Time for a Quick One?

A compilation of shorter erotic stories by Fenella Ashworth, available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

“Amazing! Just one read and I’m immensely in love with these characters!”

Time for a Quick One?  A Compilation of Shorter Erotic Stories

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This compilation features three shorter stories by Fenella Ashworth. They are:

1) The Art of Anonymity
In a moment of madness, Jo leaves a complimentary message on the windscreen of a fellow shopper. Tall, fit, muscled and with an ass to die for, she feels able to justify her rash decision. With every intention of retaining anonymity, to her utter embarrassment, her actions are witnessed and questioned by Simon…the man himself.
Fate subsequently conspires to create another chance meeting between them and it quickly becomes clear that there is a case of serious, mutual sexual attraction taking place. But given Jo’s poor track record with men, is it really wise to allow such overpowering feelings of lust to guide her decisions?

2) A Highland Fling
Zoe Summers has reached a particularly challenging and isolated section of the West Highland Way; a long distance hiking trail in Scotland. Taking a nasty tumble, she finds herself lying injured, afraid and very alone; that is until Charlie, her modern day knight in shining armour, wades in to help.
Zoe and Charlie both feel an immediate connection which only strengthens as their time together progresses. And when the opportunity arises to spend some time in a warm, comfortable hotel room, that connection is given the opportunity to burn white hot.

3) Strangers in the Snow
It’s Christmas Eve and an unsuspecting Alice becomes stranded in a snowstorm, whilst driving to her parents’ home. On the positive side, she quickly discovers her situation isn’t unique and she joins forces with Sam, accompanying him to a nearby village in search of shelter. As the freezing snow piles up around the window ledges outside, safe within their warm, snug accommodation, two strangers quickly discover how things can hot up when desire is allowed to run its natural course.

Contemporary erotic romance for readers over the age of 18.

The latest news from Fenella Ashworth can be found at http://www.fenellaashworth.com.


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her best known novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
Fenella also releases stories on BooksieSilk, Booksie, Lush Stories and Literotica, and is often visible in the Literotica ‘Erotic Couplings’ Hall of Fame (Top Rated).
Please sign up to her newsletter for the latest news, and access to freebies, including a copy of the recently published ‘Bad girls go to Heaven’.

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