The limp handshake

I’m currently writing a sequel to ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and have just amused myself by writing the following paragraph. So I thought I’d share it with you!

They briefly shook hands.  His skin was warm and soft, his grip confident and strong, yet tempered.  Fiona always judged a lot by the way a man shook hands with her.  On one extreme of the sliding scale were those men which hesitantly took a weak hold of your fingers, as though they were handling a noxious fish.  Limp, often damp and always highly disconcerting, such encounters inevitably left Fiona with an unpleasant shiver travelling across the back of her neck.  On the opposite end of the sliding scale were those men who considered a handshake to be a demonstration of their strength and dominance.  A battle of the Titans.  A fight to the death.  Unless bones were broken, the mission would be considered wholly unsuccessful.  Fortunately, in Fiona’s mind, Ben’s firm, confident but considerate handshake was perfect and hinted towards the kind of lover he would be.

The sequel to ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ is likely to be out within the next couple of months (depending on how much I get distracted!). If you’d like to read Book 1, you can find the details here:

To Love, Honour and…Oh Pay

book cover2

Available from,, and

The audiobook can be accessed at the following links: Audible (US),   Audible (UK),  Audible (DE)  These links should also provide a 30 day free trial.

There has been an entail in place on the thirty-thousand acre Winterbourne estate for centuries. It specifies that the ownership of the estate and its assets should be passed to the next heir on the day of their fortieth birthday. However, the heir must be married, else the inheritance is forfeit.

Thirty-nine years old and single, the heir, Sir William Mortimer is understandably feeling the pressure. He consults local solicitor Elizabeth Silverton for legal advice but quickly realises that she might be able to assist him in a much more practical way….for the right price.


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.

Fenella also releases stories on BooksieSilk, Booksie, Lush Stories and Literotica, and is often visible in the Literotica ‘Erotic Couplings’ Hall of Fame (Top Rated).

Please sign up to her newsletter for the latest news, and access to freebies, including a copy of the recently published ‘Bad girls go to Heaven’.

4 thoughts on “The limp handshake

  1. Fenella,
    As an aside, I can tell you when doing a physical assessment of a patient the conditional of the fingernails can be very instructive. Likewise, a hand’s aging is almost impossible to conceal and can be very much at odds with the rest of a patient’s physical appearance. Nothing to do with a handshake but looking at a woman’s hands to determine age and health becomes a habit.

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