The scenario didn’t even bear thinking about.

Entirely lost in her own dream world, Annabel watched as Luke stood upright once more.  Her eyes ran appreciatively over his taut body, her mouth salivating in response to what her mind was daring to imagine.  As he turned, she could see a slight bulge in the front of his jeans, promptly causing her internal muscles to clench unexpectedly, heat flooding to her core.  God!  If only!  Chewing slightly on the inside of her lip to stifle a threatening grin, Annabel’s eyes travelled upwards.  For a short but enjoyable moment, her stare hovered on his plump lips; lips which she regularly fantasized about feeling slide over her skin, allowing him to indulge as he saw fit.  And then up to those incredible blue eyes, so often dancing with mischief, which were currently looking…directly…at…her.

Oh Shit!

Annabel forcefully ripped her gaze away from his, frantically urging herself to focus on the screen.  Silently, she prayed that one of her classmates might solicit his attention, but it was not meant to be.  She could sense him approaching and that knowledge caused her hands to tremble lightly.  Her face began to flush with a combination of embarrassment and arousal, aware of him moving close beside her.  Very close.  Too close.

‘How are you getting on, Annabel?’  His voice lifted the hairs on the back of her neck.  Deep and commanding, the way his tongue wrapped around her name made it sound like nothing on this earth.

‘F-fine,’ she just about managed to stutter in response.  She couldn’t help it.  In her mind, Annabel was all bravado and confidence.  But in real life, she was simply infatuated with a guy that she wouldn’t have the first clue what to do with.

Squatting down, Luke leaned in.  Instinctively, Annabel closed her eyes; a reflex response, over which she had zero control.  As her lungs filled with air, she could smell him.  She could taste him.  An expensive, subtle aftershave, combined with his own warm, masculine scent which skyrocketed her senses into overdrive.  Ceasing all movement, she became aware of his breath adjacent to her right ear.  Goosebumps rapidly followed the trail down her neck, to terminate much lower still.  Annabel became totally overwhelmed by him.  And it felt fantastic.

Just then, Luke leaned forward, pointing a long finger towards the screen.

‘Explain to me why you’ve used that operator.’

Annabel exhaled at length, temporarily unable to even remember what an operator was, far less why she might have used it.  An unacceptably long silence followed.

‘So?’  He pressed, as well he might.


At that moment, reprieve appeared in the form of a distant clock chiming, signifying the lecture’s end.

‘Saved by the bell, huh?’ he murmured against Annabel’s hair, ensuring that only she could hear him.  ‘But will you be so fortunate next time?’

As Annabel attempted to regulate her breathing, her mind vacant and dizzy, Luke returned to the front of the class.  All around, students were shoving files and books into their bags, grateful to complete the final class of the day.

‘Before you race off,’ spoke Luke’s authoritative voice, causing everybody to pause in their getaways.  ‘Page ninety-seven of your textbooks, questions one to thirty.  Submit your answers online before our next session.’

Annabel scribbled the assignment down on her notepad, before starting to pack away her things like everyone else.

‘And Ms. Jenkins.  A word before you go, please?  Class dismissed.’

Instantly, Annabel’s hands clenched more tightly around the book she’d been holding.  She couldn’t fail to be aware of her escalating pulse beating noisily in her ears.  But all around her, the scraping of chairs confirmed that her classmates remained oblivious to her inner turmoil.  Chancing a quick look towards Luke, she tried to work out the reason she was being held back, but he was engaged in conversation with another third-year and offered up no clues.  She might well be a comparatively more mature student, but right now, she felt like a wide-eyed, naïve teenager.  Waiting quietly until the rest of the class had cleared the room, the door slamming shut behind them, she took a deep breath in an attempt to steady herself.  They were alone at last.


Luke glanced at Annabel across the room.  Shy, eyes down, fiddling uncomfortably with the strap of her bag, there was no doubt in his mind that she was inexperienced with men, or at least, men like him.  Annabel wasn’t the kind of woman Luke would normally be interested in.  At all.  And yet, here they were.  In the past few weeks in particular, Luke had struggled to think of anything else but her, and he’d never displayed great aptitude in denying himself pleasure.  Walking forwards, he paused at her desk.  Watching her trusting brown eyes rise slowly to meet his, Luke felt his cock twitch restlessly, the instant their gazes locked.

‘Walk with me.’

Luke quickly strode out of the room and down the corridor, Annabel only just managing to keep pace at his side.  Luke wasn’t entirely sure what he’d been planning, but it wasn’t this.  However, when he’d sensed himself hardening in response to her proximity, a change of scenery had felt like the best option.  No words were exchanged until Luke’s private office was reached and he closed the door behind them.  The heavy latch clicked decisively, filling the air with apprehensive promise.

‘Is everything okay?’ Annabel asked.

From across the room, Luke observed her carefully.  Was it wrong that he enjoyed seeing her like this; nervous, confused, aroused?  Walking right up close, on the pretext of dropping his files on the desk she was leaning up against, an image dared to fill Luke’s brain.  Annabel.  Naked.  Lying back on that same desk, knees spread wide apart as he ploughed himself into her without mercy.  Her face contorted in ecstasy as she screamed his name, begging for the climax that he wickedly continued to deny…

‘It’s great,’ he replied in little more than a growl.  Feeling a delicious ache surge through his throbbing cock, Luke fought the urge to cup her face in his hands and pull her into a kiss he knew full well they both craved.  Yet as tempting as that scenario was, he mustn’t touch her.  Any relationship between a professor and student was strictly forbidden by the University.  Not only could it result in a loss of his own job, but Annabel might fail to graduate.  Clenching his fingers together in tight fists to help maintain a semblance of control, Luke inhaled and held his breath, before slowly releasing it and continuing to speak.  ‘Everything would be even better though, if you could just confirm that you don’t want to fuck me.’

A silence slunk through the room; thick, sultry, intoxicating.

‘I…I can’t do that.’  Luke was enchanted to realise she was actually stuttering.  God, could she be any more adorable?

‘Funny.  Me neither.’

Luke had taken special care to read Annabel’s student file when it had passed over his desk some months previously.  The fact she was six or seven years his junior meant nothing.  Although, going by her reactions, it was becoming increasingly clear that she was light years behind him sexually.  As he towered over Annabel, she glanced up, her expression exuding total shock.  Unafraid to look her straight in the eye, Luke noticed her mouth tremble slightly with anticipation.  He’d put decent money on the fact that her panties were already wet.  Just the thought made his thickened cock jerk slightly within the confines of his increasingly tight Levis.

‘So what are we going to do about it?’

‘N…nothing.  I’m not what you think I am.  I’m a good girl…’

Luke failed to control the impish smile that dared to cross his face, upon hearing her summary of their situation.  If anything was going to make him more determined to seduce her, it would be hearing those very words.

‘Don’t you believe it.  You are exactly what I think you are.’

Leaning closer, Luke raised his hand slowly, fingers sliding seductively through her dark, newly-washed hair which he’d fantasised about touching for far too long.  In a very deliberate gesture, he cradled her delicate jaw in his large hand.  As her eyes closed in total submission, a small moan escaped Annabel’s lips, causing a blast of elation to ricochet straight through him.  From the very start of the year, Annabel had stood out as a gentle, relatively innocent woman; the kind Luke had never had the pleasure of getting close to.  A prison record tended to have that effect.  Establishing a highly successful company, along with the offer of university lecturing, had certainly changed everything.  Suddenly, his past experience was viewed in a positive light.  A benefit even.  How easily perceptions could be altered.

‘You would blush, if I admitted the thoughts that are racing through my head right now,’ he admitted, in little more than a growl.

‘I would?’


‘I think I’d like to know them, all the same,’ Annabel gasped, surprising both of them with her unexpected audacity.

‘I want to fuck you, long, deep and slow,’ Luke replied, without even the slightest pause.  ‘To maintain eye contact when I first enter you and watch you disintegrate beneath me with pleasure.  To feel your responses.  To hear you.  To taste you.  And to watch your shocked expression, when you realise that I’m unlike any lover you’ve previously encountered.  I won’t stop until I know you are completely satisfied.  And then some.’

‘Oh my God!’ gasped Annabel, her body trembling violently.  She could feel the blood rushing straight from her brain to her abdomen, as every fantasy she’d ever had about Luke dared to come true.

With his mouth just centimetres away from her soft, warm cheek, Luke inhaled her sweet scent and tried to suppress the torrent of lust which threatened to overwhelm him.  Gently, he lowered his lips, focussing a tender, open-mouthed kiss, just to the side of her ear.  He wasn’t exactly sure what he’d been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t for Annabel to slump backwards like a rag doll, her white-knuckled fingers desperately grasping at the desk for support, in a poor attempt at remaining vertical.  Summoning a huge amount of willpower, Luke eventually stepped away from her, both of them panting heavily.

‘The second this academic year ends and I stop being your lecturer, we don’t fight this any longer.  Deal?’

‘I…but…’ she gasped.  Luke smirked briefly, wishing he was responsible for disrupting her breathing for an entirely different reason.

‘Don’t worry.  I’ll break you in very gently.’

What the fuck did that mean?

‘Oh God.’  She gazed into his blue eyes imploringly, causing Luke to feel an entirely unexpected urge to act as her protector.

‘Come here.’  His instruction was scarcely a mutter, but Annabel must have heard it because she took an uncertain step forward and fell into his arms.  As soon as their bodies touched, they hugged each other tightly, revelling in the sensation of Annabel’s warm curves pressing into Luke’s much harder, more angular physical form.  If Annabel wasn’t previously aware that the man she obsessed over was seriously aroused, then she found out pretty fast.  As hard as iron, Luke’s thick cock was throbbing urgently against her abdomen, demanding undivided attention. 

Part of him felt guilty that his desire for her should be confirmed in such a blatant and obvious way.  He briefly considered trying to back away slightly, to spare her blushes, before changing his mind.  Fuck it.  Annabel did turn him on.  It wasn’t something he could hide.  Furthermore, it wasn’t something he wanted to hide.  If anything was going to develop between the two of them, she deserved to know exactly how crazy she made him feel.  But it didn’t take long for the situation to become unbearable for Luke.  After all, a large part of the reason he was so hard was because he wanted to fuck Annabel.  Hard.  Urgently.  And now.  A hug was obviously very nice, but there was only so much temptation a hot-blooded male could resist in one day, and he had already exceeded his maximum capacity.

‘Go, Annabel.’  Even to Luke, his issued instruction sounded strained and despairing.  ‘While you still can.  While I can still allow it.’  Something in the tone of his voice must have hit a nerve because almost immediately, Annabel carefully retracted from his arms and, with a final nod, disappeared out of the door.

For some time, Luke remained in exactly the same position, leaning against the desk.  Annabel’s sweet perfume continued to linger in the air, which probably explained why he remained rock hard for a long time afterwards.  At last, Luke shook his head in pained disbelief and ran a large hand over his face.  What the hell did he think he was doing?  And more importantly, why did he always feel a need to screw with the rules?


The latest news from Fenella Ashworth can be found at http://www.fenellaashworth.com.
Fenella is a British author of contemporary erotic romance for 18+. All of her stories are available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Her most popular books are ‘One Hot Wynter’s Night’, ‘To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson Series.

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