Who is Daniel Lawson?

Daniel Lawson is (unsurprisingly!) one of the lead characters in the Daniel Lawson series of books I have written.  Sexy, rich, talented, occasionally acerbic and at times downright sarcastic, Daniel is a national celebrity with a legion of admirers.

Equestrianism, specifically showjumping, is his occupation and he’s good at it. In the first book (First Love, Second Chance), all of his energies are focussed on being selected to jump as a member of the British Showjumping Team at the upcoming World Equestrian Games.  By the start of the third book (Feels just like starting over), he is part of Team GB, proudly representing his country at the Olympics.

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However, Daniel is much less successful in love, at least initially.  Physically, he’s gorgeous; emotionally, he’s got some work to do.  Having lived his childhood with a mother who should have been there to care and nurture him, but in reality did the very opposite, Daniel has major trust issues with women. When we first meet him, he has never been in a steady relationship, instead opting for low-risk, low-value options to protect him from ever being hurt again.

I have to admit that a guy I had known throughout my earlier life was my inspiration when I originally put pen to paper and wrote Daniel.  During those very awkward teenage years, I suffered a serious case of unrequited love and I wrote Daniel, much later, as a substitute for what I wished had happened with the object of my affections.  Needless to say, we never got together!  However, the way Emma idolises Daniel in the earliest book very much reflects my experiences. But then you’ve heard the saying?  Write about what you know!


Fenella Ashworth

Fenella Ashworth is a British author of contemporary erotic fiction.  All of her stories are available from Amazon and free for those with Kindle Unlimited access.  Her best known novels are ‘To Love, Honour and Oh Pay’ and the Daniel Lawson series.
Fenella also releases stories on BooksieSilk, Booksie, Lush Stories and Literotica, and is often visible in the Literotica ‘Erotic Couplings’ Hall of Fame (Top Rated).
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