“An Accidental Affair?” is now available!

Copy of Copy of ‘You’re not used to being played with, are you?’ he observed with a twisted grin, his eyes sparkling with delight. ‘Pleasured? Teased? Tormented?’

“This story is molten lava HOT!”
“I have read all of your stories and love them. The teasing and anticipation of impending outcome is breath taking.”

Anna’s life is nothing out of the ordinary; her own home, a boyfriend she loves and an eccentric mother who keeps her very much on her toes. That is, until her orbit unexpectedly collides with Mike. The spark of attraction between them is immediate and intense, but Anna has never been the kind of girl to cheat on her partner.

Months later and unexpectedly single, Anna finds herself once again in Mike’s frighteningly capable and highly arousing hands. Perhaps fate has conspired, to give them a second chance?

What reason could there possibly be, for Anna not to fall into bed with her perfect man?

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An Accidental Affair-3 An Accidental Affair-3 An Accidental Affair-3 An Accidental Affair-3

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