Free short story – A Highland Fling by Fenella Ashworth

My first volume of shorter erotic stories is available on Amazon.  ‘A Highland Fling’ is one of the stories in that publication….  Enjoy 🙂
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Easing the heavy rucksack from her weary body, Zoe slumped gratefully onto a smooth, weather-worn rock jutting out from the steep mountainside. Having grabbed her water bottle, she gazed down in wonder at the incredible vista laid bare before her. Stretching out in every direction, Scotland’s mountainous majesty, bathed in the orange sunlight of a beautiful summer’s evening had never looked more beautiful. Zoe had been continuing her walk along the West Highland Way since dawn and along those twenty strenuous miles, had seen just one other person. But then experiencing such solitude and splendid isolation was part of the charm of this fantastic long-distance trail which stretched a total of nearly one hundred miles. Her stiff legs bore evidence to the fact that she had already completed the majority; if things continued to run to schedule, she would arrive at the finish tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, thought Zoe, glancing down at her water bottle with concern, such isolation did have its drawbacks. Being so far away from civilisation also meant that opportunities to pick up rations were very few and far between. Despite being desperate to guzzle the entire bottle in her hand to quench her raging thirst, she was well aware that this constituted the very last of her water. Instead therefore, Zoe forced herself to take small, unsatisfactory sips. By her calculations, she had about three miles left to walk before she reached the village of Kinlochleven, and thus her accommodation for the night. Had she been a vehicle, Zoe thought wryly as she returned the bottle to her rucksack, the fuel warning light would be flashing and she’d been running on petrol fumes by now.

Exhaling slowly, she glanced down at the map. On the positive side, it looked to be mostly downhill for the rest of the day. A treacherously steep section extended for the next mile, followed by a much gentler gradient until she reached her destination. Having wiggled her toes and tried to ignore her sore feet which were desperately crying out to be released from their walking boots, Zoe struggled back to standing. Re-tying her sandy blonde hair in a pony tail and shrugging her rucksack onto her stiff shoulders, she set off with renewed determination. After all, she told herself encouragingly, the sooner she got moving, the sooner she’d be able to finish.

Concentrating hard, Zoe began to pick her way down the perilously steep slope, loose scree rolling down the mountainside in front of her, with every step she took. As her taut thigh muscles burned with the strain of maintaining her balance, Zoe pondered; there was no doubt that on such dangerously steep terrain, walking uphill was far preferable to traversing back down again. Momentarily losing her balance, Zoe felt her stomach lurch in fear. Relief immediately flooded her as she managed to recover her footing and prevent an ungainly and, no doubt, painful tumble. Pausing momentarily, her heart racing with adrenaline, she closed her eyes and simply breathed, appreciating the unusual sound of utter silence. If she held her breath, she could hear…nothing. No planes or people, no cars, no birds. No appliances buzzing with electricity or the rustling of clothing or leaves. Not even the sound of a breeze. Quite literally nothing. Complete and utter silence. In today’s noisy, hectic world, the experience was astonishingly liberating.

Returning her attention to the steep slope she needed to navigate, Zoe set off once again. Her tired legs were in danger of completely seizing up if she paused for too long and only the thought of a bed for the night sustained her progress. The path had begun to serpentine down a steep mountainside now. As she reached one of the sharper turns, Zoe felt her foot slide out from underneath her again. However, this time she was less lucky. Twisting her ankle painfully, she fell hard. Helped by the weight of her rucksack and the steepness of the slope, she found herself rolling and sliding painfully downhill, her flailing limbs being bashed on sharp outcrops of rock as she went.

Eventually, her shaking, bruised body naturally came to rest against a large boulder, situated adjacent to the main path. In shock, Zoe lowered her forearms which had been cradling her head and tried to gain her bearings. Having shrugged off her rucksack, she tentatively tried moving her twisted ankle but an intensely sharp pain forced her to cry out in shock. Carefully unfastening her walking boot, she loosened the laces before very gingerly sliding the boot away from her foot. Although doing her very best not to whimper, she found even the slightest movement to be excruciating. Zoe felt her eyes fill with tears as the seriousness of her predicament hit her. She was injured and alone on an isolated, exposed path with next to no water and zero provisions. Worse still, she doubted anybody would raise the alarm to alert the authorities; the owner of the accommodation she’d booked would probably just assume a no show when she didn’t turn up later tonight.

There was one last hope. Unearthing a mobile phone from the depths of her rucksack, she crossed her fingers and switched the power on. After waiting a moment for the device to activate, her worse fears were confirmed…there was no signal. Given the remoteness of the location, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise but seeing the fact confirmed on a digital display in front of her was the final straw for Zoe who broke down sobbing, both from pain and fear. After a short while, she bit her lip in an attempt to take control of her emotions, knowing she had to pull herself together. Starting to shiver mildly due to her sweaty top, Zoe replaced it with a clean T-shirt and fleece from her rucksack. Slowly and very carefully, she peeled the hiking sock away from her injured foot. Although it looked puffy and swollen, she felt great relief when cool air hit her skin. Such relief, in fact, that she quickly removed the boot and sock from her other foot too.

Unsure of what to do next, Zoe sat there for the next half hour watching dusk start to fall, occasionally searching through her rucksack for inspiration but finding none. She didn’t even have a torch with her. When, in the distance, she thought she spotted a lone runner, Zoe did initially question whether he was simply a mirage; had her mind already reached the stage of hallucinating? But as the runner travelled closer and closer to her resting place, her heart leapt with both hope and relief. Her potential saviour looked to be a fit man; tall, dark-haired, probably in his mid-thirties like herself and carrying an enormous rucksack. Her logical brain quickly weighed up the danger of flagging down a stranger for help in such an isolated location. In her current position, just off the main path, beside several large boulders, he was unlikely to notice her unless she drew attention to herself. However, she quickly decided that the possible risk he posed was far less than the danger she was already in, stranded on an isolated mountainside with no food or water for the next goodness knows how long. As the man ran past her, Zoe took a deep breath.

‘Please can you help me?’ she barked, a note of panic evident in her voice. But the man didn’t stop, or indeed give any indication that he had heard her at all. Instead, he just continued on down the steep slope. Gazing in disbelief, as her potential knight in shining armour sailed past, Zoe suddenly realised that he was wearing headphones; if his music was loud enough, no amount of shouting would help. In desperation, she quickly picked up her open rucksack and hurled it in his direction, just below her on the serpentine track. Sliding to an abrupt halt, the man looked up at Zoe in astonishment as the contents of her rucksack spilled across the path; maps, clothing, empty water bottles and toiletries were scattered far and wide. He quickly removed his headset and smiled up at her.

‘Now that’s one hell of a way to flag somebody down,’ he said in amusement, picking up her rucksack and stuffing the various items back into it. Zoe flushed with pained embarrassment when she observed him collecting one of her bras from the path. Carefully he made his way back up the slope to her resting place.

‘You okay?’ he asked in a concerned voice, glancing at her tear-stained face and then down to her swollen ankle. ‘You’ve hurt yourself?’

‘Uh-huh,’ confirmed Zoe, biting back tears caused from the emotional relief of not being alone any longer.

‘May I?’ he enquired, glancing down. Zoe gazed into his chocolate-brown eyes and felt her stomach unexpectedly liquify. Even a previously broken nose only seemed to add to his attractiveness, rather than detract from it. Doubting her ability to talk, as he kneeled down next to her, she simply nodded. Having shrugged off his own pack, Zoe sat watching in spellbound amazement as the man began to softly handle her foot. She gasped slightly as he gently manipulated her ankle, but such was his incredible tenderness that she felt next to no pain.

‘I don’t think it’s too badly damaged,’ he confirmed eventually, placing her foot back to the ground with great care. ‘Have you felt any tingling in your body, or very extreme pain?’ he asked, briefly holding her wrist to measure her pulse.

‘No,’ breathed Zoe. In all honesty, various parts of her body were tingling right now but that had precious little to do with her injury and everything to do with his arrival on the scene. She decided it was probably best not to mention that, though.

‘Oh good, you do speak…and English too,’ he teased. ‘Bonus.’

‘Yes, I speak English…and a bit of Spanish, as it happens,’ she added cheekily. ‘Are you a doctor?’

‘No exactamente, señorita,’ he grinned, grabbing a mobile phone from his trouser pocket and waving it fruitlessly around in the air. ‘I’m a vet.’

‘That’s lucky,’ replied Zoe without missing a beat. ‘I’ve been having some problems with fleas recently.’

‘If you can make jokes like that, then you’ll definitely survive,’ he chuckled. ‘And fear not. I have excellent credentials, plus I’ve been assured by the owners of my patients that I have a lovely bedside manner.’ Zoe laughed. She’d wager he was an excellent vet, swiftly gaining the confidence of animals in pain or distress and quietly yet competently getting on with the job in hand. She intuitively trusted him already and they’d only just met.

‘Typical! No bloody signal!’ he added, pocketing his phone with evident frustration.

‘Yeah. Same with mine,’ confirmed Zoe.

‘Well, there are two ways we can do this. I can leave you here, whilst I go and get help,’ he explained, observing Zoe’s face fall slightly. ‘Or I can take you with me.’

‘How could you possibly do that?’

‘I’ll carry you.’

‘You can’t!’ protested Zoe. ‘I’m far too heavy.’ She felt her abdomen pulse with desire as his eyes travelled fleetingly across her body before returning to her face.

‘Nonsense. There’s hardly anything of you. I can just swap my pack for you and then return to collect my things later,’ he explained, opening it up so Zoe could look inside. ‘See, it’s mostly weights. I’m in training for an endurance event which I very stupidly signed myself up for and now can’t get out of,’ he added, in answer to her disbelieving glance.

‘Is there any chance I could grab some of that water?’ asked Zoe, as he began to pull items from his rucksack.

‘Sure,’ he smiled, handing over a bottle. ‘Are you okay for me to strap up your foot?’ he asked, opening a first aid kit. ‘It will make you more comfortable when we’re on the move.

‘Ummm…yeah,’ agreed Zoe before taking a long, desperate draught of the much-needed liquid.

‘And take two of these,’ he instructed, handing her a box of tablets. ‘Painkillers. Strong ones,’ he explained, as he gently began to apply a compression bandage to her now throbbing foot.

‘I don’t know how to thank you,’ she said, closing her eyes and trying not to gasp in pain.

‘I’m sure you’ll find a way,’ he grinned. ‘You can start by passing me a clean, dry pair of socks and telling me your name.’

‘Zoe,’ she smiled, grappling in her pack for the requested clothing and handing them over. ‘Zoe Summers.’

‘Charlie Lancaster,’ he replied, carefully rolling the sock over her injured foot. Quickly sorting through his own rucksack, Charlie pulled out a number of items. ‘Can you find a space for these in your pack?’ he asked, handing her several water bottles and the first aid kit.

‘Sure,’ she replied, her eyes suddenly growing wider as he swiftly pulled off his sweaty T-shirt and momentarily exposed a flat, muscled stomach and broad chest, before pulling on a clean replacement.

‘Where are you heading?’ he asked, seemingly oblivious to the effect he was having on Zoe for which she was very grateful.

‘Umm…aaah… Kinlochleven,’ she croaked.

‘Me too,’ he confirmed, tucking his wallet into a trouser pocket before securing his own rucksack and hiding it behind a boulder.

‘But that’s almost three miles away.’

‘Even if we could phone for help, we’d have to get you nearer to civilisation first. Trust me, we’ll manage,’ he added soothingly.

‘We won’t be doing anything,’ argued Zoe. ‘The only thing I’ll be doing is slowing you down.’

‘You’ll be keeping an eye on the route for me and helping me to get fit,’ he replied, shrugging her backpack onto his chest. She bit her tongue and managed to refrain from suggesting he was quite fit enough already. ‘Ready?’

Zoe nodded, not trusting herself to speak, as Charlie carefully helped her up onto a nearby ledge. As she tentatively put pressure on her injured foot, Zoe gasped slightly but found her ankle didn’t hurt half as much as it had done originally. The painkillers and bandaging seemed to be doing their job beautifully.

‘Right, I’m going to squat down so you can lean against my back,’ he explained. ‘Then I’ll give you a piggy-back into town.’ Following Charlie’s instructions, Zoe quickly found herself pressed up against his firm, powerful body.

‘You okay?’ he asked, unable to see her face any longer and looking for reassurance.

‘I’m good,’ she smiled, hugging her arms around his chest, able to observe at close-hand his chiselled, slightly stubbled jaw and strong arms which were now supporting her weight. ‘Gosh, you’re tall,’ she added, suddenly aware of how much higher she was than normal.

‘Six foot three,’ he grinned, starting to pick his way carefully down the dangerously steep slope.

‘I’m really not sure this is a good idea,’ gasped Zoe when his foot slipped on some loose scree.

‘Trust me,’ he murmured, confidently striding forwards. ‘Why don’t you just relax and tell me about yourself?’


After half an hour, they were taking a brief pause and refreshment break on a thoughtfully provided bench. The sky was dark blue now and becoming peppered with bright white stars, as nightfall advanced in earnest. It was clear they couldn’t afford to stop for long although time did seem to be whizzing by; they had barely drawn breath, chatting and laughing most of the way down the mountainside. It was an example of one of those rare and wonderful occasions that occurs only a handful of times during a lifetime. For only one in a thousand people you might meet, a magical rapport forms where your thoughts, reactions and feelings seem to be entirely in synch and perfectly aligned. Not only did they both immediately recognise it but, deep down, both of them had built up enough wisdom and life experience to appreciate that they’d be crazy to allow a connection with such potential to simply float away on the summer breeze.

Sitting side by side, Charlie took a long drink of water as Zoe turned and looked at him contemplatively.

‘Why did you sign yourself up for an endurance event that you don’t want to take part in?’ she asked. He paused for a moment, looking into the middle-distance, before slowly turning to face her. As his dark eyes locked onto her blue ones, Zoe felt the familiar swooping of lust in her stomach as her nipples tightened in reaction to this glorious man.

‘It’s a hideous cliché,’ he said softly. ‘But last year, I came home early one day to find my fiancée shagging my best mate.’

‘Oh my God!’ exclaimed Zoe, her hand rising to her mouth. ‘That’s horrible. You poor thing!’

‘They said all the right things; that it didn’t mean anything and it would never happen again, blah de blah…but the damage was done. I just couldn’t get past their betrayal. Unfortunately, their actions removed the two people from my life that I could have talked to, to help get me through it. So instead of descending into a drunken, depressive stupor, I embarked upon a ridiculous challenge that will either kill or cure me.’

‘Cure you, I hope,’ said Zoe softly.

‘I hope so too,’ he said, smiling. ‘I also majorly threw myself into work after the split, so as a result I have a shed load of annual leave to use up…so here I am.’ Zoe looked at him kindly, unsure of how to respond.

‘I’ll wager my final chocolate bar that you can’t beat my sad tale of woe,’ he grinned, waving the item of confectionary just out of her reach.

‘I don’t know. I might be able to equal it,’ she shrugged sadly. ‘My heart’s experienced its fair share of being broken.’ Charlie squeezed her shoulder before opening the bar of chocolate, snapping it in two and handing half across.

‘Sounds like a tie, then, as I’m far too much of a gentleman to ask questions. Come on, we’ve still got about a mile to go and the light’s starting to fade. We’d better keep moving.’


By the time they reached civilisation, Zoe felt utterly relaxed, largely thanks to the impressively strong painkillers she’d been given. With her nose resting beside Charlie’s neck, she inhaled deeply, breathing in the delicious, musky warmth of him. A combination of pheromones, faded aftershave and his natural masculine scent were responsible for setting all of her senses reeling.

‘Here we are,’ said Charlie sounding somewhat relieved. He carried Zoe up to the entrance of her overnight accommodation which was lit by a single dim bulb, before easing her carefully down to the floor.

The landlady who opened the door to them wasn’t what one would describe as naturally hospitable. Having signed Zoe in and nodded in the direction of her room, she sped back to the television programme she’d been engrossed in before their rude interruption. Wearily, Zoe looked up at the flight of stairs as though they presented an impossibly difficult logic puzzle.

‘I do believe that she recently won the employee of the month award for demonstrating exceptional customer service,’ observed Charlie wryly. ‘Unfortunately it does mean her reserves are now critically low.’

‘You’re funny,’ giggled Zoe, smiling up at him, feeling eternally grateful for his light-hearted comments and positive presence during what had been a very challenging few hours.

‘Not that funny,’ he grinned. ‘It’s the drugs I gave you. They’re making you think I’m much more amusing than I actually am. Allow me,’ he offered, scooping Zoe up into his arms and carrying her straight up to her room.

As he carefully lowered her down onto the bed, the nearness of his body suddenly became too much and Zoe brushed her lips across his neck. He tasted warm, salty and infinitely shaggable.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Charlie, his voice sounding somewhat amused.

‘Sorry…I…’ began Zoe, pulling back immediately. ‘I feel a bit lightheaded from the painkillers and generally emotional, I guess. I just wanted to thank you. I owe you so much.’

‘You don’t owe me anything,’ he replied gruffly. ‘Now, as I assume you aren’t going out on the town tonight, how about I come back in an hour with a takeaway for us to share?’

‘You really don’t have to…’

‘You’re right. I don’t. But I want to. That is if you can stand my company any longer?’ he asked, gently stroking a strand of hair away from her face and tucking it behind her ear. Unable to speak, Zoe simply gazed up at him and nodded.

‘Good. So, for what it’s worth, my professional advice is that you remove the bandage, have a brief shower and then wrap a cold, wet towel around your raised ankle. Avoid hot baths at all costs. When I come back, I’ll rebandage your foot for you.’


Following orders was not typically a forte of Zoe’s. However, on this rare occasion she did exactly as instructed. An hour later, a clean and refreshed Zoe was laying back on the bed with her foot elevated, when there was a knock at the door.

‘Come in,’ she called, having left the door unlocked before settling down.

‘Only me,’ said Charlie in a sing-song voice, erupting through the door with several bags. Grinning in delight, Zoe noticed he’d also showered and changed, his wet hair now perfectly tousled, his face freshly shaved. Pulling out numerous containers, he started to dish a Chinese takeaway onto two plates he’d brought with him. Zoe’s stomach rumbled in expectation as she pulled herself upright.

‘Here you go,’ he said, handing her a can of drink, a fork and a large plate piled with delicious smelling food.

‘Wow, thank you,’ she moaned greedily. Sitting in companionable silence on the bed, they systematically devoured every last morsel. Replete, Zoe relaxed back into the pillows.

‘That was the best meal I’ve ever had!’ she said with feeling.

‘Good,’ he smiled. ‘We definitely earned it.’

‘You certainly did,’ she laughed.

‘And now…pudding,’ said Charlie, pulling out a huge chocolate bar to share.

They’d been laying back on the bed, a film playing quietly in the background, chatting fairly continuously for several hours. Having discovered they lived not too far away from each other, back in England, conversation topics had progressed to their favourite places to walk. Although not quite sure how yet, Zoe knew she had to see this wonderful man again; at this rate, she was in danger of becoming completely smitten with him.

‘Right you,’ murmured Charlie. ‘Let’s sort out your ankle for the night.’ Walking over to one of the bags he’d brought with him, he pulled out a jar of peppermint foot cream.

‘Were you a boy scout?’ teased Zoe, touched at how thoughtful he had been but unsure how to show it.

‘Dib dib dib,’ grinned Charlie, sitting down on the edge of the bed and gently lifting Zoe’s injured foot onto his lap. With firm, confident hands he carefully took hold of her tender foot and began to apply the cream. On first touch, Zoe inhaled sharply, the touch of his warm, slippery fingers almost overwhelmingly sexy, despite her discomfort. Although very gentle at first, Charlie gradually began to manipulate her foot more thoroughly, eventually focussing his attention on one specific location.

‘Mmmm, can you feel that?’ he asked, maintaining pressure on a particular part of her foot using one continuously circling finger. ‘That’s the root of the problem.’

‘Yeah,’ groaned Zoe, her eyes closed in utter bliss. ‘How do you know exactly where to touch, to make me feel better?’

‘Remember, I’m used to patients who can’t talk back,’ smiled Charlie. ‘It forces you to become intuitive as well as extremely sensitive to body language and other unspoken signals.

‘So what am I saying to you right now?’ murmured Zoe, looking up at him shyly from under her eyelashes.

‘Nothing good,’ he chuckled, continuing with his relaxing massage which removed all of Zoe’s worries and caused a great deal of moaning and sighing to ensue. Eventually, he returned her foot to his lap, reached for the first aid kit and applied a bandage.

‘This has to be much looser than the one I put on earlier,’ he explained, carefully tying the bandage off. ‘You shouldn’t have a tight compression bandage on whilst you sleep.’

‘Thank you so much,’ breathed Zoe, when he finally retuned her damaged foot to the bed.

‘I haven’t finished yet,’ he smiled, lifting up her other foot. ‘Just relax,’ he soothed. Zoe’s eyes closed in ecstasy at the feeling of Charlie’s very capable, inquisitive fingers exploring her other foot in an altogether more sensual and less medical manner. The erotic feel of his lubricated hands sliding across her sensitive skin, coupled with his handsome face and sexy, muscled body was almost more than she could bear. Running his fingers knowledgeably along specific sets of muscles, Zoe could feel her pussy lips twinging in direct reaction to his touch. By the time Charlie eventually returned her foot back to the bed and her senses back to earth, she was in absolutely no doubt of how skilful his hands were and could scarcely imagine how good he would be in bed. She was now thoroughly turned on and quite unable to ignore the feeling of how wet she’d become.

‘I’d better make a move,’ he said quietly. Although Zoe couldn’t work out if there was a note of regret in his tone or not, she did know her own mind; her body was practically buzzing to hold him and in some way repay him for the glorious feelings he had helped her experience. So, as he leant towards Zoe’s cheek to give her a goodnight kiss, she swung her face around to kiss him directly on the mouth. As their moist lips pressed together, Zoe felt a jolt in her swollen pussy as her body began to prepare itself for what she subconsciously hoped would follow. Inhaling deeply through her nose, she caught a delicious waft of his scent and felt her stomach flip with desire.

Although not drawing away immediately, Charlie pulled away within a few seconds and looked down at Zoe.

‘I’m flattered,’ he murmured, squeezing her hand. ‘Truly. But I know how strong the painkillers I gave you are and I’m certainly not going to take advantage. I don’t want to be somebody you regret.’

‘Take advantage! Please!’ her body practically screamed in silent desperation.

‘However,’ he continued quietly. ‘As you won’t be able to continue your walk tomorrow, I’d love to take you out for the day. Do you fancy driving as far north as we can possibly go?’

‘John O’Groats you mean? Yes, I’d really like that,’ she replied, excited on one hand but crushed with disappointment that he was leaving. ‘But you don’t have to do that.’

‘So you keep telling me,’ he grinned. ‘What you are continuously failing to grasp is that I want to. I’ll be back tomorrow morning at eight thirty with breakfast,’ he added, walking towards the door. ‘Now, I’d better go.’

‘You really don’t have to…’ whispered Zoe.

‘Yeah,’ he sighed, a tone of regret now clearly evident in his voice. ‘I really do. And whilst I’m gone, keep that foot elevated and resting, young lady.’

‘Yes, Sir,’ Zoe smirked, raising her hand in a mock salute.

‘That’s strange. You don’t strike me as the obedient type,’ he teased as he stepped over the threshold. Looking back, he sent her a playful glance, his head tipped slightly to one side. ‘More like a woman who would need to be thoroughly screwed into submission. Good night.’ Grinning, he closed the door quietly behind himself, leaving Zoe wide-eyed, her mouth hanging open in shock and feeling as horny as hell.


Zoe woke slowly the following morning, gradually piecing the events of the previous twenty-four hours together in her mind. Although she had experienced a wide range of emotions, powerful sexual attraction was her overriding memory of the day. This was reinforced by a pressurised feeling in her tummy, heavy from increased levels of adrenaline being pumped through her excited body by an elevated heartrate. Glancing at the clock, she realised that Charlie was due to arrive shortly. Gingerly manoeuvring her bruised body out of bed, she hobbled towards the bathroom with a pain in her ankle but a spring in her proverbial step.

‘Are you decent?’ called out a gruff voice from outside her bedroom door a little while later.

‘What answer would you like to hear?’ teased a giggling Zoe who was now stretched out on the bed, showered, relaxed and excited about the day. Just the sound of his voice shot waves of lust through her veins.

‘No. But I’ll assume you are,’ chuckled Charlie as he pushed open the creaking door. He remained on the threshold momentarily as they simply gazed at each other. ‘Good morning,’ he said eventually.

‘Good morning,’ she replied, suddenly lacking in witty repartee. How could it possibly be that he was even sexier than she remembered?

‘I’ve brought us breakfast,’ he added with a smile, depositing a paper bag of pastries onto the bed and placing a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice with two glasses on the bedside table. ‘How’s your ankle feeling?’

‘Much better, thanks,’ nodded Zoe, suddenly feeling overwhelmingly shy in his presence as he dropped his head and kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

‘May I take a look?’ Without waiting for a reply, Charlie sat down on the bed and moved her damaged foot into his hands with exquisite care and tenderness. As he methodically felt around her ankle, Zoe was surprised not to flinch in anticipation of pain. Then the realisation of why she remained so relaxed struck her; she trusted him.

‘Have you taken your painkillers this morning?’ he asked.

‘No,’ said Zoe quietly, shaking her head.

‘Why not?’ he asked, an enquiring look on his face. ‘They will help.’

‘Because…’ she faltered.

‘Go on.’

‘Because I want to enjoy our day together. To be able to be myself and for you to treat me normally and not keep putting my reactions down to the tablets. And I was worried that if I took those super-strong painkillers again, I’d be a bit vacant.’ Plus, I don’t want you to use the drugs as an excuse to keep your distance, she added silently to herself. If he actually wasn’t interested in her, then she wanted to know up front.

‘Hmmm, fair point. But you ought to take something,’ Charlie explained, digging out some milder ibuprofen. ‘Would you at least have these? They’ll help manage the inflammation and swelling, as well as reducing your pain.’

‘Fine,’ agreed a grinning Zoe, rolling her eyes. ‘You’re so strict.’

‘Ha! You ain’t seen nothing yet,’ he countered, firing across a sexy wink that made her stomach clench with longing. As she turned around to pick up her water bottle, however, an unexpected bolt of pain caused her to wince. It was a reaction which wasn’t missed by Charlie. ‘Your shoulder’s causing you trouble too?’ he queried.

‘I’m just generally a bit sore from my tumble,’ replied Zoe, trying to underplay her discomfort. The last thing she needed was for their day out to be cancelled because he thought she wasn’t able to travel. Glancing up at him as she swallowed the tablets, she saw his eyes narrow.

‘Hmmm, I’m not buying,’ he replied. ‘Lay down on your tummy and slip your T-shirt off.’

‘Really, I’m fine,’ she stuttered.

‘Please trust me,’ he murmured quietly. Rolling over gingerly, Zoe followed his instructions, struggling slightly to undress as the pain of moving her shoulder momentarily overwhelmed her. With her eyes closed, she was lying face down in her trousers and bra when she felt the bed drop beside her. Charlie was sitting close by. His warm hands started to trail across her skin to the centre of her shoulders, causing a flurry of goosepimples to arc across her back and straight down her legs.

‘Your poor body,’ he sighed, observing the various scrapes and bruises. ‘You look like you’ve done ten rounds in a boxing ring.’

‘If I did, I definitely lost the fight,’ she murmured into her pillow.

‘May I?’ he enquired.

‘May you what?’ asked Zoe quietly. In reply, his finger tapped three times on the clasp of her bra.

‘I can’t sort out your shoulder properly with this in the way.’

‘Umm, I guess…’

‘Trust me, I’m a doctor,’ he grinned, easily unfastening the garment and laying the shoulder straps across her bare arms.

‘No you’re not,’ she gasped as her breasts were suddenly released. ‘You’re a vet.’

‘That’s near enough for your purposes,’ he chuckled. Pausing only to squeeze a large dollop of oil into his cupped hand, Charlie placed his warm, strong, capable fingers onto Zoe’s soft skin and began stroking her grateful body. As he gradually identified the problem areas and began to ramp up the pressure, she was quite unable to prevent herself from groaning softly.

‘Fuck!’ she sighed at length as he worked tirelessly, not letting up for a single moment. ‘You are frighteningly good with your hands.’

‘So I’m told,’ he smiled. ‘They’re my secret weapon. Can you put your left arm out at right angles to your body, please? I just need to finish off with this muscle which is causing the bulk of your discomfort,’ he explained, running a firm finger just below her shoulder blade.

‘Jeez,’ she gasped as, once again, he identified the exact spot which required his attention.

‘Too much?’ he asked, looking for reassurance that he wasn’t hurting her.

‘No, please don’t stop,’ she begged, suddenly aware of rather unattractively starting to dribble. ‘It’s a good pain…a nice pain.’ Taking her at her word, he continued until he laughed at the unmistakable sound of his stomach rumbling loudly.

‘There,’ he said, gently returning her bra straps to their previous position and fastening the clasp once more. ‘That should do the trick. And now I need feeding.’ A spaced-out Zoe did hear the words as he moved away from the bed and into the bathroom to wash the oil from his hands. However, it took her a little while to process them and respond.

‘Tha…ou,’ she mumbled from a faraway place.

‘Yr…wel…m,’ he teased, secretly delighted at the effect he’d had on her.

‘Sorry. Thank you,’ she repeated more clearly.

‘You’re more than welcome,’ he smiled reaching for the orange juice and pouring it out into the glasses. ‘Now stop lazing about in bed and let’s have some breakfast. We’re going on a road trip!’


Whilst Charlie’s very comfortable Landrover easily ate up the miles, it was noticeable that the countryside whizzing past their windows had grown increasingly barren and rugged as they journeyed further north. The three seats across the front of the vehicle were invaluable. It allowed them to travel next to each other but with Zoe sat sideways, her legs outstretched and elevated. Before leaving her accommodation, she had been informed by the sour-faced landlady that her room was unavailable for an additional night. As a result, all of Zoe’s belongings could now be found packed into her rucksack which currently lay across the back seat. Typically a planner, she was suddenly being forced to just go with the flow and was surprised to find that, in Charlie’s company, she was actually enjoying the unpredictability of the experience.

‘Are we nearly there yet?’ she asked jokingly, a wide smile on her face.

‘Bored of me already, huh?’ asked Charlie, momentarily taking his eyes off the road to shoot her a sideways glance.

‘Not quite yet,’ she smirked. ‘Give it another few hours.’

‘Cheeky,’ he replied before dropping his hand to lay across her resting feet. As he began to slowly stroke her instep, Zoe’s eyes closed, entirely unable to prevent herself from taking such a deep breath that her over-inflated lungs almost hurt. It was followed by an even longer exhale.

‘Nice?’ he said at last, his smile evident from the tone of his voice.

‘Amazing,’ she breathed, slowly allowing her eyes to flicker open and observe him.

‘Good,’ he murmured, continuing to stroke her delicate skin, his fingers occasionally encircling her ankle.

‘You’ve got the most incredible touch,’ gasped Zoe, staring at his hands in disbelief as he moved onto her other foot, just because he wanted to. Because he could.

‘So you told me,’ he agreed, massaging the deep tissue in her heel and forcing her body to surrender to the feelings he was provoking within.

‘Oh God,’ she groaned. Suddenly embarrassed that he was really starting to turn her on, Zoe tried to pull herself out of his hold. ‘Sorry.’

‘Don’t be,’ he said, gently holding onto her foot and continuing to stroke her. ‘I’m enjoying myself…if you are.’

‘I am,’ admitted Zoe shyly. ‘Perhaps a little too much.’

‘No such thing,’ he grinned, casting another glance across. ‘Feel free to moan a little louder for me,’ he suggested playfully, starting to trail his fingers higher up her calves.

The man was impossible, realised Zoe as he pushed her heartrate higher and caused her increasingly swollen pussy lips to clench with desire. It was only when she was panting loudly and groaning intermittently that he removed his hand from a very flushed Zoe’s knee and returned it to the steering wheel.

‘Everything okay?’ he grinned.

‘You’re a fucking tease,’ complained Zoe, breathing heavily.

‘I don’t know what you mean,’ he replied, mock-innocently. ‘I was just attending to my patient.’

‘Bullshit. You know exactly what I mean,’ moaned a frustrated Zoe through gritted teeth.

‘I think your painkillers are making you confused,’ laughed Charlie. ‘You’re imagining things.’

‘I only took mild ibuprofen this morning, remember?’ Zoe said dryly.

‘Oh yeah,’ he chuckled. ‘So you did.’

‘So,’ began Zoe, switching away from their increasingly dangerous subject matter. ‘In your medical opinion, when do you think I can get back to walking again?’

‘Are you planning to finish the trail, then?’ he enquired.

‘Well…yes. I hope to,’ explained Zoe. ‘It’s the reason I’m here, after all. I would feel a bit of a failure if I returned home without having completing it.’

‘I do know how you feel,’ sympathised Charlie. ‘But you’ll need at least a couple of days rest. And even then, you shouldn’t be carrying a heavy backpack.’

‘Right…’ sighed Zoe, her face falling slightly.

‘Look. Let’s just see how today goes. I’m sure a solution will present itself.’

‘Eternal optimist, huh?’ she observed kindly.

‘You’ve got to try and be, haven’t you?’


Earlier, Zoe had noticed a road sign informing them they’d passed the most northerly supermarket in Great Britain. Now, only the occasional isolated farm dwellings were apparent and the desolate and isolated beauty of the place began to take hold of her imagination. As they approached a small hamlet, Charlie eased off the accelerator and they slowed down.

‘Right, we’re here.’

‘Where?’ asked a confused Zoe. They seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

‘John O’Groats, of course,’ he smiled. ‘The northernmost point of the British mainland.’

‘But it’s tiny,’ remarked Zoe, as they turned a corner and the sparkling sea suddenly appeared in front of them. ‘I thought it would be more commercialised.’ Charlie parked beside a gift shop and killed the engine.

‘What were you expecting?’ he teased. ‘Saint-Tropez?’

‘No,’ she grinned. ‘It’s just so small. I guess I thought it would be a bit more impressive.’

‘That’s a statement a guy never wants to hear,’ he grimaced before casting her a wink and opening his door. It took Zoe a moment to process the meaning behind his words, by which time he was out of the vehicle. Consequently, he missed her sharp intake of breath and a slight flushing of her cheeks. Besides, if she was a gambling girl, instinct would have convinced her to bet good money on Charlie never having heard those words in his life.

By the time he’d made his way around to Zoe’s door, she was attempting to stand up, having gingerly dropped her feet to the road. Charlie walked right up to her, his large body blocking her exit.

‘Which part of “don’t walk” didn’t you understand?’ he asked with mock sternness. ‘I’m sure I told you to rest.’

‘I guess I don’t react well to you ordering me around,’ challenged Zoe, somewhat overwhelmed by his sudden proximity.

‘I can soon change that,’ he grinned, lifting her gently before navigating them safely across the road. Wrapping her arm around the back of his neck, Zoe’s fingers gently brushed across his warm skin. Her actions caused the rhythm of Charlie’s stride to alter slightly as, with a slightly tighter grip, his questioning eyes swivelled slowly to meet hers.

‘I’m sure I could try and walk myself,’ she stuttered.

‘You could try…but you’d be cruelly depriving me of an excuse to hold you,’ he murmured, gently lowering her down onto a bench which overlooked the sea. As they disentangled limbs, Charlie bowed his head and pressed his lips briefly to her forehead. ‘Now,’ he continued quickly. ‘Can I trust you not to get into trouble whilst I pop into the shop?’

‘I doubt it,’ she smirked and was rewarded with a playful smile of his own before he turned and loped away. Zoe watched him go, enjoying his graceful movement and glorious ass. She was fast becoming addicted to his smile…as well as other things.

He reappeared minutes later carrying a large shopping bag and sporting a huge grin.

‘What have you been up to?’ she asked suspiciously.

‘Just stocking up on essentials,’ he laughed. Sitting down on the bench beside her, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he handed over a garish tartan beret with a huge red woollen pom-pom on the top. Gamely, a giggling Zoe pulled it onto her head as Charlie reached into the bag for a second hat for himself.

‘When in Scotland…’ began Charlie.

‘Take the piss out of the local culture and heritage?’ suggested Zoe innocently.

They stared at each other, wide smiles plastered across their faces, before their eyes quickly became locked together. Seemingly unable to break the connection, their mouths gradually slackened until, at last, Charlie spoke.

‘You look more attractive in that ridiculous hat than anybody has a right to.’

‘You’re making yours look pretty hot too,’ admitted Zoe, quickly dropping her eyes in embarrassment. When she next dared to look up, Charlie was rooting around in the bag once again.

‘Oh, please no! What’s next?’ joked Zoe. ‘Not a kilt and sporran? I honestly don’t think I could cope with that.’

‘No, we’re not quite at the stage for you to see my knobbly knees. So I thought I’d play it safe with an ice cream,’ he explained, handing one across.

‘Thank goodness,’ breathed Zoe, secretly rather disappointed not to be offered a sight of his legs, especially as they promised to be as indescribably sexy as the rest of him.

For a while, the two of them sat in companionable silence, licking their ice creams and staring out to sea, each lost in their own private thoughts. At length, Charlie turned his hips to face Zoe, trailing his arm along the back of the bench.

‘There’s supposed to be an amazing seabird colony just a couple of miles down the coast,’ he explained, his fingertips almost grazing her shoulder. ‘Do you fancy having our picnic there?’

‘That sounds awesome,’ agreed Zoe. ‘Might there be puffins? I’ve always wanted to see a puffin.’

‘You never know,’ smiled Charlie, touched by her enthusiasm. Standing up, he helped Zoe back towards the Landrover.


The seabird colony was much, much noisier than Zoe had expected. On the high, exposed cliffs, thousands of birds seemed to swoop and dive around them as they returned to their ledges and nests, following a morning of sea fishing activities. As they neared the edge of a huge vertical drop, Zoe peered down towards the beach. From her elevated position, enjoying a piggy back on Charlie’s back, she spied white frothing waves and observed a groups of seals sunbathing far below them. However, other than all manner of avian and mammalian life, the location was utterly deserted.

‘This place is incredible!’ she exclaimed delightedly as Charlie continued to stride around the curve of the cliff edge. He headed towards a natural dip in the land which would offer them an excellent view, whilst offering protection from the light breeze. ‘Have you been here before?’

‘No, never,’ he replied, dropping their bag onto the ground, before assisting Zoe. ‘Always wanted to, though. It’s amazing, isn’t it?’

In next to no time, they were comfortably sprawled on a picnic blanket with their lunch surrounding them. Every so often, various cheeky seagulls with determined looks in their eyes would land nearby and sidle over, on the scrounge for scraps.

‘No chance, Buster,’ said Charlie, flapping his hand in the direction of one particularly tenacious bird who was almost within food-snatching distance.

‘Bully,’ smiled a replete Zoe, stacking her plate away in their bag.

‘This is nothing,’ he replied, raising an eyebrow. ‘I can be much worse.’

‘Can you?’ she croaked, trying to ignore the excited tingling in her tummy.

‘Uh-huh,’ he nodded, the edges of his mouth twitching slightly. ‘Much, much worse. But I can’t imagine you’d complain too much.’

‘I might,’ she argued, trying to stand her ground whilst ignoring her flushing cheeks and fluttering abdomen. Wriggling forwards slightly, Zoe lowered herself down until she was laying on the rug. As the warm sun beamed down on her closed eyelids and the sound of distant waves crashed below them, she breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction. ‘Mmmm, this is perfect.’ Charlie dropped down beside her and for some time, they lay side by side in silence until Zoe eventually spoke.

‘I’ve been thinking about what happened yesterday,’ she said quietly, her eyes remaining closed. ‘I am hugely in your debt, Charlie. I…’

‘Nonsense,’ he interrupted.

‘No, seriously,’ she continued. ‘I’m so very grateful for the help you’ve given me.’ Whilst she spoke, she had assumed he was also laying down beside her with his eyes closed. However, when a lone tear rolled down the side of her face, it became apparent he must have been watching her.

‘Hey,’ he soothed, tenderly wiping the tear away. ‘I know yesterday was probably very scary and I’m happy to talk about it if you need to. But the last place I want to be is in your debt.’ Zoe nodded almost imperceptibly.

‘Thank you.’

After a brief pause, Charlie continued.

‘This is the part where you ask me where I do want to be,’ he grinned.

‘Is it?’ smiled Zoe. ‘Really?’


‘That sounds like a dangerously loaded question to me,’ she murmured, as adrenaline suddenly began to pump furiously around her body. ‘But go on, I’ll fall for it. Where do you want to be?’ After a short pause, he replied.

‘Right here suits me just fine,’ breathed Charlie contentedly, as he flopped back down on the rug beside her.

‘Really?’ smiled Zoe, squinting across at him with half-opened eyes, unable to read his expression due to the brightness of the sun’s rays.

‘Really,’ he confirmed, stroking his fingers along the back of her hand which lay beside him on the rug. ‘For now.’

‘For now?’ she queried.


All of a sudden, the background noise of distant breaking waves and shrieking seagulls seemed to disappear; Zoe was aware only of a heavy pulse ricocheting in her ears. As her heartbeat slowed to a dull, clear thud, she levered herself onto one elbow to look at him properly.

‘You don’t want more than that?’ she asked, a flurry of nervous excitement cascading around her tightly coiled body. As they gazed longingly at each other through the seconds that followed, Zoe observed his thick fringe being gently lifted by the breeze. How she wished it was her touch that was disturbing his hair instead; she would so love to mess it up.

‘Of course I do,’ he confirmed in a deep, steady voice. ‘But you’re my patient. It would be very wrong of me to take advantage of you.’

‘Yes. I can see that,’ she agreed, struggling to keep a straight face when confronted by his look of surprise. He clearly hadn’t been expecting that response but she couldn’t help herself; she was growing increasingly fond of teasing him. ‘But tell me…theoretically,’ she added. ‘Might the scenario become acceptable if your patient was to make the first move?’

Zoe felt the heat rising rapidly in her own body as they gazed intently at each other for a long moment. Her eyes flicked quickly down to Charlie’s mouth as his tongue subconsciously ran over his dry lips and then retreated. It was a simple action but it made Zoe’s increasingly swollen pussy lips quiver and her internal muscles clamp down in response.

‘I think that would be fine,’ he confirmed eventually, unable to prevent his mouth from twitching into a smile. ‘Theoretically,’ he added teasingly.

‘And in practice?’ she murmured, mirroring his smile, as she bravely raised her hand to his forehead and smoothed back the soft, thick hair she’d been aching to touch.

‘I’ll let you know,’ he sighed, his eyes sliding shut. As Zoe’s fingers stroked down his face, to cup his stubbly jaw, his warm, strong hand captured hers and held on, hugging her hand against his face. Barely able to believe her own daring, Zoe slowly dropped her mouth towards his. As she hovered just above him, glancing down at his closed eyes, her shallow breaths inhaled him, making her feel even more lightheaded than before. Charlie gently squeezed her hand that remained imprisoned against his cheek, providing just enough encouragement for Zoe to close the small gap between them.

As her warm, moist lips eventually moulded around his, a groan reverberated deep down in the back of Charlie’s throat, as his mouth naturally began to reciprocate in response to her much welcome kiss. At first, they were tentative, gently exploring each other in wonder with slow, soft caresses. Gradually, though, their natural passion overwhelmed them. Zoe found herself pulling roughly at Charlie’s clothing as his hands migrated to clasp her ass, rocking her body against his.

‘Fuck!’ gasped Zoe. Having broken their kiss, she found herself sprawled across Charlie’s sexy body, dragging in precious breaths in an attempt to recover her senses. ‘You make me feel…fuck!’

‘What?’ he growled. ‘I make you feel what?’

‘Seriously, seriously horny,’ she admitted quietly, shuffling her knees onto the blanket, to shift some of her body weight off him. Even that small movement made her suddenly aware of the extent their activities had turned her on; her panties felt utterly drenched. Slowly she raised her eyes to meet his head on. ‘I want you to fuck me.’

‘That is such good news,’ said Charlie in response, lightly stroking his fingertips across her forehead. ‘Because I need to fuck you. So badly.’

‘You’re going to fuck me badly?’ smirked Zoe, her fingers drifting to his exposed chest, where she had already torn a number of shirt buttons open ‘Then I might have to reconsider.’

‘Don’t wilfully misunderstand me,’ growled Charlie, who in one swift movement, grabbed her wrists, rolled Zoe onto her back and then straddled her, trapping her beneath him. ‘I’m going to fuck you spectacularly.’ Revelling in his smooth, masterful actions, she found herself temporarily unable to speak. Holding his weight on his knuckles, whilst his fingers continued to encircle her restrained wrists, he kissed slowly across each of Zoe’s eyes and down her nose, returning to her mouth. His movements were soft, gentle and teasing, never quite providing what she needed.

Moving lower, he paused above her chest and smiled up at her, before grazing his lightly stubbled cheek lightly across her left breast. Despite their direct, intimate touch being separated by several thin layers of Zoe’s clothing, she couldn’t help but gasp at the deliciously erotic sight of such a sexy man tending to her body. When he progressed to clamping his teeth lightly around the outline of her wanting nipple, Zoe nearly lost control, arching her back as her pinned wrists fought against his restraining fingers. Suddenly realising where his actions would ultimately lead, Charlie drew away.

‘Mmmm. Despite the fact that we both want this, it’s not happening here,’ he growled.


‘No,’ he confirmed. ‘Not on an open cliff side, with rain due imminently, on an itchy picnic rug with all manner of circling avian Kamikaze pilots just waiting for an excuse to drop their little bombs on us,’ he explained. Remaining sat astride her, Charlie released her wrists before grabbing his mobile phone from the pocket of his jeans. ‘Call me old fashioned but in my book, a soft bed, feather pillows and room service on demand beats a picnic rug or the back seat of a Landrover any day.’

‘Old fashioned,’ she smirked.

‘And proud of it,’ he agreed. ‘I want somewhere warm, comfortable and clean, where I can spend my slow, sweet time finding out what turns you on the most.’

Zoe moved her released hands to his body, stroking those gloriously muscled thighs through the soft material of his trousers. Whilst he was tapping furiously at his phone, Zoe’s eyes dropped to his swollen crotch, happy to know that she wasn’t the only one who was ridiculously turned on.

‘Right,’ he said, breaking the silence that had developed as he pocketed the phone. ‘We’ve got an hour’s drive. Let’s go.’

‘One more kiss,’ murmured Zoe, pulling his lips down to hers. They kissed long, slow and passionately, until Charlie could bear it no longer. He pulled away with a groan.

‘The sooner we get going, the sooner I’ll have you all to myself.’ Practically throwing their belongings into the bag, he lifted it and Zoe up and began to stride purposefully towards the car park.

Overwhelmed with the feeling of being in his strong arms once again, Zoe gazed at him longingly. Smiling down, he dropped his generous lips once more onto hers. Distracted from the task in hand, he stumbled slightly on the rough ground.

‘I must concentrate,’ he sighed, returning his eyes to the forefront.

‘Yes,’ agreed Zoe. ‘You must concentrate.’ Dropping her lips to his collar bone, she began to kiss his warm skin tenderly, pushing away any clothing which she encountered, to expose more of his delicious body.

‘Zoe,’ he growled in warning. ‘You should stop now.’

‘Or what?’ she asked playfully.

‘Or when we get to the Landrover, I’m gonna fuck you senseless, regardless of any plans we might have made.’

‘Mmmm, sounds awful,’ she breathed, continuing to kiss and stroke him. Charlie did his best to ignore her teasing actions, continuing to stride towards the car park. Only a long, slow exhale through his nose was evidence that he was visibly struggling to collect himself.

Having gently lowered Zoe into the Landrover, Charlie climbed into the driver’s seat, leant over and kissed her hard. Just as Zoe was starting to think they weren’t going to get further than the back seat after all, Charlie sat back and started the engine. Slightly dazed, she observed him lazily as he slightly readjusted his straining cargo pants. Fastening his seatbelt, he looked across at her.

‘Two can play at that game, you know? You’ll pay for teasing me.’

‘Will I?’ smirked Zoe.

‘Uh-huh,’ he murmured.


‘You’ll see. I can’t wait to find out if you’re as wet as I am hard,’ he sighed. Zoe smiled to herself; she couldn’t wait for him to find out either.


Zoe had barely been aware of the beautiful Scottish scenery whizzing past her window on their southward journey because all of her attentions were focussed on the minute movements of Charlie’s fingers encompassing her ankle.

‘I’m actually quite well brought up,’ breathed Zoe, her misgivings suddenly overwhelming her. ‘I’m really not sure I should be doing this.’

‘Doing what?’ he asked, momentarily sliding his eyes away from the road to look at her.

‘Contemplating having sex with a man I only met yesterday.’

‘Only contemplating?’ teased Charlie, his eyes back on the road. ‘I’m clearly losing my touch.’

‘Okay. Actively encouraging.’

‘Not quite actively enough for my liking,’ he replied. Lifting her foot, he placed it against the outline of his thick, swollen cock. Through their respective clothing, Zoe could feel the powerful length of him and her stomach swooped with longing, excitement and fear of the unknown. Opening her mouth to ease her suddenly stilted breaths, she clenched her toes slightly; partly through natural reflex, partly through mischief. The sound of Charlie’s throaty groan simply served to disrupt her breathing further as did his nimble fingers which danced along her leg to the inside of her knee and then slowly higher. Hearing her gasp, Charlie took another glance across. Clearly reading something in her expression, his eyes crinkled kindly at the corners before he slowly lowered his hand back down to her ankle.

‘So,’ he said, returning them to their previous conversation. ‘Do you usually impose a time restriction on yourself?’

‘You mean like a three date rule?’ clarified Zoe, both grateful and disappointed that he’d read her unspoken uncertainty.

‘Yeah. You don’t strike me as somebody who would.’


‘No. I get the impression you like to live in the moment. However, if you want to impose those kind of limitations, I’m very happy to inform you that we’re already on date three,’ explained Charlie.

‘We are?’ she queried with some confusion.

‘We are,’ he confirmed with a nod.

‘But…so, yesterday when I hurt myself on an isolated mountainside,’ said Zoe, her brain working overtime. ‘And you carried me to safety. You’re classifying that as a “date”?’

‘Yep. And a pretty awesome one too,’ agreed Charlie. ‘Not a traditional one perhaps,’ he conceded with a grin. ‘But yeah. We took a long walk together and saw an amazing sunset. We talked non-stop whilst I held you close the whole time.’

‘You make it sound romantic.’

‘Wasn’t it?’ Charlie countered.

‘I guess. I hadn’t considered,’ said Zoe shyly.

‘And you want to know the best bit?’

‘Probably not,’ she admitted.

‘You threw your underwear at me before we’d even exchanged a single word,’ he explained, laughing loudly. ‘How awesome is that? I felt like a bona fide rock star.’

‘Oh God, don’t remind me,’ blushed a mortified Zoe. ‘I’m so sorry. That was an accident.’ Charlie didn’t respond but simply shot her a wink and began stroking her leg in silent support. The effect of his touch was powerful and immediate.

‘You’re shaking,’ observed Charlie, removing his hand to fiddle about with the heating controls. ‘You’re cold?’

‘I’m trembling,’ murmured Zoe, casting her eyes down. ‘There’s a difference.’

‘There certainly is,’ agreed Charlie with a swift glance, returning the heating control to its original position and his hand to Zoe’s leg.

‘So dinner last night was the second date,’ she queried, trying to move them past the subject.

‘Now you’re getting the hang of it,’ he nodded approvingly.

‘And today has been the third?’

‘Yes. So do you feel less hesitant now?’

‘Strangely, yes,’ she admitted.

‘Well, that’s a relief,’ he grinned, pointing towards a road sign for a manor hotel. ‘Because I think we’re nearly there.’ How strange, thought Zoe, that just those simple words had the ability to make her heart start to pound, whilst a heavy tingle shot straight through her stomach.

Charlie indicated before pulling down a long sweeping driveway, edged by beech woodland. As they turned the final corner, the tree line ended and a vista of gently undulating parkland opened up in front of them. Nestling harmoniously within was a beautiful stately home, lovingly constructed centuries before from the palest yellow stone.

‘Fuck,’ breathed Zoe in awe.

‘Well, I couldn’t have the first night we spend together being somewhere shoddy, could I?’ shrugged Charlie.


‘Oh, look! How romantic!’ enthused a large-busted lady to her elderly friend as Charlie carried Zoe and their luggage towards the reception desk. ‘Newlyweds. He’s carrying her over the threshold,’ she explained, sighing with pleasure. Zoe stared at them dumfounded; they seriously thought a T-shirt and scruffy jeans would be her outfit of choice on her wedding day? An amused Charlie, however, took it all in his stride.

‘Alas,’ he explained with a grin. ‘Just a walking injury. But if I play my cards right, maybe next time we visit here, huh?’ Winking at an open-mouthed Zoe, he gently lowered her to the floor.

‘Lancaster,’ he informed the receptionist in a steady voice.

‘Welcome, Mr Lancaster,’ she enthused. ‘If you could just complete your details and sign here, please?’ she requested, sliding a pen across.

Once the administration had been completed, Charlie handed the key card to Zoe, before scooping her back up into his arms.

‘I can try and walk,’ she offered.

‘No, I simply can’t take the risk of you being a runaway bride,’ he joked, striding towards the elevator. As the doors slid closed behind them, Zoe gazed into his rich, brown eyes.

‘I saw what you wrote,’ she admitted. ‘I know where you live now.’

‘Good,’ he breathed, dropping his lips to hers.


As the hotel room door closed behind them, Charlie dropped their bags on the floor. Striding over to the huge double bed, he lay Zoe down carefully before tumbling on top of her. As naturally as breathing, their mouths immediately fused, their desperate craving to taste each other almost more than they could endure. Zoe found it by far the most honest kiss she had ever experienced; soft, hungry, soulful. With each caress of their tongues, their bodies naturally responded, gripping at each other, wanting, needing more.

It wasn’t long before lust and desire became their over-riding emotions, however. Zoe began to claw and tear at Charlie’s clothing, frantically trying to expose his body, desperate to feel skin sliding against skin with nothing between them. She could feel his hard cock grinding against her thigh and the knowledge of the extent of his desire for her only served to turn Zoe on further. Breaking their kiss with a low, fraught growl, he sat upright to enable him to rip and kick off his clothing. By the time he’d finished, all that remained was his bulging black Calvin Klein trunks and his astonishing body. Returning his attention to a trembling Zoe, he tenderly removed her footwear so as not to hurt her damaged ankle.

‘Part of me wants to slam myself straight inside you,’ he admitted, as he started to help her out of her clothing. ‘The other part of me wants to make this last for hours. Which side of my psyche would you prefer to win?’

‘Both sound awesome,’ she breathed, watching in disbelief as a toned, muscled Charlie began to unbutton her jeans. ‘But the second option captured my imagination the most.’

‘I thought it might,’ he growled. ‘My guess is we’ll start off slowly, until I lose control. And rest assured… I will lose control,’ he added. Having undressed Zoe to just her black lace panties and bra, he paused to devour the sight in front of him.

‘Fuck!’ he breathed. ‘I’m a lucky, lucky man. You’re beautiful, Zoe,’ he said expressively, looking her directly in the eyes.

‘Thank you,’ she murmured shyly.

‘And in case I forget to tell you later, I’ve really enjoyed today.’

‘Me too,’ she breathed.

‘Yeah, but I’ve seriously enjoyed today.’ And with that, he dropped his mouth down to the side of her neck and began to kiss gently. The feel of his moist lips sliding against her vulnerable skin sent a shot of desire down her entire left hand side, accompanied by goosebumps which instantaneously broke out in waves across her torso.

‘Mmm, that really turns you on,’ stated Charlie confidently, already relishing her responsiveness and the clear feedback her body was able to provide him with. ‘How about if I use my teeth?’ And with that, he began to drag his teeth gently down the side of her neck and into the hollow of her collarbone. With squirming hips, Zoe moaned against his strong, muscular shoulder. Sliding one hand underneath her back, Charlie easily unfastened her bra, before stroking the straps away from her arms. The cups of the bra, however, he left in place, to cover her breasts for a little while longer.

Returning his mouth to hers, Charlie began to kiss her with such exquisite care and tenderness that Zoe thought she might pass out with longing. Their mouths moved almost unbearably slowly as they melted into each other. Meanwhile, Charlie’s hand slowly faded down her body to the tops of Zoe’s legs where he caressed the skin on her upper thigh. Finding the lace hem of her panties, he gently lifted the edge and ran a single finger from her hip to trace down the inside line of her leg.

‘Oh God!’ gasped Zoe, her hips rolling with anticipation as Charlie almost, but not quite, touched her where she needed to feel him the most. Remaining above her, he enjoyed the sensation of Zoe’s low, regular groans breathed into his mouth as his fingers continued to skirt the edge of her underwear.

‘Please,’ she begged, aware that her body was trembling all over and unable to prevent it.

‘Please, what?’ he whispered, knowing full well what she needed.

‘Please touch me,’ she implored. ‘Please.’

‘But I get so much pleasure from playing with you like this,’ he smirked. ‘I desperately want to tease you, giving you just barely what you ache for.’

‘Fuck!’ she growled, twisting her hips slightly in the hope that Charlie’s fingers might impact her wet, swollen pussy. In doing so, her bra moved down her body, almost exposing her hard nipples.

The action was not missed by Charlie who began to kiss down her heaving chest. The closer he got to Zoe’s nipples, the higher her chest seem to rise, as she drew in great gulps of air. Looking down in astonishment, Zoe watched his beautiful mouth curve into a smile before his teeth closed around the garment. His caressing hand left her body, collected the bra from his mouth and dropped it on the floor beside the bed. Within moments, he had returned to tenderly wrap his lips around the delicate tip of one nipple, before drawing it slowly inside. Her groans increased in strength as he began to introduce his tongue, forcing her squirming body to writhe on the soft, cotton bedlinen below.

‘Oh God!’ she cried, his free hand gliding across her rib cage, over her flat stomach and across a jutting hip bone, before resting once more upon the border where soft, white skin met black lace. Torturously slowly, Charlie’s finger raised the side of her panties and travelled southwards towards her throbbing, swollen pussy lips. Almost unaware of doing so, Zoe opened her legs to him, allowing his finger to trace the very edge of her wetness, all the way down to her ass and back up. The evidence of her arousal clearly had a serious impact on Charlie who responded with a deep growl. Continuing to softly stroke up and down, he began pulsing his teeth down around her aching nipple.

‘Jeez!’ groaned Zoe, her back arching in response to the incredible stimulation. Grabbing his hair, she forced him to look at her.

‘Let me touch you,’ she groaned, as his fingers continued to tease the very edge of her arousal. Without removing his mouth from her body, he shook his head almost imperceptibly before biting down slightly harder as punishment.

‘Please!’ she shrieked, grabbing at his shoulder. Slowly, he released her lightly throbbing nipple.

‘You’re fighting me,’ he accused playfully. ‘I don’t like it.’

‘I’m not,’ she gasped.

‘You are,’ he confirmed. ‘Tell me why.’ Zoe honestly wanted to try and explain how she felt as eloquently as possible. To put into words how she wanted to touch him, to repay him for the amazing feelings he was giving her. To ensure he didn’t think she was selfish. And to retain some small element of self; she could already sense his potential ability to overwhelm her with such pleasure that she was unable to do anything but climax, utterly under his control.

However, her ability to form a well-rounded, well-reasoned argument was made almost impossible by Charlie’s hand which continued to tease her, no doubt with the sole intention of distracting her in this way.

‘This all seems to be about me,’ she replied, quite inadequately. ‘I don’t want to be selfish.’

‘Okay,’ smiled Charlie, looking her straight in the eye. ‘I only expect to have to tell you this once, so listen up. I am hard wired to give you pleasure,’ he explained, readjusting himself so that the back of his hand supported Zoe’s damp panties away from her body, leaving his fingers free to do their worst. She found herself quite unable to concentrate on his words as a single finger stroked gently through the deep channel of her arousal.

‘Your pleasure is my pleasure. So as far as I’m concerned, this is all about you,’ he explained, using his fingers to massage the outside of her labia, rubbing her lips together before opening them wide apart again. Zoe could feel herself becoming lost as she gasped and whimpered with each tiny movement of his hand. ‘I don’t know what kind of pre-conceived ideas you have, but let me tell you,’ he continued, ignoring her deep groan as one finger slipped momentarily inside her, up to the knuckle. With glazed eyes, Zoe felt her body respond immediately, tightening itself around the sticky, wet intrusion. ‘With me, you will always come first, hardest, loudest and longest. And I won’t be satisfied until you do.’

Charlie began to move his finger in a way that made Zoe entirely unable to function. He seemed to be carefully and methodically massaging around her internal walls. Using a single finger to stroke with a light pressure, exploring tenderly, gradually stretching her open to him. As her cries increased in volume, he sat back on his haunches and pulled off her panties with a single swift movement, before returning his original index finger, accompanied by the index finger from his other hand. The two digits worked in seamless synchronisation, stroking inside her, pulling her slightly open, sinking past the knuckles, as deep as they could possibly go.

By this point, Zoe’s legs were stretched wide open, willingly submitting to whatever incredible sensations Charlie wanted to bestow on her. Zoe found herself pushing her body against his talented hands, urging his probing fingers deeper. As the blood surged into her throbbing pussy, Charlie pushed deeper and sought out her G-spot. Once there, he took his time to become intimately acquainted, stroking with a rhythm, depth, speed and pressure that Zoe could scarcely endure.

‘No!’ she moaned as Charlie pushed her nearer and nearer to the cliff edge, beyond which was a total loss of control. Smirking, he added a thumb into the equation, nudging gently at the base of her hardened clit. Almost immediately, her entire abdomen clenched tightly and Charlie knew she was seconds away. In response, he removed the majority of stimulation, returning to simply stroking her inner walls with a single finger.

‘Okay?’ he asked with a smirk.

‘You bastard!’ she groaned, as her shaking, twisting body became aware that her impending orgasm had been diverted.

‘You haven’t seen anything yet,’ he chuckled. ‘That’s payback for teasing me earlier. Now, if you want to orgasm at all, you’re gonna need to promise to stay with me tonight. And tomorrow night.’

‘I promise,’ she gasped as he dropped his mouth to her wide open legs and hovered above her. ‘Right now, I’ll do anything you want.’

‘Mmmm, good answer,’ he murmured, breathing across her soft, delicate skin.

‘I thought you said you were a gentleman,’ accused Zoe playfully.

‘I said I was too much of a gentleman to ask personal questions,’ he clarified, moving ever closer. ‘I’m not a gentleman in bed. In bed, anything goes.’

‘Oh fuck!’ gasped Zoe, grabbing handfuls of bedlinen as her lower back arched off the bed in blissful anticipation. Charlie carefully planted his moist lips to the side of her pussy lips, gently sucking until one fold entered his mouth. Being only millimetres away from her clit, the tugging sensation pulled on the hood, causing Zoe’s hips to jolt and spasm in reaction. Repeating his motion slowly, Charlie enjoyed watching her hips raise once more and hearing her beautiful voice screech out his name.

Unable to prevent himself, Charlie placed his index and middle fingers from one hand against her pool of arousal before throttling them deep inside. She immediately clenched tightly as he plunged them downwards, building up a rhythm, steadily rocking her body towards the climax they both knew was inevitable. The smell of sex and Zoe’s increasingly desperate cries filled the air as Charlie drove her forwards, strategically moving his hands to where he knew she would feel it the most. Zoe had never experienced anything like this before in her life; she was quite literally aching to be fucked.

Charlie teased and teased without mercy. Occasionally lapping and sucking at her clit, he carefully monitored her body’s responses; when his actions were clearly moving her too quickly towards orgasm, he would retract. Feeling her pussy swell, Charlie knew how very close she was and, eventually, he decided to give Zoe what her pleading cries suggested she needed. Picking up the pace of his fingers, he drove unrelenting into her sopping pussy whilst simultaneously sucking her clit between his teeth, occasionally sweeping his soft tongue across the tip for good measure.

‘Oh God! Oh God!’ she began to pant. ‘Oh, please. Help me!’ she groaned. And then suddenly, it seized her. Zoe emitted a little whine of surrender before taking in a huge inward breath. Continuing with his consistent, focussed stimulation, every muscle in Zoe’s body seemed to tense before she literally collapsed around him. Crying out so loudly he thought her voice might crack, Charlie watched in wonder as Zoe clenched and spasmed powerfully, whilst he encouraged her to release the mammoth orgasm which had been building inside her since they first entered the room.

Her pelvis was all over the bed as, with frantic hands balled tightly into white-knuckled fists, she bucked her way through overwhelming pleasure. The taut muscle definition in her neck was visible as she strained and rocked against him, riding the never-ending waves of pleasure that were crashing around her. Each time Zoe began to think she might be allowed to rest, Charlie’s insistent tongue and fingers drove her to greater and greater heights. As her hips fought against him, an elated Charlie could feel her throbbing, stretched pussy pulsing constantly, dripping hot, messy sex all over his fingers. By the time he finally retracted himself from her body and cradled her tenderly in his arms, she was a trembling, vacant wreck. It took several minutes before Zoe was able to utter even a single word.

‘Wow,’ she stuttered eventually. Charlie knew he was talented in bed but he enjoyed being understated; the astonished reaction he received when his partner of choice realised what they’d let themselves in for always gave him a thrill.

‘I will make you crave things you don’t even know you want yet,’ he murmured, tenderly stroking her hair. ‘If you’d like me to?’

‘After that, I’m signed up to anything you’re offering,’ admitted Zoe. Running his hand gently down her flushed face, he carefully began to trace her lips with his fingers before sweeping them inside her mouth to tease her soft tongue. Immediately, she groaned as his exploring fingers transferred the taste of her own arousal into her mouth. Zoe reciprocated by sucking gently.

‘I’ve thought of a way you can repay me, by the way,’ said Charlie cheekily.

‘But you said the last place you wanted me to be was in your debt.’

‘Well, I’ve re-considered,’ he murmured, dropping his lips to her mouth and kissing her on and on.

‘Go on then, explain,’ she smiled as they eventually broke apart. ‘It had better be nice, though.’

‘Nice won’t even begin to cover it. Whilst we’re both in Scotland, I want us to spend every night together.’

‘I’ll consider it,’ she grinned.

‘Playing hard to get, huh?’ observed Charlie with a wry smile. ‘I only know one way to deal with that sort of reckless behaviour.’

‘What’s that?’ asked Zoe, unsure of whether she wanted to know the answer but guessing she probably did.

‘Sexual torment,’ he smiled.

‘You first, then,’ she grinned, her fingers slipping under the waistband of his shorts before pulling them away from his body. ‘Mmmm,’ she groaned immediately in reaction to the sight of his glorious, hard cock leaking pre-cum.’ Zoe felt her mouth start to salivate as she automatically tried to drop her mouth and pleasure him.

‘No,’ he growled, holding her back. ‘Later…’

‘Seriously?’ she groaned, as Charlie’s wet fingers dropped to her clit and began to encapsulate it.

‘Seriously, let me have my fun,’ he sighed pleasurably. ‘Please?’

‘Bossy,’ she gasped as his talented fingers got to work.

‘Assertive,’ he corrected with a swift smirk, before shuffling his way back down the bed. ‘They’re two very different things.’

Zoe had never felt such pleasure accompanied by intense frustration before. Charlie was highly skilled in the art of edging; bringing her to the heights of sexual arousal, just before orgasm, and holding her there indefinitely. The long build-up was excruciating, although she had to admit that when he did finally allow her release, she was experiencing orgasms which were off-the-scale more powerful than she could ever have ever imagined. After holding her for what felt like an eternity on the brink of one such climax, Zoe’s moans and sighs grew so pronounced that they broke Charlie’s restraint. He suddenly became physically unable to prevent himself from providing the immense pleasure he knew he’d be capable of giving her responsive, sensitive body.

‘I’m sorry, but I have to fuck you now,’ he growled.

‘Please,’ she begged, grabbing at his body as he positioned his rock-hard cock at the base of her dripping pussy. ‘I want you so much.’ Holding her legs open wide, Charlie slipped just the head inside her, immediately aware of how incredibly tight she felt. Pushing her down onto the bed whilst holding firmly onto the backs of her thighs, he took control, preventing Zoe from gaining any more inches than those he was willing to give her. Panting with exertion, Zoe began to test her restrictions, trying to move side to side or up and down. Charlie loved the sight of her struggling. His attention was drawn to her aching clit peeking out from her swollen lips, as she circled her pelvis, desperate for more of him.

With a slight push, Charlie rolled his hips and entered her halfway. Zoe dropped her arms behind her head in sweet surrender at the additional pressure that his thick cock caused inside her writhing body. With great pleasure, Charlie knew that he had just witnessed her giving herself over to him. Smiling down, he pinched his thumb and index finger around her erect nipple and then squeezed whilst pulling back a little. Zoe gasped as her sensitive nub slipped out of his grasp and Charlie allowed it to snap back in place, watching it grow with satisfaction. He repeated with her other nipple, this time increasingly aware of the spasms of pleasure his actions were causing deep within her tight pussy, as she started to milk his cock even harder.

Charlie completely pulled out of a writhing Zoe, before gliding effortlessly back inside, burying himself to the hilt. Sending his hips in an upward curl, he began to set up a rhythm which would quickly push a moaning, pleading Zoe straight over the edge. Opening her thighs as wide as possible, Zoe felt her body start to naturally take over as her desperate groans once more filled the room and her impending orgasm approached.

‘This time,’ growled Charlie, just before her body capitulated. ‘When you orgasm, I’m gonna fuck my way right through, forcing you to remain open to me, driving you on…’

Zoe wasn’t sure if it was the tone of his voice, or the image his words conveyed, but almost immediately, her body was hit by a climax. It was utterly overpowering, forcing the pressure behind her eyelids to ramp up as she exploded around him. And, true to his word, Charlie continued to pound himself into her, over and over again, fully opening her up to him. It was a slow pace that he set, yet strong, firm, unyielding and inflexible. As his own feelings of pleasure ramped up, he began to emit long, smooth moans, the sounds of which caused Zoe’s body to squirm even more. As she recovered from another breathtaking orgasm, their mouths naturally merged and they kissed on and on, in glorious celebration of being so off-the-charts sexually compatible.

‘Turn over,’ ordered Charlie when they eventually broke apart. Placing her head firmly on the pillow, ass raised high, he was unable to resist licking all of her, probing her pussy and teasing her ass with his exploring tongue. By the time he straightened up and positioned himself directly behind her, Zoe knew she would never think of sex in the same light again. She was ruined forever more. He was like nothing she had ever experienced before; nothing she had even imagined.

‘I’m aching so badly,’ groaned Charlie, as he adjusted his heavy balls and eased the engorged head of his cock between her puffy pussy lips. Immediately, Zoe pushed back against him, groaning hard. Placing one hand on the small of her back, he guided her, pushing from his hips in long, gliding thrusts. It was clear that Zoe wanted to be fucked hard, but Charlie wanted to make her wait so he purposefully slowed the pace to increase the teasing agony.

‘Fucking bastard,’ she growled, well aware of what he was doing.

Despite the slow, deliberate thrusts, Zoe was being pleasured from head to toe, her body practically vibrating each time Charlie sank fully inside. Face red with breathless anticipation, she found herself biting down hard on the pillow in an attempt to maintain any kind of clarity. Raising her ass cheeks with both thumbs, Charlie held her open whilst he jabbed, hard. A muffled scream escaped the wet pillow and he jabbed again, knowing that he had her exactly where he wanted.

Watching her tight ass begin to clench, it was clear that Zoe was experiencing an overload of pleasure in the most profound way. As she rocked herself back against him, he jabbed again, his balls slapping against her clit, causing her body to spasm. Knowing she was temporarily distracted, Charlie used the opportunity to wet his finger with her pussy juices, before drawing a circle around her tight ring. Pumping into her two, three, four times, each time he withdrew his cock, he placed increased pressure on her ass.

‘No. You can’t…’ she moaned.

‘Yes, I can,’ he growled in response as, with a vice grip, her traitorous ass started to welcome his finger, clamping down hard. Now, Charlie could feel each spasm of her body both through his cock and his finger. Zoe cried out uncontrollably as Charlie pushed his cock all the way in only to hold himself there, allowing her to ride out each wave. As she began to relax, he repeated, orgasm after orgasm, his finger sinking deeper inside her each time, both of their bodies becoming covered in a sheen of sweat.

To ensure she didn’t become complacent, Charlie switched it up, now alternating full strokes; as his cock withdrew, his finger slipped further inside. Zoe groaned. Never had she been made to feel so full, so packed. Such mind-bending pleasure. Refusing to relent, Charlie sighed with satisfaction at the sight of seeing himself sinking inch by inch inside her, knowing that she had never before been fucked in this way nor experienced such an overwhelming intensity of pure ecstasy.

Moaning loudly, Charlie knew he was close, so he allowed his needs to take over. Plunging deeply into her tight body, he slammed his hips forward, knowing that this was his moment to be selfish. Zoe continued to implode around him as he felt his balls compress and he began a series of deep grunts. Continuously picking up the pace, he rammed every inch into her. No longer in control of his own body, he pumped with everything he had, feeling his cock start to drain as Zoe commenced a final wave of her own. Buckling and gyrating against each other, their convulsions eventually died down as, panting madly, Charlie pushed himself all the way inside before falling to one side and gently embracing her sweaty, relieved body.

They lay that way for some time, stroking each other gently. At last, Charlie tested his voice.

‘We haven’t hurt your ankle further, have we?’ he croaked.

‘No,’ whispered Zoe, shaking her head gently as her hand crept behind to stroke his thigh. ‘Besides, I reckon I’m incapable of feeling pain right now.’

‘All the same, you should take some more painkillers, to make sure you don’t stiffen up.’ Realising the double entendre, they both laughed.

‘Had you better take some too, then,’ suggested Zoe.

‘No,’ chuckled Charlie. ‘I’m good thanks.’

‘You certainly are,’ she sighed dreamily. ‘Exhausting but very, very good.’

‘I’m pleased you think so. Although I was careful to take it steady. I didn’t want to make your ankle uncomfortable.’

‘Steady?!’ she exclaimed, in danger of being knocked out of her post-coital reverie.

‘Sure,’ he confirmed.

‘Well, I’m glad I’ve got a damaged foot then. I’d never keep up with you otherwise.’

‘Don’t worry about that. I’ll soon have you licked into shape,’ he joked.

‘You will?’ Zoe croaked.

‘I hope so,’ he murmured, hugging her tenderly. ‘Speaking of which, in one of your weaker moments over the past few hours, I do believe you agreed to stay with me for the rest of your time in Scotland.

‘Are you sure?’ she teased.

‘I’m absolutely certain. In fact, I think you might have agreed to do anything that I ask, which I’ll certainly be exploring with you later,’ grinned Charlie.

‘You will?’

‘Uh-huh,’ he confirmed, kissing her neck. ‘I’d also like to suggest that, if you still want to complete the West Highland Way, when you’re recovered enough, we walk the remainder together? We can take it at a nice easy pace whilst I carry any kit, leaving you free to concentrate on your footing.’

‘Thank you,’ smiled Zoe, deeply touched. ‘That’s a really kind offer.’

‘Bullshit!’ replied Charlie with feeling. ‘It’s actually a very selfish offer. Right now, I’ll take any excuse whatsoever to spend time with you.’

Charlie pulled out of her gently, as she began to rotate around in his arms until they were facing each other. Zoe noticed how his pupils were dilated from a combination of lust and the low light of the room; since arriving at the hotel, dusk had fallen. Their mouths naturally drifted together and they kissed long, deep and slow. When they finally pulled apart, they stared at each other in wonder.

‘The feeling’s mutual,’ admitted Zoe. ‘I’d do pretty much anything to spend more time with you.’

‘When you know, you just know. Right?’ confirmed Charlie, smiling broadly when Zoe nodded in agreement. ‘So, how about joining me on the rest of my road trip, then? After I’ve toured Scotland, I was thinking of heading to the Lake District.’ For the first time, Zoe thought she heard a slight waver in his normally confident tone.

‘That sounds amazing,’ she beamed.

‘Mmmm,’ Charlie groaned, cupping her ass and pulling her into the length of his hard, muscled body. ‘Doesn’t it? Let’s get showered and head down for some dinner. Then, I want to dedicate the rest of the night into persuading you that I should become more than just your highland fling.’

‘You’re good,’ teased Zoe. ‘But are you that good?’

‘I’m very skilled in the art of persuasion,’ murmured Charlie as the backs of his fingers which were gently stroking under her chin began to raise her mouth towards his.

‘Yeah, I know,’ groaned Zoe, the hairs on her neck standing to attention, sure in the knowledge that they probably wouldn’t make it down to dinner after all.

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© Fenella Ashworth 2019


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
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