Free ebook – Today only

For today only, ‘Educating Daisy’ is free to download from Amazon.

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Daisy has barely thought about sex in years, much less participated in it. 

Hardly surprising when her trust was destroyed by a cheating ex. Instead, she is happy to focus all of her efforts on raising her child, in the sure knowledge that sex is completely overrated anyway. 

At least, that was until fellow school parent Nick Jackson, appeared on the scene. Painfully sexy, effortlessly seductive and vastly experienced, he had Daisy at “Pleased to meet you.” At first, Nick simply infiltrates her increasingly erotic dreams. However, the man is soon upsetting Daisy’s equilibrium, thanks to their increasingly intimate interactions.

With playful patience, Nick starts to introduce Daisy to the full range of carnal pleasures which she’s been missing out on all these years. His only crime is being a little kinky in the bedroom department. But can Daisy really risk putting her trust in another man and allow herself to fall in love?

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