The Art of Anonymity
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My first volume of shorter erotic stories is now available on Amazon.  ‘The Art of Anonymity’ is one of the stories in that publication….  Enjoy 🙂

Jo sighed with frustration as she made her way towards the checkout.  She’d taken the day off work with the specific intention of purchasing some desperately needed summer clothes and all she’d managed to find were a couple of packets of her favourite biscuits from the Food Hall.  Perhaps, she mused, idly picking off the nail varnish from her fingers, if she wasn’t so keen on biscuits, more of her older clothes would still fit her.  Her breasts had definitely increased in size recently, although her waist thankfully remained fairly trim…for now, at least.

Absentmindedly delving into her purse for some money whilst standing patiently in the queue, she found her attention unexpectedly drawn to the person ahead.  The man being served in front of her had the most gloriously taut, muscled ass she had ever had the fortune to lay her eyes on.  Subconsciously letting out a deep sigh of pleasure, her eyes willingly devoured the rest of him.  Dressed in a tight T-shirt, cargo pants and Timberland boots, his strong, powerful body seem to teasingly draw her in.  Jo admired his thick, muscular thighs, wide shoulders and strong arms and was almost grateful she couldn’t see his face which, in comparison, would probably be a disappointment.  After all, nobody was perfect.

As the stranger concluded his transaction, he bent down to pick up a number of bags beside his feet.  As well as enjoying more of that delicious ass, Jo watched the muscles tense in his suntanned arms as they took the strain. The vision caused a sudden image to appear in her mind; that same man, taking his weight on those sturdy arms, as he slowly entered her tight, willing body.  God, she needed to get laid if she’d started salivating over random strangers. As he turned to leave, she made the mistake of glancing up at him, causing a red flush of shame to tear across her neck as their eyes momentarily locked.  Jo felt her stomach flip as she took in his broad chest, flat stomach, perfectly messed-up black hair, chiselled features and deep brown eyes which seemed to drill down into her very soul to converse directly with her blatant desire.  Damn, perhaps there was such a thing as perfection after all because this man looked as close as was humanly possible.  Blinking her lustful eyes away, the moment was lost.  As she stepped forward to the counter, the man walked out of the shop.

Jo meandered along the high street in a state of shock, her heartrate slowly reducing back down to the norm.  At forty years old, surely she should have passed the stage of acting like a teenager, for goodness sake.  Having been divorced for nearly three years and failing on all fronts with the dating game, Jo was forced to admit she was more than a little sexually frustrated.  She’d been feeling increasingly horny over the past few months particularly, which she ascribed to the sunshine.  Summer always made her feel happy and carefree.  Clearly, she was just going to have to be brave and put herself out there, if her situation was ever going to improve.  But it was never that simple.  She simply wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of girl.  She didn’t just want sex; she wanted a connection, friendship and ultimately somebody to share her life.  And that was an altogether more difficult proposition.

Thoroughly distracted by thoughts of that incredibly sexy man swirling around her head, Jo wrote off the remainder of her shopping expedition as a bad job.  Returning to the car park, she lobbed the small number of purchases she’d made onto the back seat and dropped down gratefully behind the steering wheel. She wasn’t a natural shopper and found the process both tiring and extremely dull.  Inhaling deeply, she glanced into the rear view mirror.  Staring back at her was a wide-eyed, freckled woman with a messy bob haircut, which at this moment was a lot more messthan bob.  Sighing, she closed her eyes, providing an opportunity to centre herself and recover from her recent excitement.

As she slowly allowed her eyelids to open once again, she was shocked to find the cute guy walking in her direction.  Just before he reached her location, he shuffled his numerous purchases into one hand, unlocked a nearby car and deposited all of his purchases inside.  Then, grabbing a couple of empty bags, he set off in the direction of the supermarket, seemingly unaware that his delectable body was being closely observed with every step he took.

One thing about getting divorced and hitting the big four-oh, mused Jo as she grabbed a pen and paper, was that you really didn’t care too much what people thought anymore.  Recently, she’d found herself doing much more outrageous things than she would ever have done in her twenties.  She tried to console herself that it wasn’t a sign predicting the onset of madness, but rather suddenly being aware of the fact that life was there to be lived to the full.  Quickly scribbling a note, Jo walked across to the man’s car and slipped the paper under his front windscreen wiper.  Grinning, she hurried back to her own car, started up the engine and sped away, feeling like a naughty schoolgirl.

The car park exit was controlled by two automatic barriers, behind which a long queue of traffic had formed.  Jo craned her neck to try and see what the problem was. A parking attendant was beside one, stabbing an electronic keypad with his index finger, to no visible effect. The other barrier was clogged up by an embarrassed couple who had failed to pay for their parking prior to exit and were now attempting to reverse, very unsuccessfully.  Sighing, Jo pulled on the handbrake, cranked up the stereo and wound down the window in order to enjoy the glorious English summer’s day. This was clearly going to be a slow journey home.  Closing her eyes, she allowed the calming melodies of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out Loud’ to wash over her.

Jo was happily (and tunelessly) singing along to the lyrics about people falling in love in mysterious ways, when she became aware of movement nearby.  Her eyes hazily re-gained focus as she glanced in the side mirror, only to observe a pair of familiar-looking cargo pants making their steady way towards her. Gasping, a red flush of shame spread across her neck and chest which increased exponentially as their owner stopped beside the car door and squatted down.  Close up, it wasn’t just his butt that was cute; he was utterly gorgeous. A layer of stubble covered his chiselled face and Jo couldn’t help but be drawn into his dark eyes which were now on a level with her clear, blue ones.  Upon more careful observation, she noticed they had tiny flecks of gold in them, accompanied by long, sweeping lashes.  Just in case Jo wasn’t already utterly overwhelmed, he also smelt divine.

Leaning a muscled forearm on her car door, Jo quickly retracted her limbs, as though in danger of being burnt, lest their skin touch. Her stomach rolled over with a combination of horror and adrenalin as she observed him dragging out the note she had written from his back pocket.  Holding the note right in front of her, she re-read her brazen words.

“I wanted to let you know that you have the cutest butt I’ve ever seen.”

Feeling a mammoth wave of shame pass through her, Jo sat in silence, her mouth slightly open, words entirely failing her.

‘Hello,’ he said in a deep, rumbling tone, oozing sexuality.

‘Hi,’ replied Jo quietly, casting a glance down at her hands, her voice sounding unnaturally high.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ he demanded, wafting the note between them, his expression unreadable.

‘Umm…it was an anonymous compliment,’ she stuttered.

‘You’re not very accomplished in the art of anonymity, are you?’ he observed dryly.

‘I thought you’d gone,’ argued Jo.

‘I left something in my car.  I had to double back.’

Staring straight ahead, Jo suddenly realised that the flow of traffic had recommenced and felt a genuine rush of gratitude towards the car park attendant who had manage to fix the barrier.  Seeing a method of escape suddenly open up to her, she shifted her car into first gear.

‘Excuse me,’ she murmured.  The man raised one eyebrow questioningly, stood up and took a step back.  Jo pulled the car forwards a few meters, desperately hoping he’d get the hint.  He didn’t.  Her heart sank as she watched him in her mirror walk the few steps back towards her car.  As he squatted down once again, she noticed his eyes flick over her body before returning to her face.  Feeling very self-conscious, Jo smoothed her hands down her thighs to push her pretty summer dress firmly towards her knees, in order to prevent him getting another eyeful.

‘So, do you normally ogle men when you’re out shopping?’  His eyes drifted to the bags on her back seat.  ‘No wonder you haven’t managed to buy much.’

‘It wasn’t like that,’ replied Jo outraged.

‘Women have complained at men for years, saying we look at their breasts rather than their faces,’ he continued, looking firmly into Jo’s eyes as though to prove a point.  ‘And all the while, you’re staring at my butt.’

‘I was behind you!  It would have been impossible to look at your face,’ she argued.

‘So, do you often put notes like that on strange men’s cars?’

‘No, never,’ explained Jo.  ‘I just…couldn’t help myself.’

‘Why?’ he asked curiously.

‘Because…’ she started shyly before the words petered out.

‘Go on.’

‘Because your body was just so bloody perfect. And I thought how awful it would be if you didn’t realise.  I mean,’ she continued, the words tumbling from her mouth in her rush to explain.  ‘I’m sure you’re told often enough but there was a small chance you simply didn’t have any idea how…desirable you are. Excuse me, I must go now,’ Jo added, as she pulled the car closer to the exit barrier.  Once again, she watched him follow in her side mirror but this time, she became aware of a bulge in his cargo pants which certainly hadn’t been that pronounced earlier.  He dropped back down to her level for a third time.

‘So, it was an act of charity?’ asked the man, his lips twitching.  ‘A public service, if you will?’

‘Stop putting words into my mouth!’ complained Jo. The man stared intently at Jo’s mouth for a long moment, before dragging his eyes back up to hers.  His look was scorching and Jo could feel a dull pulse taking hold of her rapidly swelling pussy lips.  Subconsciously, she bit her lower lip as she watched him nod towards her empty front passenger seat.

‘Do you want me to come with you?’ he asked, a tiny grin flitting across his face, in recognition of the unintentional double entendre.

‘What?  No!’ exclaimed Jo.  ‘I don’t even know you!’

‘That wouldn’t take very long to remedy,’ he said in a low rumble.

‘You could be a psychopath!’

‘I could be.  Or I could be a psychologist,’ he chuckled.

‘Are you?’ demanded Jo.  Maddeningly, he wiggled his eyebrows and smiled.  ‘Maybe you’re a criminal,’ she added when he didn’t reply.

‘I might be.  Or maybe I’m a policeman.  Or both. The two are by no means mutually exclusive in my experience.  Tell me, do you always give people the benefit of the doubt in this way?’ he asked sarcastically.

‘Life’s taught me to be cautious,’ said Jo, trying to justify her pessimistic approach.

‘Hmm, I can’t blame you for that.  So?’ he asked, nodding towards the seat again.

‘No!’ said Jo defiantly.  Aside from the fact she knew nothing about him, he looked a damn sight younger than her and probably ten times fitter.  He’d wipe the floor with her.

‘Okay,’ he grinned.  ‘Well, thank you for the almost anonymous compliment.  It was nice to not quite meet you.’

‘But I don’t even know your name,’ stuttered Jo, as he began to stand.

‘And why would you need to know that?’ he asked. Realising she had no answer, Jo sat there mouthing like a goldfish.  After a moment, he shot her a wink, straightened up and walked away.  Jo watched him in her mirror until he was out of sight, her stomach twisting with unexpected regret.


            The following week, Jo was sitting in a bar, sipping a white wine spritzer with her best friend Kath.  The tinkling music, chatter and occasional rumble of the coffee percolator provided excellent low-level camouflage noise to enable a good gossip to take place without being overheard.

‘I still can’t believe you did that,’ chuckled Kath, shaking her head in disbelief.  ‘I would have died of embarrassment.’

‘I almost did,’ giggled Jo.  ‘But he wasn’t supposed to know who’d written it.’

‘Was he really that cute?’ grinned Kath.

‘Fuck, yeah,’ she sighed, staring dreamily out of their large window which overlooked the high street.  Jo had thought of him fairly continuously since their brief meeting, mostly to imagine what might have happened if she’d allowed him to climb into her car.  ‘He was seriouslyshaggable.’

‘You should have taken him up on his offer, then,’ giggled Kath.  ‘If anybody needs to get laid, it’s you.’

‘Yeah, thanks.  I really don’t need you to remind me of that,’ groaned Jo, her head in her hands.  ‘But the thought of being naked in front of somebody new…’

‘You’d be fine,’ soothed Kath.  ‘You’re in good shape and once the moment takes hold, I doubt you’d give it a second thought.’

‘Mmm, perhaps,’ replied Jo, sounding unconvinced.

‘We just need to find you a nice man.  How about that one?’ grinned Kath, nodding towards a young guy in his twenties, jogging past their window.

‘I think he’s more my speed,’ laughed Jo, pointing towards an octogenarian, cautiously crossing the road with his walking stick. ‘And if I could confiscate his glasses, I wouldn’t have to worry about him seeing my wobbly bits.’

‘Give over!’ giggled Kath, shoving her friend playfully on the shoulder.

As the two women continued to scour the high street for suitable victims, they found their attention unexpectedly diverted by a youth wearing a black hoodie and running at speed through the pedestrians. Suddenly, he tried to wrench a handbag from the grasp of a short, grey-haired lady.  Although she initially put up a good fight, he was clearly much stronger.  Pushing her violently away, she relinquished her hold on the bag and fell heavily to the pavement.  Within seconds however, the sprinting youth was intercepted by a man who ran towards him full pelt, rugby tackling him clean to the ground.  There looked to be quite a scuffle taking place between them, until the man smashed his fist straight across the mugger’s face, knocking him out cold.

‘Oh my God!’ exclaimed Kath, rising from her chair at the same time as Jo.  ‘That looks like Ivy Marsham.  She lives on my street.  I must go and help her.’  Grabbing her handbag and coat, Kath dashed out of the restaurant with Jo in hot pursuit.

‘Ivy?’ said Kath gently, as she dropped to her knees beside the older lady.  ‘Are you hurt?’

‘Only my pride, dear,’ gasped the woman rubbing her hip painfully, as police sirens blared onto the scene and the gathering crowd stepped back.  In the excitement which ensued, Jo and Kath slowly helped Ivy up onto a nearby bench to catch her breath and provided a preliminary description of what had taken place to a policeman.  In the distance, they could see the handcuffed mugger, who seemed to have partially regained consciousness, staggering into the back of a waiting ambulance.  As an evidence bag containing a knife was carried past them, it suddenly dawned on Jo that the outcome could have been a damn sight more serious.

‘Here you are, Ma’am,’ said a sergeant, returning to them with Ivy’s handbag.  ‘Now, if you’re absolutely sure you don’t require medical attention, then we’ll need to take a statement.  But we can do that back at your home, if you’d be more comfortable there?’

‘Yes, yes, I would prefer that,’ replied the trembling woman.  ‘But firstly, please can I thank the brave person who stopped that young man in his tracks?’

‘Yes, one moment.  I’ll just bring him over.  He’s an off duty police officer.’   As all eyes followed the sergeant to a group of men nearby, Jo found herself gasping in shock.

‘Oh my God!’ she groaned.

‘What’s the matter?’ asked Kath, her eyes snapping round to her friend.

‘It’s him,’ she croaked.  ‘The bloke in the car park.’

‘Oh Lord!’ breathed Kath as a slightly battered man strode confidently towards them, a bruised, blood-smeared cheek only slightly detracting from his astonishingly good looks.  ‘You’re right.  He is fuckinggorgeous,’ she grinned.

‘Hush!’ hissed Jo, her cheeks flaming with embarrassment.

‘This is the Detective Inspector, Ma’am,’ announced the officer in a respectful tone.

‘I’m just Simon today,’ he smiled in a self-depreciating manner.

‘Thank you so much,’ gushed Ivy, grasping his hand. ‘That was awfully brave.  How can I ever thank you?’

‘You don’t need to,’ he replied, casting a curious glance towards Jo before returning his full attention to Ivy. ‘It’s part and parcel of the job. Are you okay?’

‘I am, thanks to you,’ she admitted.  ‘But I would have been feeling ever so sorry for myself otherwise.’


            Half an hour later, much of the excitement had abated.  Kath, Jo and a number of other bystanders had provided witness statements and Ivy had been accompanied home.

‘Are we allowed to leave now?’ Kath asked Simon as he walked towards them.

‘Yeah.  We have your details.  Thanks very much.  We can all go home now.’

‘Will you be okay?’ asked a concerned Jo. Simon was looking a little worse for wear after his scuffle.  The adrenalin had obviously dispersed and Jo felt he looked tired and in some pain.

‘I’m good thanks,’ he nodded.

‘You aren’t going to be alone tonight, are you?’ asked Jo.  Hearing Kath snigger beside her and watching Simon’s face break out into a broad smile, she immediately realised her faux pas.  ‘What I mean is…’ she stumbled.  ‘I don’t think you should drive yourself back.  I don’t think you should be alone.’

‘Are you offering to take me home, then?’ he teased.

‘If you like,’ joked Jo, not really expecting him to take her up on the offer.

‘I’d like that very much,’ he replied immediately, shooting her a hungry look.  Jo glanced across at her friend for support, but Kath was too busy shaking with laughter to offer any.

‘I think that’s my signal to leave. Goodnight both,’ giggled Kath, giving her friend a big hug.  ‘And I want all the details tomorrow,’ she whispered before squeezing her tightly and walking away.

‘Have you eaten?’ asked Simon.  ‘I’m suddenly feeling in desperate need of a Chinese takeaway.’

‘Sounds great.  There’s a good one recently opened in the high street.  The Golden Dragon?’ explained Jo, surprised at quite how forward she was being and knowing that his confidence rubbing off on her was a major influence.

‘After you, then,’ smiled Simon, holding out his hand and tilting his head slightly.


            The atmosphere inside the restaurant was tranquil. The air was cool, dark and still whilst the air filtration unit from the nearby fish tank provided a soothing backdrop of gently bubbling water.  Once their order had been placed, Jo migrated towards the seating area provided and dropped down gratefully onto the sofa.

‘Look, do you mind if I just go and clean up?’ asked Simon, gesturing towards his face which was still smudged with dirt and his own dried blood.

‘Of course not,’ said Jo quickly.  ‘I’ll wait here.’  Nodding, Simon walked towards the restroom as Jo’s phone vibrated for the fifth time in as many minutes.  Grabbing it from her bag, she scrolled through her messages bemused, shaking her head at her friend’s antics.  Kath was clearly finding it difficult to contain herself.  Her texts ranged from “OMG he is FUCKING gorgeous!” to “What’s happening?  Tell me! TELL ME!”

“We’re just grabbing a Chinese takeaway. Nothing to tell.  Speak soon x” typed Jo, knowing that Kath wouldn’t be able to leave it there.  Sure enough, within only a matter of minutes, a new message had appeared in her inbox.

“You have SO GOT TO SHAG HIM!!!!!!”  Jo giggled and looked around to ensure she was still on her own, before typing back a reply.

“Don’t be ridiculous.  I barely know him.”  She pressed ‘send’ with a flourish and dropped the phone back into her bag.

‘Anything I can do, to help you know me better?’ asked Simon, sitting down quietly beside her.  Jo gasped and turned an unattractive shade of puce.  ‘Sorry, I couldn’t help but see your message.’

‘I’m sorry.  It’s Kath.  She’s…’

‘Disturbed?  Unhinged? Mentally deranged?’ grinned Simon.

‘No,’ giggled Jo.  ‘Well, actually sometimes, yes.  All of the above.  I guess she’s just trying to encourage me to…live a little.’

‘And why would she need to do that?’ asked Simon gently.

‘Oh, you know…’ began Jo quietly.

‘No, I don’t,’ replied Simon, shaking his head.

‘Well, I got divorced a few years back and…well…I’ve been on my own ever since.’


‘Because I’m not cut out for casual affairs, I guess,’ smiled Jo.  ‘Now, why don’t we talk about something else?’

‘Because I rather like talking about you,’ said Simon, standing up to collect their takeaway order which had just been called. They walked in silence back to Jo’s car. As she pulled away, it suddenly dawned on her that she was transporting a serving police officer, so probably ought to observe the rules of the road a little more closely than usual.  Her right foot tended to be a little heavy during times of stress…and this definitely counted as one of those.

They drove along in silence for a short time. Jo was aware of taking short, sharp, apprehensive breaths yet seemed unable to prevent herself from doing so. She was also conscious of being closely watched.

‘Do you wanna fuck me?’ asked Simon as they waited to pull out of a junction.  Jo gasped with shock, her foot slipping on the clutch and stalling the engine.

‘Umm…’ said Jo, playing for time as her cheeks flamed once more.  Turning the ignition back on and slowly pulling forwards, her brain kicked into gear. This whole situation had started because she’d been bold and honest.  Why stop now?  ‘Who wouldn’t?’ she muttered, glad that concentrating on the road made it impossible to look at him.

‘And do you want me to fuck you?’

‘Oh God, yeah,’ she breathed, eyes half closed, clenching the steering wheel tightly at the mere thought of it.

‘Sorry.  I’m not great at sub-text,’ explained Simon.  ‘I prefer straight talking.’

‘You don’t say,’ breathed Jo.

‘You’re very honest, you know?’ observed Simon. ‘I spend most of my life trying to read people.  Trying to decipher to what extent they’re lying to me.  You’re an exceptionally refreshing change.’

‘I’m too honest,’ said Jo quietly.

‘There’s no such thing as too honest, as far as I’m concerned.  I live up the next road on your right, by the way,’ said Simon, providing Jo with directions on where to park.  As they pulled into a large driveway, Jo cut the engine and slowly exhaled.

‘Nice place,’ she observed, admiring the large bungalow framed with pretty gardens that were frothing over with flowers.

‘Thanks.  Come on, let’s get inside.  I’m ravenous.’


            ‘So,’ began Simon, once the takeaway had been demolished and they’d made impressive in-roads into a Strawberry Pavlova he’d found loitering in his fridge.  ‘Is there anything I can do, to help you get to know me better?’

‘I don’t think so,’ said Jo quietly.

‘How about one minute of questions and answers? For one minute, you ask me whatever questions you want and I have to answer truthfully.  And then we switch places.’

‘Ummm, if you like…’

‘It’s either that or Simon says,’ he grinned.

‘Your first suggestion is fine,’ said Jo quickly. She could envisage a game of “Simon Says” being seriously detrimental to her mental health.

‘You ask first then,’ smiled Simon.  ‘Your time starts now,’ he added, glancing at his watch.

‘Ummm…Full name?

‘Simon Derby.’



‘Really?’ asked Jo, slightly taken aback.  ‘You look much younger.’

‘Thanks,’ he grinned.  ‘But yes, really.’

‘And you work for the police?’

‘Yes,’ he confirmed, pulling his wallet out of his pocket and passing it across to her.  It felt reassuringly heavy and as Jo opened it, she could see his metal warrant card, along with a set of credit and bank cards on the opposite side.  ‘I joined the police service straight out of university.  I’ve worked in CID…the criminal investigation department…for about ten years now.’

‘And you’re single,’ Jo asked hesitantly, appreciating it wasn’t a given.

‘Of course,’ replied Simon, sending her a questioning look.  ‘Ten seconds remaining,’ he added, glancing down at his watch.

‘Oh!  Okay,’ said Jo, quickly weighing up whether she should dare to ask her final question and deciding she should.  ‘What do you want from me?’

‘That’s more like it,’ grinned Simon.  ‘I want… I’d really like… to see more of you.  A lot more of you.’

‘Why?’ she croaked.

‘You sure you want the entire truth to that question?’ he confirmed quietly.

‘Um…yes.  I think so.’

‘Because you’re extraordinarily sexy,’ he murmured. ‘And since we met in the car park last week, I’ve thought of precious little, except how wonderful it would be to rock myself relentlessly inside your amazing body and mercilessly drive you to orgasm over and over and over again.’

Although Jo did her best to reply to Simon’s pronouncement, her astonished response never managed to crawl any further than the base of her throat.  Staring at him in disbelief, she was embarrassingly aware of her tight, hard nipples and the blood suddenly pumping to her pussy lips in hopeful anticipation.

‘Time’s up,’ grinned Simon, enjoying watching her physical reactions.  ‘And just so you’re pre-warned, all of my questions are going to be a lot more personal than yours.  Ready?’

Jo nodded, still lacking the capacity to converse but hoping that the ability might return to her shortly.

‘Good.  When did you last have sex?’ asked Simon in a self-assured way.

‘Wow,’ breathed Jo.  ‘You weren’t kidding about asking personal questions.’

‘Well?’ asked Simon, smiling kindly.

‘When I split up from my husband so…I don’t know… over three years ago?’

‘And why haven’t you had sex since then?’

‘Oh God, a multitude of reasons,’ said Jo expansively.

‘Such as?’

‘My body’s not great,’ said Jo quietly.

‘You are kidding me, right?’ said Simon, with an astonished look on his face.  ‘You’re beautiful.’  Jo dropped her head in gratitude at his compliment but couldn’t find the right words to respond.  ‘What else?’ asked Simon after a moment.

‘I couldn’t just have sex with anybody.  It would need to mean something, for me at least.’

‘You’re not the kind of person to sleep around. That’s a very attractive trait.’

‘Yeah, maybe,’ sighed Jo.  ‘But it does mean I’m horribly out of practice.’

‘Nothing some time with me wouldn’t fix,’ he chuckled. ‘So, will you stay with me tonight?’

‘No!’ yelped Jo, quite unprepared for such an upfront conversation.

‘I thought you said I shouldn’t be alone,’ smiled Simon.

‘I didn’t mean it like that!’

‘Pity,’ he sighed.  ‘If it helps, I grew out of meaningless sex in my twenties.  Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a one night stand kind of guy.’

‘You’re…’ said Jo, pausing.



‘A whole year, wow!’ he said jokingly.

‘And clearly you’re much fitter and more experienced than me,’ continued Jo unperturbed.  ‘I’d be a disappointment.’

‘Please don’t say that,’ murmured Simon. ‘Nothing about you could disappoint me.’

‘I’d better go,’ said Jo, suddenly standing up and shrugging on her jacket.

‘You could,’ agreed Simon.  ‘Although my preference is for you to stay.’

‘And do what?’ stuttered Jo.  Simon gave her an old-fashioned look which drove adrenaline around her body at a terrifying speed.

‘What do you think?’ he grinned.  ‘I know you’re attracted to me.  I can assure you, the feeling’s entirely mutual.  I reckon we’d be fantastic together.  Don’t you?’

‘I’m sorry,’ said Jo, shaking her head and backing out of the room.  ‘I…I must go. But thank you for dinner.’  As she stood in the hallway and fiddled with her keys, Simon opened the front door.

            ‘You’re most welcome,’ he smiled.  With her heart pumping wildly, Jo dared to glance briefly up into his eyes before she nodded and rushed out of his house.  Simon stood calmly and watched her leave.  As she got into her car, Jo looked back towards his house to see him raise his hand to wave goodbye and then close the door. Taking a painfully deep breath, Jo closed her eyes and exhaled slowly through pursed lips.  Had she just made a magnificently catastrophic mistake?


            For close to ten minutes, she sat quietly in her car, wondering how to summon up the courage to do what she desperately wanted to do; return to Simon’s home and allow the activity which he’d been hinting at since they first met to occur.  On legs which were barely able to hold her upright, Jo eventually stumbled back across the driveway and knocked quietly on the front door.  It was a minute or so before Simon appeared and when he did, it was clear what the delay had been.  He was dressed in only his fly-button Levi jeans, torn at the knees, scuffed at the base, holding a towel in his hand.  Jo guessed she’d disturbed him getting into the shower.

With her mouth wide open in disbelief, her gaze drifted slowly across his tanned, muscled chest and incredibly well-sculpted six-pack.  When her eyes eventually rose to meet his, they looked at each other long and hard. He saw the obvious battle taking place within her; the uncertainty in her body language coupled with the desire in her eyes.  Unable to speak, Jo was just about to make her apologies and leave once again when Simon stepped forwards, grabbed her hand and pulled her into his home.

As their skin touched for the first time, Jo gasped loudly, a zing of yearning passing straight through her.  The warm pressure of his hand spoke subconsciously to her body, suggesting all the indecent things he wanted to do to her, making words entirely redundant.  Without letting go, Simon threw the towel down on a chair, locked the door and took a step towards Jo.  As though taking part in a well-choreographed dance, she took a corresponding step backwards, finding herself pressed up hard against the wall.  Simon took one more step forwards and with a wildly pounding heart, Jo felt his hips trap her firmly in place.  Slowly looking up into his eyes, she inhaled swiftly, her mouth feeling desperately dry.  Realising that his face was gradually moving closer and closer to hers, she closed her eyes, accepting the inevitable.  However, instead of kissing her lips, Simon dropped his mouth to her ear.

‘Make me believe this is what you really want,’ he murmured, before placing a scorching line of kisses down Jo’s neck. A wave of goosebumps ricocheted across her body and Jo could feel her nipples standing to attention as blood rushed to her core.

‘This is what I really want,’ she groaned, the hand not cradled in his, tightening into a clenched fist as she desperately tried to process the intensity of the feelings she was experiencing.

‘Mmmm,’ replied Simon, retracting from her body and stepping back, although still maintaining hand contact.  ‘Sorry, but I’m not convinced.’  Shaking, Jo felt as though a warm blanket had been whisked away from her body, exposing her to an icy blast of air.  Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked questioningly at him.

‘You want me to leave?’ she asked, trying not to allow the hurt she felt to reflect in her voice.  Simon didn’t answer at first, but simply gazed at her thoughtfully.

‘I want to know why you’re being so passive. You haven’t been up to now.  You just want to lay back and let me screw you?’

‘No.  I’m sorry,’ stuttered Jo.  ‘I’ll go.’

‘You can run away if you like,’ said Simon gently. ‘Or you can face up to this and be honest.’

‘I find you…overwhelmingly sexy and you intimidate the hell out of me.’

‘I’m not sure that answers my question,’ he said, starting to slowly rotate his thumb around Jo’s sensitive palm and making concentrating on their conversation almost impossible.

‘And…I’ve only ever slept with my ex-husband,’ sighed a mortified Jo.  ‘He always took the lead…took whatever he wanted actually and…I just tended to let him.’

‘Okay,’ said Simon, squeezing her hand reassuringly. ‘That makes more sense.  I think I understand.’  Taking a step closer, Jo found him pressed back against her body and her logical brain vacated the vicinity.  ‘Don’t get me wrong,’ he said, his eyes flicking over her lips, before returning to meet her gaze.  ‘I’d be extremely happy to take control of you.  But I do enjoy a fair fight, at least initially.’  The immediate impact of his words started a dull thud in Jo’s abdomen and she nodded almost imperceptibly.

Bravely lifting her hand, she placed it tentatively on Simon’s hip before allowing her fingers to slowly slide back across his jeans and grasp his taut ass.  A small groan of pleasure left Simon’s lips and he flicked her a swift smile, whilst Jo began to knead her fingertips into his tight, hard muscles.  Growing in confidence, she pulled his body against hers and heir mouths naturally fell together.  The sensation was electric as Jo gradually explored his soft, moist lips, gently sliding her sensitive mouth across his, revelling in the sensations, allowing them to slowly build.

Up to that point, Simon had been a largely submissive participant, allowing Jo to slowly grow in confidence.  But now, feeling her hesitate as she clearly wanted more but was unsure how to ask for it, he began to release the brake. Opening her mouth a little more, Jo’s tongue skimmed across his top lip, providing Simon with all the encouragement he required.  Wrapping his hand around the back of her neck, he gently pulled her further into him, in order to deepen and intensify their kiss.

As he opened his mouth to hers, a groan of pleasure reverberated low down within his throat, as their wet, sensitive tongues slid across each other for the first time.  Grateful to be pinned between the wall and Simon’s body, Jo felt her knees tremble and almost give way.  Grasping his ass tightly, Jo gave back everything she received in return and then some.  So this is what it’s like, she thought, as the rhythmic pattern of their dancing tongues pushed Jo into an ecstatic, dreamy state.  This is what real, earth-shattering passion actually feels like.

Unlinking their fingers, Jo allowed both of her hands to glide up his glorious body, across his well-muscled, naked torso, clearly defined chest and muscular shoulders.  His skin felt soft and warm against her fingertips and, thrillingly, she sensed his body tighten as her touch meandered wherever it wished.  When her fingers eventually reached his neck, they sank into his thick, soft hair and pulled his head even deeper towards her, groaning with the incomprehensible yet indisputable indulgence of it all.

With his hand now released, Simon placed it gently on Jo’s hip and began to stroke the pad of his thumb across the side of her abdomen in regular, even circles which matched the rhythmic pattern of his tongue moving within her mouth.  Feeling her eyes roll back from the inexpressible pleasure of the situation in which she found herself, Jo groaned deeply and gave herself up to this amazing man.  At that point in time, if he’d asked her for anything, she would have given it to him.  No questions asked.

Jo didn’t know how long they stood in his hallway, snogging like two lustful teenagers, neither seemingly willing to take the next step.  Eventually, however, Simon’s hands began to migrate across Jo’s lower back to cup her ass. Without ever breaking their kiss, he slowly lifted her weight easily in his hands, sliding her up his body until her hips rested just above his.  As naturally as breathing, Jo automatically opened her legs and wrapped them tightly around his waist, the passion flowing through her body making her fingers grip his hair even tighter.

Remaining lip to lip, Simon carried her through his house, as though she weighed nothing.  Unwilling to break the moment, Jo simply trusted him and kept her eyes closed, lost in the glory of their coupling and the sensation of being held aloft by such a powerful man.  He made her feel secure, safe and unusually feminine.  She also felt unbearably horny.  Having been deliberately positioned by Simon, Jo could feel his obvious arousal through the thin fabric of her underwear with every step he took.

When Jo was finally lowered to the floor onto shaking legs, she opened her eyes to find herself in a clean, airy and luxurious bathroom with a huge walk-in shower.  Wordlessly, Simon turned on the gushing water, before dropping to his knees and carefully unbuckling the delicate straps of Jo’s sandals.  Once both shoes had been dispatched with, he looked up at her disbelieving face from his low vantage point and ever so slowly slid his hands up the outside of her legs.  Captured by his gaze, Jo felt his hands travel past her ankles, calves, and knees before pushing the tiny, fine hairs on her thighs in the opposite direction to that which they were intended, sliding under the hem of her sundress. Jo’s eyes grew wider and wider as he progressed, until his fingers finally reached her underwear.

‘Fuck,’ she breathed, panting deeply.

Smiling affectionately, Simon hooked his fingers under the waist of her panties before sliding them slowly down to the floor. As Jo stepped out of them, she noticed a thin layer of arousal evident on the inside of the material and blushed.

‘Mmm,’ grinned Simon, sliding his thumb across the moist garment.  ‘You’ll be a whole lot worse by the time I eventually slide myself inside you later tonight.’  Pushing her panties into the back pocket of his jeans, he stood behind Jo, locking eyes with her through the large mirror in front of them.

‘I’m going to tease you more than you can currently comprehend,’ whispered Simon into her ear, removing her jacket before unfastening the zip running down the length of her back.  Jo stared back at him, unable to think, unable to speak, unable to look away.  ‘You’ll be desperate for me,’ he explained, removing the straps of her dress from her shoulders.  ‘Begging,’ he growled, letting go of the dress altogether so it slid onto the floor in a pile around her feet.  Standing there in just her bra, feeling more than a little vulnerable, Jo suddenly felt unwilling to allow him to call all the shots, despite finding his sexuality completely overwhelming.  He wanted a fair fight, after all.  Deciding to challenge him, she looked directly back at him contemplatively.

‘Lucky you’re looking in the mirror because you took the words right out of my mouth,’ she said, her eyes dancing with a spark she wasn’t sure she’d ever noticed before.  A delighted smile crossed Simon’s face, which momentarily changed to shock when he felt Jo’s hands slide behind her to rest between their bodies.  As she unfastened his belt and set to work on the button-fly of his jeans, Simon recovered.  Not willing to be outdone, he unhooked her bra with practiced ease and slid the straps gently from her shoulders.  As his jeans and heavy belt buckle fell to the floor with a satisfying clunk, Simon smoothly allowed Jo’s bra to fall away from her body and exposed her hard, sensitive nipples and rounded breasts.

‘Mmmm, so beautiful,’ sighed Simon, gazing in admiration at the reflection presented to him in the mirror.  It became immediately obvious to Jo that Simon wasn’t wearing any underwear, when she pressed her body back against him and his warm, erect cock nuzzled against her soft buttocks.  Dropping her hands down, Jo ran her nails lightly up his solid thighs, revelling in the sharp intake of breath she heard him make.  She could feel his cock twitch urgently against her as his pupils dilated lustily in the mirror.

Unwilling to be in the passenger seat, Simon’s hands started to stroke Jo’s stomach.  He skimmed his way around her tummy button, circling unbearably slowly along her bikini line and the underside of her breasts until she was gasping for clemency. Watching every movement of his hands with disbelief, Jo’s entire body began to tremble with need.  She could literally feel the arousal running down the inside of her tingling pussy lips and he had barely laid a finger on her . ‘Come on,’ he murmured eventually, capturing her wrists and directing her towards the shower.  ‘Let’s get really dirty.’

As they drifted into the shower cubicle, Jo felt immediately invigorated by the hot water gushing over her body.  She was also surprised to find that she didn’t mind being naked in front of Simon.  He seemed to find her genuinely attractive and his positive attitude was infectious. Besides, she had his divine, naked body to gaze at which currently required all of her attention.

‘Here,’ murmured Simon, squeezing a dollop of fruity, orange shower gel into Jo’s hands.  As she turned and glanced down, her eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to Simon’s magnificent cock.  The sight of him immediately caused a rush of heat to pass through her abdomen as all of her internal muscles clenched tightly in expectation.  He looked much bigger than her ex-husband, both in length and girth.  She felt a moment of hesitation, unable to comprehend how her body which was so very out of practice, could possibly accommodate him.

‘Thanks,’ she replied, shakily lifting her hands and tenderly rubbing his shoulders and arms to make a frothy lather.  Working steadily across his body, she noticed Simon’s chest expand rapidly as he inhaled a huge sigh of contentment.

‘My turn,’ he said after a short while, squeezing a dollop of shower gel into his own hand and lathering up Jo’s shoulders and arms in exactly the same way.  As his fingers ground blissfully into the deep muscles of Jo’s shoulders she gasped with pleasure before exhaling slow and deep.  God, he had talented hands.  ‘Swap?’ he suggested after a while, holding the shower gel out for Jo once again.

This time, she massaged the bubbles into his chest and stomach, enjoying the hard, muscled feel of his delectable body and the narrow line of hair which pointed teasingly down his abdomen.  As Jo finished and he held out his hand for some shower gel, she suddenly realised where this was going; within seconds, she knew Simon would be touching her breasts for the first time.  As he teasingly lathered his hands together in preparation, Jo could feel her body start to tremble with anticipation.

‘Turn around,’ instructed Simon.  Jo did as she’d been told, facing away.  Before she had chance to think, Simon had positioned his hard form right up against her back.  His skin slipped teasingly across hers before she felt his warm, soapy hands move from her ribs and straight up across her breasts in long, caressing, circular strokes.

‘Oh my God,’ she gasped, almost stumbling over at the sheer erotic power of his wet hands sliding over her body.

‘You have a beautiful body, Jo,’ he murmured, straightening out his hands and rubbing the flat of his palms in circles around the very tip of her sensitive nipples, quickly steadying her, as her knees started to buckle.  Leaving one arm around her waist, with his spare hand, he placed his thumb and forefinger either side of her nipple and started to systematically squeeze his way around the needy flesh.

‘Aaaaaahhhhhh,’ she cried, a blast of heat shooting across her abdomen as her pussy lips became ever more swollen.

‘I can’t wait until I wrap my mouth around you here,’ he explained.  ‘I’m going to force you to lose control using my lips.  And my tongue.  And my teeth.’  Slowly releasing her, he held out the shower gel.  ‘Your turn?’

‘Yeah,’ she gasped, a wave of passion blocking out any thought of shyness.  ‘Turn around, hands on the wall and spread your legs.’  Raising a questioning eyebrow, Simon slowly turned and complied with her order.  Jo immediately recommenced soaping his body, working her hands thoroughly over his shoulders and back, revelling in the feel of him.  Throwing his head back in the stream of water, he rubbed his hands across his face and hair, before returning his hand to the wall and his attention to Jo’s soft, soothing touch.  Upon reaching his divine ass, rivulets of water running across the soft skin, her hands slowly ground to a halt.

‘Problem?’ smiled Simon.

‘Yeah, big problem,’ said Jo seriously.  ‘I’ve run out of soap.’  Chuckling, Simon grabbed the shower gel and passed it over his shoulder.

‘Thanks,’ she grinned, lathering up her hands before allowing a finger to trail through the valley of his ass.  Simon’s buttocks clenched as he hissed with desire, before both her hands skimmed the back of his balls, gradually sinking further down his body to soap his legs.

‘You’ve missed a bit,’ said Simon with a wicked grin, as Jo stood back up once more.

‘So I have,’ she replied, squeezing another dollop of shower gel into her hand.  Stretching her arm around to the front of his body, she wrapped her palm firmly around Simon’s thick shaft and dragged the pad of her thumb across the swollen, taut head.

‘Oh fuck,’ he groaned, his forehead falling forwards to rest against the shower wall.

‘Mmm,’ murmured Jo, excited to observe such a pleasurable reaction.  Stroking the length of his thick shaft, she built him up into a slow, steady rhythm as her other hand softly massaged his balls.  The only noises for some time were the endless pounding of steaming water against their bodies and the occasional pleasurable groan from both of them.

‘My turn now,’ moaned Simon at last, heading unbearably close to climax.  ‘Because I desperately want to be inside you when I come for the first time.’  Jo slowly relinquished her hold over him, somewhat disappointed that her fun was being halted.  ‘Swap places?’  It was, therefore, only a few seconds later, that Jo found herself in that same vulnerable position, awaiting the start of what would undoubtedly be one of the most incredible experiences of her life so far.  Simon started by gently massaging the deep muscles in her shoulders before trailing his fingers teasingly down her spine.  He eventually allowed one finger to slide straight over her tightly clenched anus.

‘Simon!’ she gasped, as he began to push his slippery, wet fingers against her.

‘Open your legs wider,’ he instructed in an authoritative voice.  ‘Better,’ he said soothingly as Jo did as she’d been told.  Changing to dragging his fingers up the inside of her knees, occasionally skimming across her curls, Jo progressed to muttering random, unintelligible words.  Her reaction strengthened when Simon allowed a finger to drift momentarily through the wet channel of her lips.

‘Oh!’ she squealed, her hands balling into tight fists as her hips shot forwards.

‘You’re gorgeous,’ sighed Simon as he leaned up against her back and his wet, soapy hands began to explore much more thoroughly, rotating across her abdomen before dropping down her body once more.  As his long, inquisitive fingers slipped over her ass, Jo groaned.  Each touch he made seemed magnified as his body spoke to hers in its own silent language. When Simon slid two fingers along either side of her swollen, sensitive clit, whilst his other hand played around her tight, wet entrance, Jo’s longing overwhelmed her.

‘Fuck me!’ she gasped, her shuddering body jerking uncontrollably.

‘Is that an instruction?’ smiled Simon, returning his fingers to repeat the exact sequence which had caused such a powerful reaction.

‘Oh God, yes!’ groaned Jo.  ‘What are you doing to me?’

‘I’m enjoying you.  I did warn you that I was going to make you wait, didn’t I?  And plead,’ he growled in a low voice, clearly revelling in the way Jo’s body was responding to his teasing.  ‘And beg.’

‘Why?’ gasped Jo, as Simon pushed the very tip of his finger inside her.

‘Because I can,’ he said simply as Jo arched her body towards him with a deep groan.  ‘Because it will heighten your pleasure.  And mine. And because I want to give you the most amazing night of your life.’

‘Why would you want to do that?’ she whimpered.

‘To make sure you want to come back for more, of course,’ he grinned.  ‘Now, shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?’


            Feeling exhilarated and petrified in equal measure, Jo wrapped herself in a towel and allowed Simon to lead her through to his bedroom; an airy, high-ceilinged room containing a huge bed.  With a towel slung casually around his hips, Simon left her standing beside the bed as he went across to the sash window and closed the curtains.  As he walked back towards her, Jo felt her stomach drop.

‘I’m sorry,’ she stuttered, as Simon stood in front of her.  ‘This suddenly feels like a bad idea.’

‘You’re mistaken,’ he murmured softly.  ‘This is an excellent idea.’  Raising his hand, he gently pushed a lock of Jo’s hair away from her face.  ‘In my job, I often have to operate on gut instinct.  I have to make split second decisions regularly and I’m good at it.’

‘And so modest too,’ teased Jo.  Simon shrugged.

‘I’m not ashamed to admit when I’m good at something.  And I’m confident that by the end of tonight, you’ll be saying I’m good at quite a number of things,’ he grinned.  ‘What isthat noise?’

‘I’m sorry,’ frowned Jo.  ‘I think it’s my phone.’

‘Kath?’ asked Simon with a wry smile.

‘Probably,’ nodded Jo.  Striding back into the bathroom, Simon rescued Jo’s chiming phone from her discarded clothing.  ‘Do you mind if I reply?’ he asked.

‘Um…Okay.’  Chuckling, Simon quickly typed out a reply to Kath and hit send with a flourish.

‘Do you want to read it.  And then I suggest we both turn off our phones.  I want to dedicate every ounce of my focus and concentration to pleasing you.’  Passing Jo her phone, Simon grabbed his from the bedside table and turned the power off. Skimming the message, Jo blushed deeply at the text he had just sent.

“Hi Kath.  Simon here.  I’m just about to make your friend a very happy woman.  Find out all the gory details tomorrow.  But leave it until after lunch because she’s going to be up most of the night.”

Knowing she should comment but entirely lost for words, Jo simply stared at Simon, opening and closing her mouth like a startled goldfish.  Simon removed the phone from her clasped hand, turned it off and placed it carefully on the bedside table.

‘Now,’ he said quietly, pulling her gently down onto the bed.  ‘Where were we?’

‘I was just about to explain why this was a bad idea,’ groaned Jo as Simon gently edged the towel away from her body.

‘And why is that?’ asked Simon, dropping his head and kissing slowly along her collarbone.

‘Because I don’t do casual sex,’ she croaked, running a hand through his hair as his mouth diverted down her body and hovered over a taut nipple.

‘And who’s classifying this as casual?’ he murmured before running his tongue across the intended target, causing Jo to flinch at such intense sensations.

‘I stuck a note on your car and then we randomly ran into each other today,’ gasped Jo as his tongue was replaced by gently compressing teeth.  ‘I’m not sure it could be any more casual,’ she squeaked.

‘You make it sound as though this is all one sided,’ murmured Simon, as he slowly kissed and nibbled his way across to her other nipple which was begging for his touch.

‘Isn’t it?’

‘Certainly not.  I can’t promise white lace and church bells, but I can promise that I want you just as much as you want me.  And that I don’t just want you for one night.’  Gazing up into Jo’s eyes, Simon could tell she wasn’t convinced. After a moment of hesitation, he grabbed his phone from the bedside table.

‘I really shouldn’t be showing you this,’ he said quietly.  ‘You could get me into some severe shit, as well as getting me sacked from work.’

‘Sounds serious,’ said Jo inquisitively, thinking she’d much prefer to have him in the sack than have him sacked.

‘It is,’ he sighed, passing over his mobile phone.

‘What am I looking at?’ she asked, gazing at the screen.

‘On the day we met in the car park, I had your car PNC’d.’

‘PNC’d?’ queried Jo.

‘Stands for Police National Computer,’ explained Simon.

‘This is my criminal record?’ asked Jo fascinated, scrolling through the screen.

‘No,’ chuckled Simon.  ‘Because you don’t have a criminal record.  You’re a good girl, aren’t you?’

‘Most of the time,’ smiled Jo.  ‘But I am capable of being led astray.’

‘I’m very pleased to hear it.  I wanted to find out more about you.  Your name, where you live…’

‘And what were you planning to do with that information?’ breathed Jo.

‘I hadn’t got that far,’ he admitted.  ‘I just knew I had to find a way to see you again.’


‘But what I did was illegal.  It contravenes UK data protection laws and a hundred other rules I am legally obliged to abide by.’


‘Exactly,’ agreed Simon, switching his phone back off. ‘But don’t you see?  I wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you.  I would have thought my rather up-front suggestion I made in the car park was evidence of that.  This thing we’re experiencing, Jo…it’s definitely not one sided.’

‘So I could get you into a lot of trouble?’ she murmured, gliding her hands across his broad chest.

‘You could,’ he growled, cupping her cheek in his hand and pulling her towards his mouth.  ‘But I think I can trust you to keep my secrets, can’t I?’

‘Yes,’ she breathed, as their lips clashed and they began to devour each other, silenced with the intensity of their passion. As their kiss lengthened, their hands began to explore each other’s bodies more fully until Simon rolled them over, his weight trapping Jo firmly below him, his rock-hard erection digging into the soft flesh of her thigh.  Placing his hands on either side of her, Simon held his weight on his strong arms as he broke their kiss and slowly began to place butterfly kisses down Jo’s neck and across her chest.

‘I have been dying to do this,’ he sighed, continuing a path down Jo’s ribs and across the supple, tender skin of her tummy. As his mouth hovered above the most sensitive part of her body, Simon gently encouraged Jo to open her legs to him.

‘No!’ breathed Jo, shaking with unexploited longing.

‘You remember I said I was good at a number of things?’ teased Simon, positioning his body between her legs, forcing Jo to remain wide open to him.  ‘Well, this is definitely one of them.’

‘I don’t want you to,’ explained a panicking Jo, trying unsuccessfully to wiggle away from the vulnerable position in which she suddenly found herself.

‘Why?’ asked Simon gently, keeping hold of her hips to prevent her escape.

‘My husband tried to go down on me a couple of times…very unsuccessfully.  He didn’t like doing it.’

‘Is that the only reason you don’t want me to try? Because another man didn’t enjoy it?’

‘Uh-huh,’ nodded Jo sadly.

‘Will you give me just ten seconds?  After that, if you don’t want me to continue, then I’ll stop.’

‘I suppose,’ gasped Jo, able to feel his warm breath against her exposed skin.

‘Count down from ten out loud for me, then,’ instructed Simon, placing soft, butterfly kisses around the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, causing Jo to gasp in surprise.  ‘And try to relax,’ groaned Simon pleasurably, as he lazily lapped his tongue lightly through Jo’s deep, wet channel.

‘Oh Jeez-us!’ roared Jo, her body leaping off the bed as though she’d been electrocuted.

‘Ten?’ queried Simon.

‘Ten,’ groaned Jo.

‘Good, keep going.’

‘Nine,’ breathed Jo.  Smiling to himself, Simon massaged his way along her swollen inner lips, before circling his tongue across the hot liquid pool.  When he began to gently rock his tongue deeper and deeper inside her with every movement, Jo could happily have died and gone straight to heaven.  Bellowing with pleasure, her body tightened around the unusual but amazing sensations she could feel inside her.  Eventually releasing one of his hands from Jo’s hip, Simon positioned his fingers adjacent to her tightly clenched entrance, as he slowly lapped his way closer and closer towards her pleasure centre.  Just before impacting the base of her swollen, throbbing clit, he pulled his head away.

‘Even though you seemed to stop counting almost before you’d begun,’ he grinned.  ‘The time you allocated to me is definitely up.  Would you like me to stop?’

‘Don’t you fucking dare!’ Jo immediately moaned. ‘Please.  Please don’t stop.’

‘Mmm, there’s no fear of me stopping by choice. I will very happily do this all night,’ growled Simon, sinking his tongue back against her sopping pussy and placing exquisite pressure against the base of her clit.

‘Oh fuck!’ she panted, as Simon began to circle his tongue around her nub, whilst pushing a single finger inside her body, torturously slowly.  Jo lay almost paralysed on his bed, aware that she was making some astonishing noises but entirely unable to prevent herself, much less care.  She had now passed the point of being able to physically form words with her mouth which was panting and dribbling, utterly out of her control.  In conjunction, white flashes of light seemed to be hitting her retina at an alarmingly regular rate.

Aware of how close to the edge he was holding her, Simon bent his finger wickedly against the spongy ridge of her G-spot, whilst clamping the flat of his tongue over her clit.  Jo’s reaction was instantaneous as her back arched and she orgasmed with such incredible force, she was surprised to retain consciousness. Roaring with the deepest pleasure she’d ever known, Simon held her in a state of pure bliss as one orgasm rolled seamlessly into the next, his tongue never once stopping on its never-ending quest to satisfy her.  It was a long time before he allowed a panting, moaning, quivering Jo to eventually descend back into the world of mere mortals and start the long road to recovering her senses.

‘That was fucking incredible,’ she sighed eventually, enjoying the closeness of being held in Simon’s arms.  ‘Thank you so much.’

‘You don’t need to thank me,’ chuckled Simon. ‘I absolutely loved it.  So much so, that I intend to migrate that way again momentarily.’

‘Really?’ asked an astonished Jo.

‘Absolutely,’ he confirmed.

‘But what about you.  Your pleasure?’

‘You’re giving me pleasure by letting us share this, Jo.  And if you’re talking about me orgasming, we’ve got all night to worry about that,’ said Simon, gently sliding back down her body.  ‘For now, I want to start helping you make up for what you’ve been missing.’  Simon was as good as his word, taking exquisite care to demonstrate his many and varied oral skills, until she was bubbling over with the power of her arousal.

‘I’m desperate to be inside you, Jo,’ he murmured eventually.  ‘Please can we make love?’

‘God, yeah.  Anything,’ she groaned, having passed into another dimension some time previously.  Momentarily withdrawing his touch from her body, Jo could hear the rustle of a condom packet before Simon positioned himself between her knees, holding his weight easily above her on his elbows.  Dropping his mouth to kiss her, Simon slowly lowered his heavy cock into position, as Jo’s legs automatically wrapped around his waist.

‘Look at me,’ he breathed, sinking the very tip of his cock slowly through the warm, wet pool of arousal he was entirely responsible for creating.

‘Oh my God!’ gasped Jo, as Simon found the optimal position and started to push himself slowly inside.  Jo’s body spasmed as she clenched herself tightly around the intrusion, unable to prevent his relentless entry which stretched her wide open.

‘Look at me,’ he repeated, as Jo’s eyes began to flutter closed with the overwhelming power of the experience.  With some effort, she dragged her eyelids back open and looked up into Simon’s tenderly smiling face.  ‘Good girl,’ he moaned as Jo’s tightness took effect and his cock was ferociously manipulated by her continually pulsing internal muscles. Grunting as he eventually bottomed out, Simon found his own eyes closing as the tip of his cock hit a magically deep spot inside Jo’s body and she crumpled around him with the most powerful orgasm of her life.

‘Fuck!  I’m sorry,’ he cried out, as pure instinct kicked in and his hips smoothly withdrew before ploughing straight back into the depths of her tight pussy.  Jo found her own body acting on impulse as her hips began to rock in synchronisation with Simon’s hard thrusts and they each drove the other onwards.

‘Harder,’ groaned Jo, as she felt another overwhelmingly powerful set of orgasms approaching.  ‘Please.  Simon. Harder.’  Glancing down at the desperate determination on her face, he took her at her word, even though he knew it would be his own undoing.  As Simon picked up the pace and ruthlessly began to pound and crash into her, Jo quickly scaled that wall of pleasure, climaxing over and over again around his frantically plunging cock.  Simon’s final crescendo of thrusts drove Jo noisily through another orgasm before he slammed himself deep inside her for a final time. A rumble erupted from the base of Simon’s throat which was somewhere between a growl and a roar of relief as he rhythmically pumped into her exhausted, satiated body.  Unable to continue holding his weight above Jo on his trembling arms, they dropped onto their sides where the two of them lay conjoined and speechless for a long time, slowly coming to terms with the astonishing intensity of their coupling.

At length, Simon gently withdrew before disposing of the condom over the side of the bed.

‘You are…something else,’ he sighed, dropping his lips tenderly to hers and kissing her on and on.  Jo was glad she wasn’t required to respond using words because, at this moment, nothing could ever do justice to the physical experience of simply being with this man.

‘Is it wrong to want you again already?’ asked Simon when he finally came up for air.

‘That’s exactly how I feel,’ sighed Jo, affectionately stroking his stomach.  ‘So it’s definitely not wrong.’

‘That’s a relief,’ grinned Simon, as he shuffled out of bed, grabbed the used condom and headed for the bathroom.  A short while later, he returned.  Slipping into bed behind Jo, he killed the lights and wrapped her tenderly in his arms.

‘You’re cold,’ she complained sleepily.

‘I just washed myself so I’m ready for round two,’ teased Simon.  ‘Are you okay for me to wake you up nicely in a while?’

‘Mmm, yeah definitely,’ sighed Jo.  ‘How many rounds are there?’

‘That depends on what you want,’ murmured Simon. ‘But in an ideal world, at least four.’

‘Four?!’ exclaimed Jo, temporarily roused from her sleepy state.  ‘That’s impossible!’

‘For me, or for you?’ asked Simon.


‘That sounds like a challenge, if I ever heard one,’ chuckled Simon.  ‘So you’d better get some rest,’ he smiled, kissing her hair.  ‘Good night, sweetheart.’

‘Night Simon,’ she replied sleepily, squeezing the hand which was wrapped in hers.


            The digital alarm clock read a quarter to midnight when Jo was slowly awoken from her slumber.  She quickly realised that there were two fingers deep inside her pussy whilst Simon’s thumb brushed teasingly around her slippery clit. Providing a sure-fire signal that she was awake, Jo’s muscles immediately grasped Simon’s hand but he was clearly in no rush and continued to pleasure her at an almost lazy pace.

‘Ready for me again?’ he murmured eventually.

‘No,’ groaned Jo.  ‘Not yet.’

‘Is there something wrong?” he asked concerned, as he withdrew his fingers.

‘No, nothing wrong,’ smiled Jo, as she manoeuvred herself up onto her knees, straddled Simon’s delectable body and dropped her lips to his.  Grabbing his wrists, she held his arms above his head as they kissed long, deep and slow. Eventually, Jo broke their kiss and began to run her tongue down his delectable body, revelling in the sighs and eager moans they were both making.

When her mouth finally reached the taut skin stretched across the wide head of his cock, Jo luxuriated in the simple feel of him; such an intimate act to share.  Carefully pulling back his foreskin, she enjoyed tickling her tongue around the smooth, rounded head and running her tongue along his slit to collect the pre-cum which had started to accumulate.  More than anything, however, Jo relished hearing the uncontrolled groans from a man who had given her so much pleasure.  When Jo graduated to sliding her wet hand down his thick shaft, whilst taking him into her mouth, she soon found his limit.

‘Please,’ he begged.  ‘I’ve got to be inside you again.’

‘Yes please,’ sighed Jo, wiggling her way back up his body.  Quickly rolling on a condom, Simon turned Jo on her side and entered her gently from behind.

‘Oh God,’ she breathed.  ‘You feel huge.’

‘Yeah, you’re going to have to face the consequences of turning me on a little too much,’ smiled Simon, slowly rocking himself into her.  ‘I didn’t expect that to be one of your skills, given what you told me earlier.’

‘Ah, well, my ex was happy to receive, just not keen on giving,’ mumbled Jo.

‘Sounds like a right Tosser,’ said Simon with feeling.

‘Yeah, he did turn out to be.’

‘Well his loss is my gain,’ chuckled Simon, lifting Jo’s top leg to thrust himself firmly into her.

‘And mine,’ croaked Jo as a myriad of delicious sensations sped through her and she pulled a pillow over her face to muffle the noisier of her screams.

‘What the fuck are you doing to me?’ groaned Simon as Jo’s body tightened uncontrollably around him, her hips thrashing wildly.  ‘I wish I could put into words how incredible you feel,’ he growled.  Taking a tight hold of her pelvis, he placed his mouth beside her neck and clamped his teeth against her tender skin.

‘Fuck!’ shrieked Jo as she arched her back away from Simon, altering the angle of entry and forcing him deeper.  Reaching one hand forwards, Simon pressed two fingers firmly down on either side of her clit and smoothly stroked her in time with his thrusts.

‘Oh no!  Oh no!’ yelped Jo as Simon’s knowing fingers flipped her easily into a violent set of climaxes.  As Jo’s desperate cries increased in volume, she twisted and fought hopelessly against the overwhelming sensations.  Simon found himself pumping harder and faster as he hung onto her hips, refusing to relinquish his hold, as her tightly clenched body exhorted him to reach greater and greater heights.

‘I can usually last a long time,’ groaned Simon. ‘You’re forcing me to come too soon, Jo,’ he grunted as he slammed his body forwards and spilled his seed deep inside her for the second time.

‘You’re fucking incredible,’ murmured Jo, falling asleep moments after Simon had gently withdrawn himself from her fatigued body.


            ‘Jo?  Sweetheart?’ came Simon’s quiet voice through her dreams.

‘Mmmm,’ she replied, opening her eyes a fraction to see the low light of early dawn appearing behind the curtains.

‘Please can I go down on you again?’

‘Mmm,’ she groaned, stretching luxuriously. Half asleep, Jo was aware of Simon kissing and licking his way gently down her body before settling himself between her legs.  Opening her legs further, in order to accommodate him, Simon’s emerging stubble scraped sharply across her soft, inner thigh, making her jump.

‘I want to suck your clit into my mouth this time,’ said Simon.  ‘It’s going to feel amazingly intense.  Do you want me to show you?’

‘Yeah,’ groaned Jo with longing.

‘Then once your rigid little clit’s in my mouth, I’m going to dance my tongue across it, at which point, you’ll lose it, if I’m any judge.’

‘Please,’ sighed Jo.  ‘Please do it now.’

‘Yes Ma’am,’ grinned Simon as he bit gently down on Jo’s swollen outer lips, causing her to jump.

‘What are you doing?’ she groaned.

‘Playing with your incredibly responsive body.  Tell me, have you ever been restrained in bed?’

‘No,’ said Jo cautiously, a dull thud beating around her abdomen upon Simon’s mention of one of her long-held, secret fantasies.

‘Maybe another time, I should get my handcuffs out, huh?’

‘Oh God,’ breathed Jo, partly in response to his words but mostly because her clit had just been sucked gently between his lips and teeth with a pressure so exquisite that she wasn’t sure she could bear it.  ‘Aaaaaah!’ she screeched as Simon did as he’d promised and lapped his tongue gently against her, immediately pushing her body to climax hard.  As she began to recover, Simon repositioned his hand, pushing two fingers deep inside her and allowing a third to graze against her ass. Maintaining the sweet pressure around her clit, Jo had no other choice open to her, but to surrender to a delectable set of multiple orgasms which were apparently stacking up, one behind the other, just waiting to be set free.

By the time Simon finally released her quivering, desperately over-stimulated body, Jo was scarcely aware of him rolling on a condom, pushing her knees up to her chest to pin her open and guiding his wide erection to rest against the deep, warm pool of her arousal.

‘May I?’ he enquired.

‘Yeah,’ breathed Jo.

‘You’re not too sore?’

‘No.  But I wouldn’t care if I was.  I need you. Please fuck me.’  Simon didn’t need any more encouragement than that as he sank pleasurably inside her.


            The next time Jo woke, it was to her rumbling stomach, hungry for breakfast after a night of such intense physical activity. Rolling over, she realised she was alone in bed, although she could hear the pounding of the shower next door. Feeling invincible, Jo pulled herself stiffly to her feet and crept into the bathroom.  There standing naked and glorious, with hot water running down his delectable body, was the man who had introduced her to such untold pleasure the previous night.  If only she could have the confidence that the incredible passion they’d shared wouldn’t equate to a one night stand.  Suddenly bottling the opportunity to join Simon in the shower, Jo backed out of the room, wrapping herself in a dressing gown she found en route.


            After a long, hot shower and a breakfast of fruit, cereal and toast, Jo was almost feeling ready to face the world.

‘I guess I should make a move?’ suggested Jo across the breakfast bar, not wishing to outstay her welcome.

‘Don’t you dare,’ admonished Simon.  ‘I’m desperate to be inside you again.’

‘I’m not sure I’ve got the energy,’ said Jo. ‘I did warn you, I’m not as fit as you.’

‘Why don’t you let me do all the work this time, then?’ smiled Simon, taking her hand and leading her out of the kitchen.

It was incredible, pondered Jo, as Simon’s teeth clamped down around her hard nipples and blood pumped to her rapidly swelling pussy lips, that no matter how tired she thought she felt, desire overwhelmed every other emotion.  As they stripped the remaining clothes from each other, Simon pushed Jo face-down on the bed before dropping his body weight on top of her and trapping her sweetly in position.  Jo felt a shiver of longing pass across her body as Simon’s mouth dropped to her ear and whispered quietly.

‘When I release you,’ he began.  ‘I want you to rise up onto your elbows and knees.’

‘I don’t know if my body’s awake enough,’ said Jo, voicing the fear that no matter how earth-shatteringly sexy Simon was, her body was exhausted and becoming increasingly difficult to arouse.

‘That isn’t something you ever need to worry about,’ chuckled Simon, lifting his weight slowly away from her and encouraging Jo into the position he requested.  Feeling incredibly vulnerable with her ass high in the air, legs spread wide and her head on the pillow, Jo began to feel the slow, steady beat of overwhelming sexual excitement pumping through her.

‘Beautiful,’ sighed Simon, blowing gently on her exposed pussy lips and causing Jo to jump in surprise.  ‘What would you like to experience first, sweetheart?  My tongue on your clit, my cock in your pussy or my finger in your ass?’

‘You can’t do that!’ exclaimed Jo in response to his final suggestion, her traitorous body becoming increasingly turned on, just from his words.

‘Can’t I?’ grinned Simon, shuffling his head down between her wide-open legs.  ‘Well, I’ll get started with the first option and we’ll see.’  With the great skill Jo had already come to expect from Simon’s teasing mouth, lips, teeth and tongue, he soon drove her noisily to orgasm.

‘Your body is definitely awake now,’ smiled a satisfied Simon as he eventually sat back on his haunches and ran his finger up Jo’s inner thigh, collecting her arousal as he went.  ‘Ready for your second option?’ he murmured, kneeling right behind her raised ass and carefully placing his hard, throbbing cock in position.

‘Yeah,’ she groaned, as she felt him slide inside her, stretching her wide, filling her, pushing her to the very limit.

‘Fuck, you feel utterly amazing,’ groaned Simon, effortlessly rocking his hips, building up a delicious friction which Jo knew would be sending her over the edge in a matter of moments, despite her exhaustion.  Gradually, his fingers migrated around to the front of her body and slowly began to stroke her rigid clit.  Simon inhaled sharply, trying to hold it together, as Jo collapsed around his cock, her muscles pulsing in powerful waves.  As she slowly descended, he recommenced the gentle stroking of her clit, gathering some of her copious juices on his fingers.  Only when Jo started to give warnings of another impending climax did Simon quickly moved his slippery fingers to her ass.  As her body tightened and she took her final breath before erupting into yet another orgasm, Simon gently but firmly slid a single lubricated finger marginally into her easily accessible ass, whilst thrusting fast and deep.

‘Oh my God!’ she shrieked.  ‘You can’t!  You can’t!’ Those were the last words Jo spoke for quite some time as she rode out the astounding pleasure of an extended orgasm, which Simon navigated her through to perfection.  Despite being unable to stop himself coming part way through, Jo seemed to barely notice as his nimble fingers pushed her onwards and upwards to greater and greater heights.

‘Fuck!’ she groaned at long last, collapsing down onto the bed as Simon finally allowed her to rest.

‘I’m going to set the alarm clock for lunchtime,’ murmured Simon.  ‘I’ve got to be at work by three this afternoon.’

‘I really should leave,’ murmured Jo, very half-heartedly.

‘Don’t you dare,’ growled Simon.  ‘I want you to cuddle me, go to sleep and then screw me one more time.’

‘But you’ll be shagged,’ protested Jo.

‘Mmm, literally,’ chuckled Simon.  ‘At least I can explain away my tired, stiff body by blaming the scuffle yesterday, as opposed to the scuffle we’ve been having ever since.  Now sleep,’ he instructed, wrapping his strong arms around her.  Jo didn’t need telling twice.


            Jo woke just before lunch, to find Simon snoring quietly beside her.  In sleep, he looked thoroughly relaxed, his long eyelashes sweeping gracefully towards his cheekbones.  Jo silently turned on her phone and sent Kath a quick message.  She couldn’t help but grin widely as she imagined her best friend’s reaction as she read it.

“Hi Kath. Sorry, but we still haven’t stopped! Will be back home tonight.  Speak then x”

Immediately turning her phone back off, she focussed on the glorious man lying beside her. Wriggling down the bed, Jo wrapped her mouth around the head of his limp cock whilst her hand cupped his balls. Then, with long, smooth caresses, Jo’s tongue encouraged a rapid return to his former glory.

‘Oh, Baby,’ groaned Simon as his cock jumped violently in her mouth.  ‘What an amazing way to be woken up.’  Smiling to herself, Jo continued to pleasure him with her tongue, enjoying the range of groans and growls that her efforts were producing.

‘I really need you again,’ sighed Simon. ‘Can we?  Please?’  Jo gently extricated herself from him before sliding back up the bed.

‘I’m completely knackered but there’s no way I would turn down the amazing opportunity of making love to you one more time.’

‘You talk as though this will be our only night together.’

‘It might be,’ said Jo, suddenly lacking any confidence.

‘I really hope not.  And certainly not from my perspective,’ said Simon assuredly. ‘I’d be the happiest man alive if the last twenty-four hours were the template for the rest of my life.’

‘Excluding the getting punched part?’ giggled Jo, snuggling up close to him and running her fingers tenderly across his bruised jaw.

‘A small price to pay if you are the reward,’ said Simon meaningfully as he turned onto his back, rolled on a condom, and encouraged Jo to straddle him.  As she eased his thick cock inside her body, they both groaned with pleasure.  ‘When can I see you again?’ murmured Simon, placing his hands on her hips and helping to maintain the metronome rocking, when Jo’s climax overwhelmed her and she lost all rhythm.

‘Whenever you like,’ she groaned eventually, gasping for oxygen.

‘When I get home from my shift?’ requested a grinning Simon.  Jo shook her head.

‘If I were to ask you out on a date tomorrow evening, would you come?’ he asked seriously.  Jo burst out laughing and Simon realised his error.  ‘Would you accompany me?’ he said, correcting himself.

‘Yeah, of course,’ replied Jo, looking down at him tenderly.

‘I’ve got the whole weekend off,’ he added, placing the soft pad of his finger beside her clit, so that it was impacted with every forward thrust she made.  ‘Might I be able to persuade you to stay?

‘You might,’ she groaned, aware that another orgasm was starting to build.  Leaning down, Jo dropped her lips to Simon’s and they kissed on and on.  Having experienced a raft of glorious orgasms and ridden Simon’s massive climax at the end, utterly exhausted, Jo drifted back to sleep.

‘Stay asleep, Sweetheart,’ spoke Simon’s soft voice through the haze of Jo’s delicious dreams.  Hearing the sound of an alarm clock being silenced, she groggily tried to reply.  ‘I’ll speak to you soon, to sort out what we’re going to do tomorrow night.  Stay here as long as you like.’  Aware of a tender kiss being dropped onto her forehead, Jo heard Simon’s footsteps exit the room, followed by silence.  Moments later, she had drifted back into a deep slumber.


            Jo eventually woke in the early evening. Rolling over and stretching sumptuously, she slowly replayed the last twenty-four hours with a broad smile on her face.  Crawling out of bed, she began to hunt for her various items of clothing which were scattered across a number of rooms.  For a short time, Jo was flummoxed not to be able to track down her panties, when she suddenly remembered that Simon had put them in the pocket of his jeans.  Giggling, she decided not to wear them home.  Instead, she made his bed, placing her still-damp underwear inside along with an anonymous note.

“I just wanted to let you know you are the cutest guy I’ve ever met.  And I can’t wait to screw you senseless again tomorrow night x“

Making a determined effort not to snoop around his house, Jo gathered her things together and let herself out, the front door automatically locking behind her.  She had such a good feeling about Simon; about the two of them.  It felt like they had a shot at something amazing.

Practically skipping to her car, Jo’s stomach immediately fell as she noticed an official-looking document tucked under her windscreen wiper.  Surely she hadn’t got a parking ticket?  Dashing towards her car, she quickly retrieved the document and opened it, preparing herself for the worst.

‘”Thank you for the most glorious night, you beautiful, wonderful girl.  Love from your anonymous admirer x  P.S. My spare set of handcuffs are coming home with me this weekend so prepare yourself.”

With a flood of adrenaline coursing through her body, a knickerless Jo jumped into her car giggling.  Driving away, she realised that she’d have to restrict much of what she told Kath in the future.  There was only so much a best friend needed to know and Jo wasn’t sure she’d believe her anyway.  She barely believed what had happened herself.



© Fenella Ashworth 2018


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her bestselling novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
Fenella also releases stories on BooksieSilk, Booksie, Lush Stories and Literotica, and is often visible in the Literotica ‘Erotic Couplings’ Hall of Fame (Top Rated).
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